[DAO:dc4a205] In World Builder - No Code Game Creator

Yes, building ‘in world’ means building inside the platform of Decentraland. The Decentraland platform would include Genesis City or World servers.

You can download your scene from the World server or deploy to Genesis City.

So, yes, the first bullet is true - building inside the Decentraland platform.

As stated in the prior reply, this is functional inside Decentraland already. This is not a “LastSlice World” - anyone with a DCL name can build using the In World Builder toolset.

How is that seamlessly building in world then? If I can’t build in DCL genesis and only somewhere else to save/export and deploy … as far as I can tell that is not ‘in world’ building … I can’t change stuff on the go in DCL genesis as the first proposal would have people believe, only build else where and save and import?

@Zom I’ve built many scenes and used every building tool. Regardless of where you build a scene for Decentraland, it’s never in Genesis City. Whether you use SDK or the DCL Builder. It’s all done outside of Genesis and deployed to Genesis or Worlds.

IWB works exactly the same except you can build directly in the scene unlike the DCL builder or SDK. It’s literally in-world building which you can NOT do with the out of box SDK package or DCL Builder. It’s easier to understand if you demo it and try using it. I promise it’s a better experience than the available options.

I figure that was the main selling point here is having in Decentraland building … like we can change it in world as we’d want it on the go and with others. What is being said now is it only works in worlds that way, hench not fitting the function or that first bullet “Everything in world: Build inside Decentraland for Decentraland”

… more like build everything in World with export to the other parts of DCL.

You CAN build with others and you CAN build on the go. I’m not sure what you’re misinterpreting. If you try it out or watch any of the content on their twitter/youtube you can see it does exactly that. I was building with 3 people live the other day for several hours seamlessly. They could see what I was building live and I could see what they were building live. With our avatars. All inside Decentraland. Not on an external site, not on a different platform. All inside Decentraland. Again, you should try it out :slight_smile:

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In Decentraland Genesis?

I guess that is what I’m saying is you can do this in DCL genesis. I have seen Lastraum demonstrate this in Angzaar on the go in DCL “genesis” building, not in Worlds … that was what I’d imagine to be able to do after the first grant.

I’m on my plot in Decentraland … I see no builder or tools …

Is there a special button I’m missing? … this is seamless building in Decentraland right?

In World Builder - No Code Game Creator

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 75% 8,884,586 VP (123 votes)
  • No 24% 2,879,947 VP (13 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 29,840 VP (16 votes)

Dear Community,

The Grant Support Squad was created to support grantees in achieving their goals and managing the DAO treasury.

After a thorough review of this project, the Squad recommends the vesting contract starts 15th April and

Payout Strategy for Monthly on the 15st day.

Therefore, we recommend that the DAO Committee (@HPrivakos @Tobik @rizk) create the vesting contract with the following details:

  • Amount: $122,000 USD in DAI
  • Duration: 5 months
  • Starting date: April 15st, 2024

Thank you so much.


We cannot create the vesting contract earlier than it should, sorry.
Either the start date will be May 1st or May 15th but we cannot do April 15th as the proposal ended on April 2nd.

There needs to be better communication around this. Ultimately, this process needs to be improved for future grantees.

These grant systems seem to approach proposals with the mindset of individuals applying for grants. There also needs to be consideration around how to include future studios into this process.

We are a team and have approached our grant proposal(s) with countless hours of preparation, documentation, and design around each proposal. We are ready to hit the ground running once the voting period ends and the proposal passes. To do all the work on the front end to create a project concept, design, proposal (essentially business plan), and marketing and community calls and feedback, along with 2 week voting period, and then just have to wait for a month really stalls the project.

It really hinders development, especially in the platform category, to sit around and wait a minimum of 1 month - up to 1.5 months - before your vesting contract begins.

I will explain our case to hopefully shed light on areas of improvement within the grant system

  • Voting ended April 2nd. We had our onboarding meeting with the GSS TWO WEEKS after the voting ended…why wait so long? Our team had an internal meeting April 3rd and were ready to begin work.
  • Then, we have to wait ANOTHER 2 weeks up to 4 weeks for the vesting contract to get created and our project timeline to start.
  • This means 1 month up to 1.5 months out of 12…which is almost 11% of the calendar year is wasted just waiting for our project to start.
  • So much time is wasted between the voting period ending → GSS Meeting → Vesting Contract getting created.

Improvement suggestions

  • The GSS should place a hold on their calendars within 3 days of a proposal ending. If the proposal passes, the meeting gets scheduled. This should be clearly explained in the proposal submittal process.
  • Once the meeting occurs and the GSS feels comfortable with the proposal and feasibilty (etc etc etc) - which honestly should have happened during the proposal period - then the GSS has the ability to press a button which starts the project. This would alert the DAO Committee to enact the vesting contract within 3-5 days depending on holidays, weekends, sickness, etc.
  • To my knowledge, and I’m happy to be better informed, the DAO Committee only enacts things every Tuesday? Why? There needs to be a better process for more real time activations. If this requires paying the DAO Committee more, great, let’s do it.
  • Again, I’m happy to be better informed, but I haven’t found any documentation explaining what happens, and why you have to wait at least 1 month, when you choose 1st of the month or 15th of the month when submitting a grant. It would be great, in the short term if nothing changes, to have documentation explaining the potential start date for your project.
  • Currently, it seems like you have to work backwards to figure out when your project will start and then decide when to submit a proposal based on the voting period ending. - This should be better documented at a minimum and ultimately be more flexible for real time setup of proposals.

Again, we need to think about how to improve this process if we are trying to attract other development studios in the future. They will be sophisticated and ready to hit the ground running once voting is over. They won’t want to sit around and wait for a month for administrative purposes.