[DAO:a40f8e1] Meta GamiMall Expansion & Empowerment (Traffic Generation ToolKit)

by 0x9b3ae2dd9eaad174cf5700420d4861a5a73a2d2a (MetaGamiMall)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?



Meta GamiMall is one of the first DCL DAO projects, a gamified metaverse mall. After 14 months of hard work, we used multiple events to prove that our unique Game+Advertising model (Play to Earn to Advertise) is able to effectively attract brands to Decentraland, and generate relatively large & sustainable traffic (even in the bear market).

So next,

A/ we not only want to upgrade our experience and invite more brands and larger traffic

B/ but also want to develop a Traffic Generation Toolkit for other Decentraland projects and help them generate sustainable event traffic.

Thus, we would like to apply for another grant to push our project into a new stage.

Grant size

59,500 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



What is Meta GamiMall?

Meta GamiMall locates at 146,60, Aetheria, Decentraland. We are one of the first DCL DAO projects, to create a gamified mall for games and social activities.

Jump link:

Last DAO Proposal: Decentraland DAO incubated project - Meta GamiMall (+ P2E game Super Dogerio)

GitHub Repo:

Smart Items: GitHub - MetaLiveStudio/dcl-smart-items: Smart items for builder

Whole scene: GitHub - MetaLiveStudio/MetaGamiMall_GA

Main Achievements

Achievement 1/ Lead brands and traffic to Decentraland with MetaMine Season 1 and small-scale events

MetaMine is a large-scale event that aims to bring brands and players together

Video introduction: Vimeo

A. Lead brands and communities to Decentraland.

B. Generated large and long-term traffic

C. Fun and profits for players

Review video: https://twitter.com/MetaGamiMall/status/1601899735480254470

*Other Small-scale events to lead brands and traffic

Achievement 2/ P2E2A( Play to Earn to Ads) mode (Adjusted from the previous Play to Earn to Shop model)

The P2E2A model combines gaming experience and advertising. It enables

  • brands to reach their advertising purpose regards to visibility, traffic and generating promotional materials.

  • players can have fun and profit in this model.

System Architecture

The system is a 3 layers structure.

The Underlying Layer supports the upper layers and ensures the storage of user data, multiplayer actions, and smart contract transactions

The Function Layer provides different features including Virtual Currency, In-scene NFT rewards claiming and a dynamic pricing system

The Experience Layer includes the game and advertising system, provides the actual player & brands using experience

Achievement 3/ Multiple Cool features

What have we learned?

1/ P2E2A Model proved

Our events have proved that our P2E2A model can effectively drive brands to Decentraland, and generate relatively large and long-term traffic.

2/ We noticed huge technical barriers for Decentraland projects to generate long-term traffic

Many Decentraland projects are struggling to maintain their traffic even if they can create some nice experiences. This is usually due to the lack of some key functions, for example

  • Virtual currency (or score) system which is the foundation for long-term game experience

  • In-scene NFT rewarding system that makes sure players can get rewards without the need to send wearable or NFT rewards person by person

  • Dynamic pricing system controls the difficulty of obtaining rewards that helps to maintain the traffic

  • The development of their underlying layer that supports the above functions.

What’s next?

1/ Upgrade our experience and invite more brands & larger traffic

2/ Package the core technologies that we’ve developed and create a Traffic Generation Toolkit for Decentraland projects, and help them to generate sustainable event traffic.

*Check key success metrics & details below


We will break down our plan in detail here:

1/ Upgrade our experience and invite more brands and larger traffic.

Key success Metrics:

  • 30%-60% traffic growth during MetaMine Season 2 (month total person times, MAU)
  • 30%-60% traffic growth after MetaMine Seasons 2
  • We will revise the goals during & after MetaMine Season 3 based on MetaMine Season 2 metrics

Task lists:

2/ Package the core technologies that we’ve developed and create a Traffic Generation Toolkit for Decentraland projects, and help them to generate sustainable event traffic.

