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by 0xd6e62a97a55537cd04847bb73e22208bd20106aa (DCLCurations)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


DCL Curations has been developing educational material, hosting community events and promoting Decentraland since 2020. Now, we are looking to bring all of that together in a fun, gamified experience that will help onboard new users to the metaverse, showcase DCL creators, and encourage users to explore.

We’ve acquired a 16x estate where Phase 1 of the Curation Station has been released and will be the hub for the Virtual Library. Players will be able to earn Library credits by completing various Library quests and will be incentivized to check out books (virtual courses) from the Library in order to receive/upgrade wearables that unlock secret rooms, items, and eventually new Questlines that will introduce PvE and Multiplayer components.

Grant size

59,600 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



The initial goal of the Virtual Library is to offer engaging educational material about different individuals and organizations in Decentraland. We have created a method for streamlined production and also will release a process for others to submit videos/courses to the Library. While the course material is currently focused on DCL, we plan to accept all kinds of courses in the future to include other material.

Needs / goals that will be satisfied:

• Decentraland is growing rapidly and every experience has different components and requirements to participate (tokens used, social medias to engage with, event schedules, game mechanics, etc.). For example:

 o DG has multiple currencies on multiple chains and participating in $ICE Poker requires specific wearables, staking, activations, delegation and more

 o The Decentraland Report uses Xpand as their social media platform, has tokenized music NFTs, $REPORT tokens, and more

 o This results in a high barrier to entry for most individuals as it requires learning about completely new concepts and items for every experience they want to participate in

• Developing high-quality onboarding videos is very time consuming and often takes a backseat to the continued development work of DCL experiences

This grant will fund:

• The creation of educational onboarding videos for groups across Decentraland

• Creation of gamified educational experiences in the CurationStation with future plans for gamification across Decentraland that encourage users to learn and explore what DCL has to offer

• And will foster growth within DCL communities by breaking down complex ecosystems in easily digestible ways to onboard users

Description of feature / content:

• The current Library floor plan will be expanded and include new functionality (e.g. moveable ladders, integrated virtual courses, NPCs, item spawn points, and games)

• Talking to the Librarian, users can complete an initial quest to receive a Library Card which gives users access to an introductory set of courses

• Users can then complete additional quests to receive Library Credits and access additional virtual courses

• Initially, courses (~1-5min) will be created by DCL Curations in partnership with the organization that the course covers – at no cost to the organization – and includes:

 o Script development and review with group

 o Audio recording

 o Visual recording

 o Video editing

 o Final review and edits

 o Course upload / Hosting in Library

• Later, courses will also be able to be submitted to the team for review to ensure content accuracy. Accepted courses will be integrated in the Virtual Library & the creators will receive a cash reward from the Grant Course Creation Budget (payment amount TBD)

Skills / experience that will contribute to success:

• We have a team of top DCL Advisors and developers with design, modeling, SDK, and backend architecture skills that are working together to deliver a seamless experience to the DCL community

• We have created a 10-part educational series for Decentral Games which is representative of the courses we will be creating for other DCL groups

• Our current understanding of the inter-workings of many prominent groups in DCL allows for quicker development / review of video scripts


Twitter: https://twitter.com/DCLCurations

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dclcurations/

Website: https://www.dclcurations.com/



Video recording – OBS

Video editing – Wondershare Filmora

Graphic Design – Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop

3D Modeling / Animations – Blender

Coding – DCL SDK

Interactive Books

Library Draft UI

Wearable Concept Designs

Basic Video Series:

  1. Intro to

a. Background of the project, where they currently are, and where they plan to go
2. Getting Started with

a. How to get setup in Web3 and involved with the project
3. Demo of what to do with

a. Walkthrough of gameplay, events, socialization, etc.



