[DAO:96f8ea5] Instaverse – build your metaverse presence instantly

Yes, this is exactly what this project is about. We are glad you like it :slight_smile:

I like the concept but voted no because I do not agree with grants being used to fund projects that are monetized without any mention of repayment or % back to the dao.

It is risky without any data on how much people are willing to pay for this and I am concerned after the free period there will not be enough subscriptions to cover costs.


I agree with @mattimus sentiments… I may speak from inexperience in pricing these types of projects but, over 80% of the budget is for team compensation to build a for-profit project and there’s no mention of a return of funds to the DAO. I can see a benefit for land owners, but what information do we have about Web2 users in IG and FB willingness to pay a subscription for space in the metaverse? What percentage of the subscription cost goes to the land owners? Thanks.

@mattimus @CheddarQueso Thank you for your questions!

  1. The project is focused on brining more people to the Decentraland which brings more usage and utility to MANA. DAO treasury is based on MANA. This way we contribute to DAO indirect way.

  2. As for subscription pricing we see first level problem that need to be solved. It is a lot of empty land. We are creating tools to delegate land for construction without giving away the ownership.
    The subscription economy will depend on supply and demand for the land.

why was my comment deleted? anyway, I voted YES

I voted “yes” with confidence because I am familiar with the team and I know that they have a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of desire to bring something new and useful to Decentraland. They are not afraid to experiment, but they will use every dollar wisely. Also, they are going to use AI for Instaverse service. I believe that this is the way to success and this project will be an example for further projects in DCL. I can’t wait to launch the project to test it! :yellow_heart::fire::rocket:

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i also agree with @mattimus - what happens at the end of six months?

I would vote yes here if there was a percentage going back to the dao or if the code is going to be fully open source

Thanks for the quick response. The idea is cool… I would like more info than the simple promise of “bringing more people to Decentraland.” or “the subscription economy will depend on supply and demand”.

Aside from what essentially amounts to a “profile page” on a plot of land in DCL, what utility do these spaces offer, that will be of real use to influencers or users currently in the web2 space?

We do have a lot of empty land, but I envision it being filled with interactive, blockchain based content made for the metaverse. What use or benefit do these buildings have for decentralanders, other than just looking at someone’s 2D content that they post on IG or FB?

Users and influencers on web2 platforms do not pay any monthly subscriptions… how will these 1x1 spaces attract, convert and ultimately retain web2 profile holders, enough to ultimately contribute to the DAO?

What percentage of the subscription goes to landowners?

My apologies for grilling you guys. I am really interested in the nuances of how this will be useful for both web2 and DCL users. Thank you.

Great project! Great idea! Great team!:fire:

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It seems overly expensive to me.
Also, how does this work with Instagram T&C? As far as I know, their terms and conditions do not allow scraping of instagram profiles, which you will need to do.


A very cool project from a professional team! I am sure that it will open up a new level of capabilities Decentraland.

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On the one hand, we can give a percentage to the DAO as we give % to landowners anyway.
On the other hand, you are looking at DAO and grants to act as Funds or Venture Capital that invest to get a percentage in the projects.

You are probably familiar with DAPPCRAFT. We have built for Decentraland hundreds of projects and growing the ecosystem was the priority. We will find a solution for everyone to benefit.

When we think about utility, there are a few points that come up.
Why brands are entering the metaverse? Why do they spend so much money to build a presence?
The answer in the same landscape for web2 users: status, unique experience, awareness.

Users and influencers on web2 platforms do not pay any monthly subscriptions…

Your answer, Elon Musk? :slight_smile:

Jokes aside, let’s go with an example. As an influencer, I have followers. I make a presence in Decentraland and invite them to hang out with me. Now, these followers are Decentralanders and they are interested in everything the influencer does and become WEB3 users.
Also, web2 influencers paying for different tools to make their Instagram more attractive. Video editing tools, social media manager tools.

What percentage of the subscription goes to landowners?

This is the balance between charging a user a reasonable price and paying affordable rent. This number will vary according to the MANA price & value of the land.

We are focus to make a project successful. When we talk about developing a product, we have to take a Lean approach and iterate. This means making releases, testing with real users and collect data. Based on this data, make another iteration of development and so on.
It is not a fixed scope project that we ship and then work is done. It is a constant product development and improvement.

As for Instagram T&C

User will authorize himself via Instagram in a web app and allow access to HIS profile data, pictures, etc. The user simply owns his data and can share it. We don’t scrape any other profiles’ data.

Some information on that topic -

The Instagram Basic Display API allows users of your app to get basic profile information, photos, and videos in their Instagram accounts.

You also already got a 60k grant 4 months ago that was recently paused until you can show you can overcome a major issue.

Both of those projects have similar team, can your team work on both projects at the same time or did you give up on Crossverse?

As you probably know, the DCL foundation set smart-wearable on hold. Based on this, DAO Committee decided to stop our vesting contract.

We had to make hard decisions and leave the tech team to continue developing.

These two projects align perfectly with the teams we have. We’re still waiting for the DCL foundation’s launch of a smart-wearable program.

As necessary, we will add people to these two projects.

Voting Yes, its a great idea.

But I think this grant should already include support for multiple social networks. Building an abstraction layer between Instagram and the scene generator should make it relatively easy to then support any other platform.

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I understand that is a very complex project, but for some reason, I don’t find it interesting. It’s just web2 stuff converted to 3D. The narrative you can generate with this is very poor.

Not sure if we are going to see a new era where we add ‘AI’ to everything.


Instaverse – build your metaverse presence instantly

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Instaverse – build your metaverse presence instantly

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