  • Virtual Currency Creation
  • In-Scene NFT rewards claiming
  • Dynamic Pricing system
  • Discord Bot stocking alert
  • Player data management
  • Onchain reward management

We would like to help them overpass the technical barriers and generate sustainable event traffic. This toolkit will help projects to easily set up their unique virtual currency, create their NFT reward claiming system, and enable their community to check reward stocking status via Discord.

Key success Metrics:

  • Implement Traffic Generation Toolkit in 5-8 Decentraland key projects

  • Effectively help them generate sustainable event traffic. This means at least maintaining traffic longer than 7-21 days after the events. This will be especially for the kind of event that could not hold traffic longer than 1 day, i.e party night. (on the premises that they follow our guidelines.)

Task lists:

Budget Overview

This budget will support the development of Meta GamiMall for another 8 months. Please check the document below for more details.

Budget Details Breakdown: Meta GamiMall Budget - Google Sheets

Economic Sustainability and Income Sharing

MetaMine Season One is a successful proof-of-concept event, and we already managed to balance a small part of the cost. In the future MetaMine Seasons 2, we have the confidence to ask for more sponsorships, and eventually, in MetaMine Season 3, we aim to make the MetaMine event completely self-sustainable and keep leading brands and traffic to Decentraland continuously without the need for more grant support. And we would like to send 5% of the income to DAO’s address in the upcoming MetaMine Seasons, no matter whether we get profits or not.


Meta Charlie, aka MetaDoge - Project Lead/ Chief Architect

Founder of Meta Live Studio and Meta GamiMall, lead Meta GamiMall project for 14 months, 2 years experience in Decentraland architecture design and SDK development, active Decentraland DAO participants, 10 years professional architecture experience.

Wacaine - Chief Game & Experience Developer/ Technology Consultant

Decentraland OG developer that has led the SDK and backend development for 14 months. 2 years of SDK and game system development, Wacaine is also an active Decentraland community member that has a phenomenal reputation in the developer community

Meta Roman-Smart Contract and Backend Developer

Led Meta GamiMall smart contract and Backend development for 14 months .3rd-time technical founder. 15+ years experience in hands-on web product development from startups to enterprises.

Ina - SDK developer

Meta Mark-Marketer/Community Moderator/Business Developer

Barika- architecture & Wearable designer/ Modeller

Frosty - Community Marketer/Moderator/Event Organizer

Paulyong -Decentraland tour guide

-We need to seek a new project manager assistant after securing the grant

Check more personnel details: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I2HVSBS8B6WDQkDI\_80A0TD1a5Ld7V0GqPtD_VEygGU/edit?usp=sharing

Roadmap and milestones

We will host MetaMine S2 and S3 in Month 4 and Month 8. So as a result, we will divide our roadmap into 2 stages based on the MetaMine schedule.

Stage One: Month1 - Month 3 will focus on

  • MetaMine experience improvement (Phase 1)

  • Traffic Generation Toolkit technical and administrative preparation

  • Toolkit Experiment & Illustration scene development

Month 4 - MetaMine S2

Stage Two: Month 5 - Month 7 will focus on

  • MetaMine experience improvement (Phase 2)

  • Traffic Generation Toolkit promotion & implementation

Month8 -MetaMine S3

Plus, we would host 1 event per month to introduce our updates to the public.

*Please check the plan detail breakdown from Month 1 to Month 8:

Vote on this proposal on the Decentraland DAO

View this proposal on Snapshot

Welcome any feedback! Cheers!

We apologize that the personnel link has some issues: Please use this link if you want to check personnel information:

You’ve already received a $220K Grant - thats why i’ve voted NO

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Appreciate the reply, and thank you as well for letting us know the reason. Here are mainly 3 explanations for applying for this grant: 1. We proposed a 1-year proposal for the last grant, and now we have been continuously working for almost 14 months. And also, the workforce/marketing cost was pretty high before the crypto crash. Thus, we are applying this one to continue the improvement and make toolkits 2. In this grant, we extend the scope of our project and will start to develop a tool for others thus might need extra resources 3. We keep learning how to utilize the budget more efficiently to save DAO’s money, which is why we only apply for a 60k grant with a huge task list in the roadmap. We hope this will make some sense. Thank you again.

