[DAO:fb9a21a] In World Builder - No Code, No Deploy, Real-time Collaboration

by 0xc3e3d13d98b84e1808c4145355c0cade20a2fc98 (LastSlice)

Should the following $170,000 grant in the Platform category be approved?


Every major metaverse platform has an in-world builder - except Decentraland. This project will get people: in-world, building, and having fun as quickly and easily as possible. Let’s proudly use Decentraland to build Decentraland, in Decentraland.

To date, the Foundation has created the web Builder Tool, and 3rd party companies / individuals have created their own standalone editors and builders. At one point, The Foundation built an in-world builder too! Unfortunately, it was a release of an unfinished product; the 3rd party software and services are not ‘inside’ DCL (limiting their accessibility and usability) and require an external website and/or external software package.

Grant size

170,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Decentraland In World Builder - competition

This proposal’s goal is to make creating content within Decentraland as user-friendly and accessible as other mainstream gaming platforms. Today, creating and building quality content within DCL has a high barrier to entry, thus restricting DCL’s potential user and creator base to a more limited highly trained and technically advanced audience (or to those who can afford to pay). If broader adoption and sustainable user growth is to be achieved, the current state needs to be changed. As it stands, more user friendly and quite frankly more basic metaverses (such as Roblox) lead to user adoption for this reason.

This new In World Builder will be easy to use, require no coding, and require no deploying. Users will have immediate access to a catalog of thousands of assets, the ability to add, remove, transform assets, and the ability to upload custom assets. Most importantly it will aid DCL’s development by reducing the current barrier to entry for many creators, making DCL accessible for creators of all skill levels (and budgets).
No code, no deploy, real time collaboration. Better builder, functionality, and assets.

The In World Builder will be a seamless, integrated ‘in-world’ building experience, deployed by way of a multi-tiered strategy that offers DCL users the following key features:

  • Everything in world: Build inside Decentraland for Decentraland.
  • No Code, No Deploy: Easy drag & drop functionality.
  • Upload Custom Assets
  • Enhanced Interactive Components: IFTTT style builder for smart items.
  • Multiplayer: Real-time, collaborative, social building sessions.
  • Import/Export Scenes: Save scene creations for future deployment.
  • Accessibility: Wallet free building & saving.
  • Rewards by participation: Gamification of building.
  • New Pathways and interactions: Developed & diverse collaborative building experience.

As part of this proposal, we also plan to introduce over 2000 new assets of various types including textures, audio files, animations, smart items, and functions grouped in exciting new themes. The new assets will enhance creativity and encourage more users to get involved in the building process. Regular ‘creator’ sessions will allow new users to learn how to best utilize the builder for their own creations. This In World Builder solution will stimulate and support sustainable creativity, establish new pathways and interactions, and significantly benefit the Decentraland platform and its users and creators.

Multi-tier Strategy

  • Part 1: The In World Builder Tool
  • Part 2: The Community Development Plaza (or Dev Plaza) - We plan to receive deployment rights to one of the duplicate Genesis City plazas. This new ‘Community Development Plaza’ (CDP) will be a central location for highlighting user builds created with the In World Builder tool. Think of the current scene pool on the Builder website but deployed in-world.

Tech Stack

Atlas Corp. World Server

Enterprise level World Server from Atlas Corp. Build in world, deploy to Genesis City.

Microsoft Playfab

A robust suite of services. It allows the IWB to track players, save data and create inventories, items, currencies, and analytics, all within a secure infrastructure built on Microsoft Azure

Colyseus Multiplayer Architecture

Allows us to represent everyone’s “live building” in real time, to each DCL user. This also allows us to create a ‘no coding’, ‘no deploy’ solution for users

Roadmap and milestones

Task Time Notes
UX Conceptualization and Design 1st Month Heavy focus on UX to develop the most user-friendly solution
Asset Creation 1st Month Development of 2k new assets including 3D models, animations, smart items and more.
Core System Architecture 1st Month building the essential framework, data models, and scene configuration
Marketing & Comm. 1st Month Develop content calendar and messaging. Begin content creation and SEO research.
Core Back End Services 2nd & 3rd Month Design communication layer scene ← → colyseus ← → playfab
Marketing & Comm. 2nd & 3rd Month work-in-progress teaser content; initial round of early messaging via social media. co-marketing and partnerships strategy.
Core Scene Code Design 3rd &4th Month Design the scene code to be modular and upgradeable
Marketing & Comm. 3rd & 4th Month Release content according to calendar. Develop additional content for promo & events. (Spaces, webinars, AMAs, etc.)
Integration of Assets and Initial Testing 5th Month 3d asset integration, compatibility, optimization
Marketing & Comm. 5th Month Develop one-page product guide & continue cadence of social media. Tentatively release video content from creative process.
Final Testing and Launch 6th Month testing & refinement, public release, seamless UX day one
Marketing & Comm. 6th Month Organized scheduled promotion launch events and continued release of assets.

