How to bring books/videos into DCL

Hello everyone, I’m new here so maybe this is a silly question, but I’ve some books and videos wich i would like to bring to DCL so I want to ask if there is any resource (documentation, youtube tutorials, etc) on how to do it. The books are .txt files of 3-20KB and the videos are 3-5min with a 5-20 Mb size. Thank you very much!

Do you own the content of the books and videos you wanna bring into DCL?

Do you own land?

Hello ArtReYou thanks for replying! I own part of the content of the books and videos and some of them are in the public domain, but I don’t own any land in DCL. I saw this project which also wanted to bring books to DCL (even tho on a much bigger scale) [DAO: QmWJd6w] The Uncensored Library in Decentraland) and also this one [DAO:lnwk6z4] DCL Virtual Library - Gamifying Education, both seem to have the goal of making books available to DCL users. I know the Uncensored Library project was delayed and tomorrow I will contact the Virtual Library team, but in the meantime do you know of any other project with similar characteristics?