Voted Yes. We have participated and collaborated with Meta Gamimall this year, and the game traffic has been increasing from the beginning, especially their new project MetaMine, which have attracted many big sponsors either from Decentraland or outside of Decentraland, and ofc alot players. the team have been working very hard to develop their game and improve all issues according to sponsors and players. We believe with this grant, they will do a lot better!

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Can’t you use the revenues generated by this large and sustainable traffic to expand?
You also already got quite a big grant, voting no.

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Appreciate a lot! Hope we can do more great things together!

Hi HP, thanks for the reply!

the revenue we generated is very limited compared to the cost, like we said in the proposal, in the last MetaMine event, the revenue can only cover the wearable submission fee + user incentives. (which is not easy in a such bear market)However, like what we proposed in the proposal, we are aiming at breaking even in MetaMine Season 3. And finally, make the event sustainable. (check our specifications regards to the sustainability section)

But also, more importantly, the fund will be used to develop a new toolkit for the communities, which will have to use more resources to expand. Tbh, this toolkit itself would cost a T4 grant to develop, but we want to ask ourselves to manage the fund more efficiently and save money for DAO so that we put the two things together in one T4 grant.

Plus, like what we explained above the grant has supported us for 14 months, which is 2 months more than we proposed

Hope this can make some sense, and I respect you for everything you are doing to grow the DCL community.

Happy they have attracted many big sponsors - just use these funds then :wink:

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Thank you for the feedback, please let me have a chance to explain this:

  1. the fund will be also used to develop this new toolkit which is a tool for all Decentraland Community. To be honest, we could use 60k purely to develop this toolkit, but we want to save DCL DAO’s grant, thus, combining these two things together.

  2. As we included in this proposal, the sponsor did not sponsor a lot, but only part of the wearable submission fee (and doesn’t even include the wearable-making-related fee), which only contributes to a tiny portion of the cost. We are losing funds every day and week to keep levelling up the whole system.

I hope this answer will make sense to you, our proposal is a bit long, so it’s understandable that some of the key points might be easy to miss, and I look forward to seeing your following reply.

We will love to see some reply from @RobL for the 4 m votes as well, to help us understand how we can improve as well, much appreciate it!

OK, since you asked, here are my reasons for voting ‘no’:

  1. The DAO is not a piggy bank. As others have pointed out, you’ve already received $220k in grant money previously, and are now back for yet another round. The DAO grants are for everyone’s use to help foster new projects that hopefully return value back to the community, not for the few to use again and again to no end.

  2. Your words:After 14 months of hard work, we used multiple events to prove that our unique Game+Advertising model (Play to Earn to Advertise) is able to effectively attract brands to Decentraland, and generate relatively large & sustainable traffic (even in the bear market).” – So usually when a business attracts brands that generate relatively large & sustainable traffic there is associated and sustained revenue, so if what you stated is accurate then it seems $60k should be very easy for you guys to generate all on your own. So, the reality is if you were not able to generate a sustainable revenue after spending $220k of the community’s money, that supposedly attracted brands that generated relatively large & sustainable traffic, then there is a very low likelihood that another $60k towards that end will make any difference at all.

  3. Since grant money is community money, and those receiving it are expected to return value back to the community, I see nothing in your proposal that 1. references the fact that you have received very large prior grants, 2. how the community received $220k worth of value in return for those grants.

  4. IMO the budget you’ve devised does not seem real. Rather than list actual real costs, it looks more like you took $60k and then randomly divided this amount amongst various expensive categories to appear to total $60k.

  5. Also, according to your budget, it looks like you plan to personally contribute $0 toward this yourself, and having already received $220k and having attracted brands that generated relatively large & sustainable traffic, you’d think you’d have at least something to contribute. So, with no skin of your own in the game, it seems the community once again bear all the risk, leaving you with everything to gain in this enterprise, and absolutely nothing to lose. Does this sound fair to you?