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I’m voting yes because, this feature reminds me of a social game when I was a kid called habbo where you could build rooms:
They had a furni/object called Wired, which worked as command blocks which you were able to use.

What is wired furni?

Wired furni allows you to make your furni do almost anything. You just have to learn how to use triggers, effects and conditions. For example, you can make a door open with the flip of a switch, move a globe by pressing on a tile, or set a password on a divider that only you and your friends know.


How do the wired furni work?

You will need three types of wired furni:

  • Triggers: Things you need to do, to make an Effect happen.

  • Effects: Things that happen, after you activate a Trigger.

  • Conditions (optional): The conditions that need to exist, before the Trigger works.

For example:
You assign the trigger to a lever:
You assign the effect to teleport to a certain block/coord.
You assign the condition to another a lamp.

If you pull the the trigger, you will teleport if the lamp is on.


This is an idea I have since time ago. In fact, we made already an in-world editor at Golfcraft. Also I had been working for 10 years as engineer on no-code tools.
Maybe this open-source tool can be useful for you if you want to implement declarative logic/interativity expressions:

And you can check these Golfcraft videos as showcase: Map Editor update: Interactivity and expressions 1 - YouTube


So glad to see Last Slice proposing more grants, Last Slice continues to not only meet the outlined criteria, but exceed it, alongside bringing in millions of external revenue to DCL during the bull market and providing jobs for DCL citizens - training them up in Dev/Modeling/Business.

Happy to vote for this based on past experience, and because the idea itself makes sense. The in-world builder seems like a great niche-fill for users who are not tech savvy, and just want to play around with DCL modeling.

Note: As a Last Slice member, I am not involved in this project and receive no funding.

Hi @InJesterr ! Thank you for the support.

And yes, so cool! We mention “IFTTT” similar behavior (if this, then this). The current Builder has some limited “smart items,” however, we want to expand the functionality beyond those.

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Hi @pablo ! This is great stuff. Amazing repository. Does this work with sdk7? Or is that UI popup separate from this lib?

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This should have been build from the start of DCL back in the day in 2018-19.

But it’s never too late right ? I’m sure @lastraum team can deliver and has a solid track record . GL !


Strongly support this prop only voting to abstain because I am included in the prop and dont want to vote on something im in! I think this is something good for dcl that will go a long way towards to advancement of the entire platform!


Absolutely voting “Yes”! @lastraum has been doing some incredible work for the platform’s development. They’re just a DM away and have consistently shown their support for builders and anyone seeking help or assistance. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

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Thank you! This means so much to our team. We want to continue building amazing tools for our entire community, current and future. We are super stoked about this IWB tool!

The expression-manager repository is a small library, a little part of the whole builder we have at Golfcraft, it is vanilla javascript framework agnostic, nothing to do with SDK, so yes, can work with sdk7, you can use it server side and sync state with clients.

The builder from the video, is everything in-world using SDK6 and server services.

So funny. I just tweeted about how @lastraum and TheLastSlice were doing things right with Angzaar. Would usually like to see a project completed but your current work and interaction with the community speaks volume and I see it is much desired. Thank you to your team for what you’ve all been working on and the communication with the community in regards to the progress.

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Thank you for the support! Angzaar has been a one-of-its-kind creation, and definitely an iterative process. We actually hit all our grant milestones in month 3 out of 6 in terms of functionality in Angzaar, but we’ve continued to improve the scene to make it the most dynamic scene in Decentraland! We’ve gone above and beyond our original grant goals, and most of Angzaar is completely multiplayer and interactive!

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Easy Yes - Great team who will deliver and provide a long overdue & needed solution to the platform. Can’t wait to use it!!

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Gotta give it to you guys, you keep building. Thank you for helping the platform!

