[DAO: QmSFwid] Video Editor for The Decentraland Report

by 0xa4244f6711052752e6bb0271bf17c756e6598406 (KevinOnEarth)

Should the following Tier 1: a one-time payment of $500 - $1500 USD in MANA grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


As much as grants can support creative development, I think we should also invest in making sure the world gets to see everything we do. There are many amazing content creators who I believe bring an important piece to our community and growing it, and hope you believe The Decentraland Report is one of them!

While working a full time job in technology, I’ve used any free time the last 6 months to grow The Decentraland Report. To reach more people, essentially marketing for DCL, I need to be able to afford video edits post more frequently. I’ve been working with an individual who has done great work so far and cares. To help The Decentraland Report grow, please help with this grant to cover video editing cost for 10 videos ($50/video).

Grant size

500 USD

Beneficiary address



Every Tuesday and Thursday, typically around 7pm EST, The Decentraland Report has been streaming on Twitch. In such, we have grown to one of the biggest Decentraland Stream channels featuring segments like #NFTuesday.

This effort has been for the most part taken on by myself, however when it came to video editing I needed help if we were going to really make an impact and show the world what Decentraland is like.

Here are some different styles we have done:

Atari Launch Event Coverage:

The First Town Hall:



I will continue to stream every Tuesday and Thursday, and in such, provide the video of my stream to the Video Editor who will put together these videos for multiple weekly releases.

This would most likely multiply the impact made when we do the Report and it would be able to reach many more people who can’t be there at the specific time, or have limited time and want to watch a trimmed down version.


Host: Kevin On Earth https://twitter.com/kevinonearth999
Editor: @Stefan.Kime on Instagram

Roadmap and milestones

This grant will cover 10 videos for us, in such taking us 5 weeks of content!

In speaking to the community, some people are questioning whether it makes sense to use DAO funding towards content creators, however, I believe it all depends what you want to grow in the community. I hope you will trust that The Decentraland Report does in fact bring value to this community, and that by giving us this opportunity to have more consistent video editing done, we will be attract more foot traffic and visitors.

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