  6. $60k is a 6mo grant, but yet your deliverables roadmap is 8mo in duration, so what incentive do you have to complete the project once the payments stop at 6mo? And what kind of retribution would the DAO be eligible for should you run out of capital before completing this project?

  7. After already spending $220k of the community’s money thus far, you are now back asking for even more, at what point are going to stop asking for free money?

So, for the reasons above I voted ‘no’.

To answer your question about what you can do to improve:

  1. Be grateful the community provided the very huge grants you already received.
  2. Stop getting back on the free money line and learn to leverage the experience you have gained by utilizing the prior grant money to generate revenue yourself for any future projects.

@RobL Thanks for the reply, at least we can know your reasons for voting “No”. After reading your reply, I feel like there is huge distrust in our team and I sense a bit of a lack of fair&quality, I sincerely hope that our reply can provide evidence to prove the legitimacy of our team and project, and also, we beg for treating our proposal just like others. However, whatever your final call is, we will not stop developing, it is just that the grant will help our project grow faster and better. We did not overstep and apply for another large grant, instead, we chose to reasonably compress two things into a project, which shows our willingness to save budget from DAO and being considerate.

  1. DAO is not a piggy bank I agree, but I don’t see any rules saying DAO should not invest in any projects who have received a large grant previously.I think the criteria of a DAO grant would support those who proved their team’s execution capabilities, and make Decentraland better. this is the focus of our proposal, we used the previous fund, and meet our milestone, now, we want to propose a new target with a new roadmap, thus, we are applying for this grant.
    Plus, we have seen a lot of grant projects that keep supporting some amazing projects with multiple grants, and should our proposals be treated fair and equally? Shall we focus on our proposal and history record, rather than we received a large grant before? Also, it appears that you’ve just voted for one project with a large grant before, and this feels a bit contrary to your criteria.
  1. We attracted large traffic indeed, but that traffic is still not large enough to generate sustainable revenue, I believe this is a common issue in all Decentrland community projects, (which is exactly the thing we want to address in this grant) if you know any other grant projects who can generate sustainable revenue that can support their cost now, please let me know. Again, we beg for fairness and equality here, shall we be treated like others? We all invest for the future, and our business model can make sure that we will be the first batch of projects who can make ourselves sustainable. We specifically included our economic sustainability section in the proposal, and we believe we can achieve this since we’ve already proved our model, capability and determination to make Decentaland a better place.
  1. Yes, we did not specifically mention the number, but we included a link at the very beginning, which is why you know we did receive it. As for what is the return, we also included very details “Key success Metrics” in our proposal’s description and specification. Please have a check, I believe this is one of the most details “Key success Metrics” among all the proposals.
  1. Which part do you think is not real? Can you specify that? Our largest portion of the fund will be used on SDK and product development for 8 months, rather than marketing or else, which honestly makes it a very concrete budget comparatively.
  1. We invest in the project personally not by money, but by working extra hours and contributing the system. And do you seriously think this is a risk considering our previous history? We could have taken the last big grant and laid back, but we chose to work hard, and keep contributing to Decentraland (And we think it is right to do so)we have proved that we will do this. Again fair and equality, do you mean every large grant receiver should invest a lot on their own? Is that a conflict with your previous voting decision?
  1. we received our last large grant after 7 months since our proposal got passed, but, we worked for 14 months, and just work harder and harder. Is it self-proving? At the end of the day, we want to work hard to make ourselves sustainable, this project is like a child to us, who would abandon the child after raising it for almost 2 years and give it away?
  1. We included the proposal - we will make our chief event MetaMine economically sustainable and this will be the last time we ask for a grant regards to this project if we received it.

We are grateful for the large grant we’ve received and grateful for all those who supported us along the journey, we are also grateful that we can participate in the Development of Development in such a good way. Thus, we hope to contribute on a much larger scale in the future to pay back the support and make our project self-sustainable to save money for DAO after this grant.