Totally yes!, all my support. :100:

There is really no doubt, @lastraum will deliver more than what he proposes and his track record is committed to Decentraland, in addition, the proposal made is something that will really be useful and breaks down barriers for new users, something essential for mass adoption.

But I would like to ask something, even though I sense that the answers will be yes. Will users be able to upload GLB files from their computer without having to leave In World Builder?

Hi, my name is Aga, and I’m the Engineering Manager at the DCL Foundation. :wave:

I’m fully on board with the idea of removing barriers to make the building and creating process a more collaborative experience. :blush:
After going through the proposal, I had a few questions about potential challenges.

You’ve mentioned that the editor won’t require deployment and all pre-built assets will be available for users. I assume the plan is to stream these assets. How and where will these assets be stored on the client’s end? Will the content be available for other clients to use?

Since this is intended to be the In-World Builder Tool, how do you plan its integration with the current system? Would the editor function as a separate scene within the client, or is the idea to have it more deeply integrated with the existing client? Would it be possible for the built scenes to be deployed as standalone versions?

Regarding the upload of custom assets:

  • How will this process be managed?
  • Is there a validation mechanism to ensure the assets are optimized for the platform?
  • How would this align with the no-deployment requirement?
  • Where will the uploaded assets be stored?

I’m curious about the choice of specific technologies such as Atlas Corp. World Server, Microsoft Playfab, and Colyseus Multiplayer Architecture. Could you shed some light on this decision?

I noticed the intention to use Microsoft Playfab for user data storage and analytics. Given the platform’s objective to prioritize decentralization without compromising user experience, how does this choice align with that principle?

Lastly, I’m interested in understanding the long-term vision:

  • How do you plan on managing infrastructure costs in the future?
  • How does the project aim to remain financially viable post-launch?

Thank you for your time and looking forward to good discussion.


Hi Aga! :wave:

Thank you for reading the proposal and taking time to ask amazing questions.

Pre built assets
We have designed a system for managing all of this. Users will be able to upload their own assets for private use, but this will expand to public usage.

Editor integration
The editor is a standalone installation and can co exist with the in world builder. Users of the IWB will be able to export their scenes or be able to deploy on their own land.

3rd party services
Colyseus is a great multiplayer framework currently being used as an authoritative solution for many scenes in decentraland. Many people currently use atlas corp and their services, analytics included. Using Microsoft Playfab allows for easy multiplayer server creation and game data management of content and assets. Decentraland catalyst servers are deployed on AWS and other large IT providers are frequently used in decentraland.

This tool takes into account one year worth of server costs. This tool is also built for the community, so there is no financial plan for this version. The entire roadmap has a financial component built in, however that is not included in this version. We are aiming at a freemium model for longevity, but nothing is currently set in stone.

We are happy to dive in deeper once this grant is funded!

Thank you for your response. Here are some few more questions/comments based on your explanations:

Pre-built assets : I’m very interested to see how the system will evolve, especially regarding public usage.

Editor integration : That’s good to hear that you are planning on building it as standalone installation. With regards to the renderer, which one do you plan to use?

3rd party services : Thanks for explaining your choices, and good to know that the choses are based on the community’s existing practices. Definitely agree, we also use quite few centralized services, that’s why I mentioned not impacting user experience.

Financials : Are your yearly cost based on how many people you think will use it? I’m not so worried about making money, but more about making sure it can keep running if lots of people find it helpful.

Let’s keep talking and look closer once the grant is given. This helps us make good choices and back projects that the community likes.

Thanks again for taking the time to chat.


Thank you for your detailed response. Here are some follow-up question/comments based on your clarifications:

Pre-built assets: I’m very interested to see how the system will evolve, especially regarding public usage, and how you solve performance issue on that front.

Editor integration : It’s good to learn that you’re aiming for a standalone installation. With regards to the renderer, which one do you plan to use?

3rd party services : Thank you for the clarification of the choices. It’s good to know that the chosen tech stack aligns with the community’s established practices.
That is true, we also rely on several centralized services, just evaluating the cons and pros.

Financials : Are your yearly cost estimation based on how many people you think will use it? I’m not worried about making money, but more about making sure it can keep running if lots of people find it helpful.

Let’s keep talking and look closer once the grant is given. This helps us make good choices and back projects that the community likes.

Thanks again for taking the time to chat :slight_smile: