[DAO:zonlmaa] Dice Masters Development & Expansion

by 0x5ce9fb617333b8c5a8f7787710f7c07002cb3516 (Yannakis)

Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


In Dice Masters, players gather resources and battle enemies to craft gear and NFTs that boost stats in game. Interacting with NPCs sends players on quests to earn more resources and limited edition NFTs. Mini-games and hidden areas throughout allow players to compete for leaderboard spots and exclusive NFTs. Players select classes and join guilds, gaining access to VIP clubhouses and perks in Dice Masters and beyond.

The opportunities for expansion in Dice Masters are endless, and our team of talented individuals is continuously producing new ideas. Our ultimate goal is to develop and expand Dice Masters DCL into not only a successful P2E RPG, but into a popular hub offering a variety of games and activities for any type of DCL visitor.

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Dice Masters is the product of a small team co-founded by two talented individuals who set out to make a space in Decentraland that would benefit the members of the community in a multitude of ways. Not only is Dice Masters an entertaining RPG game with a variety of enemies to battle and quests to complete, it also provides players the opportunity to turn resources gathered into wearable NFTs, giving any community member the chance to participate in the Decentraland marketplace. The Dice Masters team has grown a small amount, and the ideas on how to improve and expand are continuously flowing. Our developers need more hands on deck to keep up with the current demand and growth rate before they can truly bring Dice Masters to its fullest potential.

Discord community has 1000+ members in 3 months
Approx. 600+ weekly users, with 3.5k weekly sessions lasting and average of 1.5 hrs
5,500+ unique players since starting alpha
Plot upgrade from 9 parcels to 100 parcels

Consistently in top 8 most popular locations in DCL
Point of Interest star granted
Partnership with Decentral Games ICE Poker
NFTs with interoperability between DG and DM
Players have crafted 1500+ wearables
Released 2 quests and 1 mini-quest
2 professions released
3 Lumberjack NFTs with VIP Clubhouse, discord channel, trader, lottery machine
1 Miner NFT with VIP Clubhouse, discord channel, trader, lottery machine
5 unique worlds created and released within Dice Masters
Uploaded over 60 wearables
Community highlights
Featured in Kevin on Earth’s MetaMoments

In the Works:
3rd profession release within estimated 45 days, currently plans for 4th profession
In-world, real time trading platform for resources
AFK style mini-game with more opportunities to craft in-game gear and NFT wearables
Improvement of game mechanics
Adding additional resources and ways to utilize them
Improvement of existing worlds and portals
Creation of resources and tutorials for new players to improve their experience

Anticipated Benefits:
Increased traffic to both Decentraland and Dice Masters
New earning opportunities for Decentraland community members
Appeal to a wider variety of community members by incorporating a variety of game styles and interests within Dice Masters
Improved player experience for Dice Masters users

View Dice Masters Game Trailer: Dice Masters Game Trailer - YouTube


Dice Masters Wiki : DiceMasters Wiki | Fandom
Twitter: @DiceMastersDCL
:game_die::crossed_swords: Dice Masters :crossed_swords::game_die: Discord Server: 🎲⚔ Dice Masters ⚔🎲
Additional contact: admin@dicemastersdcl.com


To complete this project, our team will need additional staff members to help achieve the following:
Redesign the UI, improve the existing digital assets, and complete bug fixes
Improve security infrastructure and data integrity
Focus on the new player and improve their experience by creating resources and immersive guides
Create and release new NFTs, worlds, professions, pets, and player experiences
Introduce new functionalities to Dice Masters regarding NFT wearables and game mechanics
Collaborate with other Decentraland creators to bring more interoperability to DCL

Budget Breakdown: Dice Masters Budget Proposal 22-23 - Google Sheets


Matt (DCLDating) - Co-founder/Technical Project Manager
Yannakis - Co-founder/3D artist
L0L0 - Social Media Influencer
Mimsy - Operations Administrative Lead
Sammi - Software Developer
Sashiusun, Fancy, Ira - Moderators

Roadmap and milestones

Phase 1 (Nov 2022- Jan 2022)
Redesign UI and improve player experience
Improve security and data integrity
Enhance new player experience and create immersive in-game tutorial
Introduce multiplayer experiences
Release additional NFT wearables
Improve upon existing worlds
Release additional profession(s)
Introduce new player experiences like quests and mini-games
Launch additional pets
Exclusive holiday mini-quest/wearable release

Phase 2 (Feb - April 2023)
Expansion of Dice Masters world
Release additional profession(s)
Introduce new functionality and game mechanics like wearable upgrades and additional resources
Release additional NFT wearables
Launch NFT profile pictures
Collaborate with other Decentraland creators to bring more interoperability to DCL

After the completion of Phase 2, it is our team’s goal to have Dice Masters prepared for the Beta launch.

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Looking foward to answering any questions!


Dice Masters is one of the most promising games being built in DCL today! The team has already shown that they can create amazing content even with the small amount of resources that they currently have. This grant would allow them to build this game out to its full potential. An MMORPG style game has the potential to onboard the millions of current players that enjoy these types of games (World of Warcraft, Runescape, Final Fantasy, Lost Ark, etc…) These players can benefit all of the projects in DCL once onboarded.

It is a YES vote for me on this proposal!


I have been playing this game for 9 weeks in the alpha phase. So much has changed since then, the development team is working very hard on this game, delivering high quality work and fixing bugs very quickly. I love this game from the first second, also the wearables are all of high quality. And Yannakis and DCLdating are already two legends here in Decentraland.

I’ve been playing RPGs since the 1980’s (anyone remember “Sword of Fargoal”? ok that was still Roguelike :p) and even though the graphics and gameplay here look very simplistic compared to modern AAA titles and usually I don’t like simple grind games like this, this game here has significant potential and in my opinion is already one of Decentraland’s big future flagships and fits right in.

The team has already been able to fund some work through wearables, and that has worked very well so far. But the project has now grown so big that it’s time to get more support. And if they have already achieved so much with their own resources - how much more will be possible with additional support? Think about it.

I spend several hours every day in Dice Masters, and not supporting this team and this game would be downright irresponsible. That’s why I voted YES. I am sure that every cent will be well spent here.


I started as a player in this game. I have been playing this game since the beginning and I am very satisfied. I earned over 750 mana for crafting wearables in this game and made a lot of friends
I like DM :slight_smile:


Dice Masters is great fun for those that like to grind resources all day, save up and craft wearables. Future expansion will bring more questing, PvP, and PvE to this already huge project. It is hard to imagine that all this came from only two creators. Talented as they are, it is very overwhelming trying to keep up with the issues that arise while at the same time create new content. Please vote YES to help the team hire more personnel to help bring more great content to Decentraland.


I vote yes , been there since day 1 and i believe they have already proved they are capable of delivering a high quality game in DCL


Dice Masters is the most promising game on DCL ! The first and best RPG P2E game! in few months that was released , the developers already made a lot of updates , like wearables, monsters, quests and worlds. I voted yes to keep growning!


I have seen the evolution of Dice Masters ever since its first launched, and I am beyond amazed with what the team has presented to the community. It takes countless amount of hours, preparation, and simply- hardwork to manifest such an extraordinary game of this caliber on Decentraland. Easy Yes from me, I even bust out the ledger just to vote lol! Job well done!


voting YES on this since love the progress.


i was never the DCL gamer but Dicemasters kinda made me. I play since almost 3,5 months day by day and i really appreciate the hard work and also progress cause it never gets boring!
u really can “feel” the game cause grinding woods, irons, chicken, pigs, trolls or even mini-bosses in “different worlds” makes me come every day to DM to do my daily work.

also i never saw a better kind & helping community / team / discord like here!
i highly can recommend it to all new players to experience the amazing play2earn their-self.


Dice Masters started and hasn’t broke speed! I would love to see this continue to take root and grow…


I don’t play Dice Masters but I pop in to have a look every now and then and wow! This game looks pretty. Looks like a solid team and game project in DCL and they deserve our support.


I’ve been around where DCL had nothing much to do. Today I could literally spend a whole weeks DCL visits based around one thing. “Dice Masters”
These folk have created something special in DCL and if you’re skeptic, go check it out yourself.
Actualizing this vote will pour fuel onto this flame, only time will tell what this would do to DCL as a whole.
LFG! and congratulations to Dice Masters on this quite exciting milestone.


@szjanko @METATIGER @Sashiusun @BaconGrease @Galerie @Meta_Titi @friskybumblebee @AaronLeupp @alekssupernova @srJH Thank you so much for your support! Appreciate y’all taking the time to vote on our proposal! Dice Masters to the :new_moon_with_face:!!


@Billyteacoin @mawa ^^


$240,000 seems like more money than you would need to develop a game in Decentraland don’t you think?!?!

Decentraland already seems to be losing money every month…will a $240,000 grant for Dice Masters turn that around?
I’m all for growing Decentraland and bringing in/growing games, but it just seems like a big ask…

I have not decided which way I will be voting yet. Would like to hear how $240k will bring in new users to DCL.


Hey @ShakenBake we’ve already onboarded multiple people and published over 60 wearables giving back over 6k MANA to the DAO. We have plans to publish a lot more and make a sustainable game even after the grant funding. Based on your YES vote on another game asking for the same amount my guess is you understand the potential a p2e game has to bring value to Decentraland.


You are correct, I do understand the value a p2e game brings to Decentraland. I believe there are 2-3 games in DCL currently that deserve $240k to continue to grow and onboard new people into the Metaverse.

What I am confused about is…based off previous comments you have made, you do not believe a p2e needs $240,000 to develop in Decentraland…

So I am wondering since you do not believe a game needs $240k to develop in DCL, then why are you asking for $240k?

Personally, I want every game to receive a grant in DCL simply for the fact that THEY are the ones growing DCL. Whether its $1,000 or $50,000 I believe the devs in DCL should receive grants as long as they continue to develop.

But as you stated, you don’t believe $240k is needed to build in DCL, so what makes your game different?! I’m just trying to figure out how all this p2e and DAO stuff works.