Again, I re-stated that we would keep developing no matter what is your final call. It’s just that the grant can help us to grow better and faster, and lower the risk of projects getting dead in this bear market.


I’ll respond to a few of your replies:

With regards to the belief that I somehow have a “huge mistrust of your team” and that I have treated you “unfairly”.

  1. This is business, not personal.
  2. Crypto is inherently a trustless and permissionless environment, no?
  3. The DAO grants are being sent to ETH addresses of people that are for essentially anonymous.
  4. There are no legal contracts between the DAO and grant recipients, and therefore no legal recourse in the event of default. All that exists are a very loosely written proposals and no claw back methods for low/no performance.

Contrast this to real life where there are legally enforceable contracts and a court system that can be used to remedy contractual breaches.

Having said that, and because of the anonymity associated with crypto, the DAO IMO, since they are more vulnerable as they have less protections, should in my view employ any/all the precautions at their disposable to ensure that those receiving money will deliver value back to the community the represent. Wouldn’t you agree that is reasonable?

To date nearly half of all teams that have received grant money have not delivered what was initially promised.

Wouldn’t you agree that this figure is alarming?

Shouldn’t the DAO take additional precautions to prevent this from occurring in the future?

While you are correct, there is currently no limit to how many grants a project can ask for, and no cap to the dollar amount, in my opinion, if a project has taken previous grant money, that should be one the first things disclosed in subsequent grant request, as transparency build the very trust that you are seeking, don’t you agree?

I agree, if a project has proven success in the past, and has a provable history of using previous grants to return substantial value back to the community, then further investment, via an additional grant, in some cases may be a good investment.

In your case, you received $220k, that according to you closed 7 months ago, payable over 6mo with a 1mo cliff, so you likely received your final payment recently.

You have already received a substantial grant and are now asking for another. Grant money is essentially an investment in a project. And like with any investment, there is a reasonable expectation that there will be a return in excess of the investment.

As such, as a previous grant recipient, it is a very be reasonable expectation, especially since your are requesting additional funding, that you should explain in great detail how you used the previous grant to great effect to provide a substantial return of value back to the community.

If you feel that you were successful in the past, which I get the impression you feel you were, then why not start your new proposal off by letting everyone know:

  1. That you were a previous grant recipient.
  2. The amount you received.
  3. What specifically you were able to accomplish with that grant.
  4. Describe in detail the value that grant has returned to the community.

You mentioned that you attracted Brands to Decentraland

  1. How many Brands did you attract?
  2. What were those Brands?
  3. Do you have evidence of the collaboration (photos of events showing the brands in Decentraland, twitter messages from the Brands acknowledging the relationship, etc.)
  4. Do any of these Brands still retain a presence in Decentraland, If so can you provide coordinates of their current locations?

You mentioned that you held many events

  1. How many events were there?
  2. What were those events?

You stated you were able to generate “relatively large and sustainable traffic (even during the bear market)”

  1. How many unique visitors attended each of your events?
  2. How many attended during the bear market?
  3. Can you provide evidence of attendance per event?

To to address you last statement:

Again, I re-stated that we would keep developing no matter what is your final call. It’s just that the grant can help us to grow better and faster, and lower the risk of projects getting dead in this bear market.

So based on this statement, you actually do have the capacity to continue working without additional grant funds.

So you don’t really need this additional funding keep your project alive, but you like to receive it as it would provide a better financial cushion to make life for you and your team more comfortable so that you may be able to grow and work faster.

So, you agree that we are in a bear market.

Mana prices are less than 1/10 of what they were 7-8 months ago

DAO Grants are funded by vested mana

So essentially each grant payment now costs more than 10x the mana it did just several months ago.

Do you think its prudent use of DAO grant funds to provide a project, that has already been well funded, with additional funding at a greater than 10x mana cost, that has admitted they could continue along without it, simple so that that project can operate with on a more comfortable financial cushion?

Seems to me that if you truly had the best interest of the Decentraland community at heart, it might be best if you’d ask for only what you truly really need, and during this bear also be willing to tighten your belt along with everyone else.