Carl Fravel – Advisor

Cyclopa – 3D Modeler

DAPPCRAFT – Backend and SDK Team

DefiniteCash – Graphic Design and Marketing

Ian O’Neil (DCL Curations) – Course Creator and Project Manager

MaryanaDCL – Community Manager

Sango – Wearable Developer

Seb – Advisor


-Graphic Design / Modeling: $17,600

-Coding: $20,000

-Video Creation: $8,000

-Wearable Minting (20 items): $3,000

-Project Management: $5,000

-Operational: $2,000

-Marketing / Community Management: $2,500

-Event: $1,500

Total: $59,600

Per/Month: $9,933

Roadmap and milestones

Month 1 –

• Complete Library expansion design plans

• Complete graphic design and modeling for Library Card

• Complete graphic design for Book Blaster 5000

• Draft graphic design for wearable collection

• Develop backend architecture plans

Month 2 –

• Complete 3D modeling for Library expansion

• Complete 3D modeling and animation of Book Blaster

• Complete Virtual Course animation and integration with Library Card

• Begin 3D modeling of Library quest materials and code for spawns

Month 3 –

• Release process for open Course Submissions from the community

• Complete gamification of Book Blaster 5000 quest

• Complete 3D modeling of materials and test spawn code

• Complete coding for Book repair quest

• Complete wearable modeling and submit to DCL for review

Month 4 –

• Release wearable line (Tiers 1-3) and integrate into Library

• Deploy expanded Library functioning with custom UI, 2 available questlines, 2 NPCs, and an initial set of Virtual Courses

• Design DCL questline format and integration

• Test all functionality and stress test new scene

• Host release event in DCL

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I have collaborated with DCL Curations before and it was a great experience. I think he and his team will be able to accomplish the goals presented in this proposal. The proposal is very detailed and breaks down exactly how the funds will be used.
This one is a YES vote from me.

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i voting YES cuz this a great team and so i can learn to read.


Great concept, great proposal and wow what a dream team.

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I love the concept and wish this project success!

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Hey all, I think this is a great idea with a strong team. The only thing I’d like more clarification on is your ‘marketing’ spend and work with Maryana. Maryana has already made significant contributions to DCL community building, but it isn’t clear here what M’s role will be as community manager and it is not in the 4 month roadmap above. What is the $2500 community spend and can we see this defined in the roadmap?

Ideally, metrics for the success of the project could be added too. Who do you wish to onboard with this educational resource and how will you reach them? Or is this for a marketing stage of the project which will require further grant support?

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Hey bay, thanks for the feedback!

The $2,500 is for marketing AND community management.

For marketing this would mainly involve giveaways, additional graphic design needed for posts, and sponsoring other DCL events!

For community management this would be where Maryana comes in to establish the communication lines with groups that would like to have educational courses created and put into the Library!

Our metrics for success are currently hitting our month-month milestones. If we require a grant for additional phases after the release then we will create a set of KPIs to measure engagement and performance!

DCLCurations = success. Looking forward to the outcome of this project!

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They have Maryana!!! Its a no brainer! We know she backs quality projects!

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Congratulations on meeting the threshold

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Congrats and i wish you all success. I loved the idea and i know this team will do it even better than it looks.

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Hi @DCLCurations!, how are you?
Do you know Decentralwear Community Center? I was reading their last update and I was wondering if this project is similar to yours. Could you explain the differences and/or complementarities?
Also, could you give us clearly defined and measurable outcomes for months 5 and 6?
Just to give more clarity to the community to continue voting.
Thank you!


Hey @palewin, thanks for the comment! I actually ran into Matt last night and planning to talk with him. I think there are definitely a lot of synergies to be made and would even love to have them showcased in the Curation Station! Based off of their proposal I think that they are more oriented towards instructor-lead courses for things like SDK, 3D Modeling, and wearable creation. With the CurationStation proposal we are focused on creating 1-5min video series that breakdown and explain the DCL Ecosystem and the current groups and individual experiences. We will be expanding to also accept course submissions and to include longer courses but, as of right now, we aren’t setting it up for instructors and students (But this is another great reason to partner, and I can loop them in with Blockchain Learning Center, FlyingFox, Blockchain Training Alliance and others to help as well)!

For the dev timeline, we are planning to have everything done in 4months. I know tier 4 grants have a 6month vesting period but I dont think that should equate to a 6 month dev timeline. We will already be planning for the next phase by the time month 5-6 come around!


DCL Virtual Library - Gamifying Education

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

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  • Yes 97% 3,300,174 VP (75 votes)
  • No 3% 109,210 VP (5 votes)

DCL Virtual Library - Gamifying Education

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