Grant Proposal Discussion - Expanding the DCL Report

Hello DCL Family,

I’m always thinking of ways to improve, and over some time I’ve been trying to manage video editing to be able to get in front of more people. While I wish I had time to edit videos, currently wouldn’t have the time.

Ideally, it would be great to have my own capital or make enough to hire someone myself but we just aren’t there yet. For that reason, I’m thinking of requesting a grant to hire a video editor. I’ve been able to work with someone who would make 100 videos, (like these: for $50/video, over the course of 1 year. I have enough to pay for half, but am hoping DCL can provide a grant to cover the other half. Would this be okay? What kind of issues would you see with this and is this even fair? Should I just wait for the channel to grow enough to have that capital?


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Kev, I think you do great videos, also really usefull not just for regulars but also for ppl that just had there first experience in DCL and is a good way to promote Decentraland as we want to open in up to the average visitor to incraese footfall.

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