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@RobL I appreciate your reply, we know each other through communication, and I respect that, and I want to clarify that nothing is personal, I want to be a friend but not a complainer.

I completely agree with all of your statements above this paragraph. We are all aligned that the web3 business is wild in general and DAO’s grant should be taken care of cautiously. But that does not explain your actions regards to vote “yes” for other proposals that previously got large grants before, which lead to my feeling of a bit of unfairness that seems like we are treated in another criteria. (But this is not your problem, since most of the comments show the same trend, I think the real problem is deeper)

I am guessing the real reason behind this is that you think we are not self-proving in terms of our legitimacy and achievement. (Which is the other focus of your comment)Thus, I would like to show more evidence and explanations regards to your concerns, hopefully, that could prove the legitimacy and value of our project.

the first misunderstanding is that we are one of the earliest projects that got T6 grant, and we received the last payment about 6 months ago, not recently, and we are still here, and to be honest, we achieved more things after this last payment, including MetaMine event. Do you think can at least can prove our legitimacy to some extend?

Evidence: If you check our previous proposal’s snapshot record you will see an end-voting date is Nov 16, 2021, so its not hard to calculate when is the last payment

I specifically mentioned in our abstract that

And attached the previous proposal at the very beginning of the description to make people notice,and I believe all the people including you will click that, check carefully before voting. And all the information you asked me to provide is there. Please recall, is it hard for you to check that information, does that link jump immediately in front of your eyes when you were checking our proposal? If it is really hard to find, why most people have noticed it and clicked the link? We really not hiding sth, instead, we want to encourage you to check our previous proposal, what’s the idea, the plan, and how we execute it, along with other legitimate details. However, I will take your advice in the future if this one does not get a chance to pass.

we spent nearly half of the description to introduced our achievements in a very details way compared to most of the proposals,(I don’t want to quote all of the achievement, its too long, but you can check)

MetaMine was the largest event we had around 1 month ago, we used one event to unit 23 brands to join with 23 wearables rewards, and enable players to play and earn them. in these 23 brands, half from the Decentraland community project and a half from the outside world to reach a balance. As we aim not only to increase outside exposure but also, to unite the existing traffic which is very important to existed players as well.


A/This is the main tweet of the event, we included their logos in the tweet, 23 brands retweeted to prove our collaborations: https://twitter.com/MetaGamiMall/status/1589234610621513728

B/ I guess you are talking about outside brands, they are all in our Meta GamiMall, that is the main spirit of our model! Providing an easy and less costly way for brands to join Decentralnd, you can see Decentraland is heading in this direction of making the platform more accessible as well! In order to spend a lot of money to buy land and develop something, they used our event to test the experience and traffic capacity. And in return, they helped to expand the impact and exposure in their community. Notice, this is only the first MetaMine season, in the next seasons, with the huge traffic we generated, we will have better brands, for example, Coca-Cola will giveaway their new wearable in our project recently, thanks to the successful traffic and advertising effect that we created. More to come in the future

Feel free to jump in to see our collaborator’s ads: Decentraland

I understand the proposal is long and a bit hardcore, but this information is in the proposal at the very beginning, I listed them in a very very detailed way, I can quote to you to help you to locate it.

As we stated in our proposal, MetaMine is the most iconic event in our project, and it has proved its value to bring brands to Decentralnd and generate large and sustainable traffic, and that is our focus, we will launch multiple seasons regards to this event in the future, to keep leading traffics and brands to Decentraland. (Other small events before MetaMine cannot compare with it)

MetaMine started on Nov 18th 2022, which is in the bear market, and 1 and a half months later, we still have around 200 Daily Active Users. I need to emphasise that our event is different from the kind of one-day event, we aim to generate sustainable traffic from our MetaMine.


  1. We provided a lot of figures in our proposal, and here is more. Based on our Playfab record, you can easily find a boost of Rolling Monthly active Users and Daily Active Users after MetaMine (Nov. 18th). You can see that on the first day of MetaMine, we have 600+ Unique users, and till now after 1 and a half months, we still have 150-200 DAU, and we kept using the small events (the recent MetaMine Xmas P2E for exmaple) to maintain the traffic. I believe the figure is very appealing compared with the whole Decentraland traffic and other projects.

  2. If you question the legitimacy of the figure above, we also onboarded dcl metric hot spot for a very long time (I think around 10 days), you can verify that with the founder of dcl metric.

  3. Some extra evidence of User ranking based on Decentralnd traffic ranking, we ranked No.2 for 10 days. I specifically took screenshots from DAY1-Day7 and posted them in our Twitter, but i don’t think I need to show every one of them, i will just someone as an example. If you got time, feel free to check it yourself.


  1. Even today, we are still No3

  1. Lastly, it is very easy to verify that if my statement is true or false by talking with any projects who joined this event, I believe you also know some of them.

We have the capacity to maintain the project in the condition that we all continue to work extra hours and multitask which is not sustainable. Also, more importantly, we need to give up some targets for example our toolkit if there is no extra fund . In our proposal we extend our mission to develop a tool kit for other community projects, which is sth that is largely neglected by the voters for some reason, the toolkit will include every technical tool that helped them to generate large and sustainable traffic like we do, and this work will have to use extra resources and people,

plus, some of the ppl are working voluntarily for us which is not sustainable as well. Thus, we need the grant to expand our team and make sure everyone can work hard to reach our milestone and finally contribute to Decentraland.

For the Success Achievement Metrics I included in the proposal, I think we are showing extra consideration to DAO’s fund, tbh, the workload of developing this toolkit can be an independent 60k proposal itself, but we want to use the fund more effectively, so that’s why we put them together.

For me, I joined the Decentraland family before Facebook changed its name before the concept turn hot, and now, in the bear, I am still here, I am a true believer of Decntraland, and I personally hold the belief that I need to 1/ contribute to Decentralnd first 2/ Contribute to Decentraland community projects second 3/ and then I know that I can be taken care of by the family. I get the part that this proposal might seem abrupt at first looks, but I believe, your concerns will be responded if when the explanations and evidence above.

Appreciate the reply again, nothing personal again, and look for further communications.


You’ve now included a lot of additional information in the comments that have addressed many of my concerns, information I would have like to have see easily available within the proposal initially, however I do understand that there is a character limit.

At this point I would suggest you incorporate the additional information you recently provided in a new proposal, maybe via an FAQ page with a link or by other similar means, and then resubmit.

I would rather see this proposal approved/denied based on the entire community instead on a single heavy handed vote, if I could simply remove my vote on this one, as it would serve the same purpose I would, but that is unfortunately not an option yet.

If you were to resubmit a new proposal, and include the above additional information addressing the concerns above then, I will abstain from voting.

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Thank you for your understanding regarding to our explanation, that means a lot to us!

It is really a pity that I was sick and just saw this reply today and the grant scheme has already temporarily paused.…

Some key supporter hold their vote since there was no point to do so with 5.8m NO, and now I am asking them back to vote.

Now we have 2m YES, which is more than 1.8m NO (excluding your 4m), I believe there are more yes votes that will come after seeing your last reply. But, considering that a lot of the supporters are in vocation, and there’s only 1 day left for this proposal, and the grant scheme has paused. Would you mind change your NO to YES in this case, that will make sense eaiser Otherwise, we have to wait until March, and do it again.

Thank you so much again!


You have been quite active in DCL in the past, and have taken my time to address all of the concerns the community had posed, while others with proposals seem to respond to few if any comments.

So, I agree with your argument, that without my single vote your proposal would likely pass, so I have changed my vote.

Good Luck!

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Much appreciated for this consideration and consent. Thanks to your understanding, all my explanation did not went in vain. Also, i learned a lot throughout this process and will take this as a very important lesson for the future.We will keep delivering value and contribute to Decentraland, and it would be an honour for us to have your continuous attention in the future!

Thank you again!