[DAO:8c7e302] MetaVS – (PVP))(PVE)(MVAC)(MVPC) Revised pt 2 through 7 combined as requested

by 0x37f00ec67d68c2d3c662339c183d37403c36f28e (AaronLeupp)

Should the following Tier 5: up to $120,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?



In Decentraland and the Metaverase as a whole let’s be real love the Parties, Concerts, Poker, Mining, Racing, Magic, Pool, MMO, MMORPG, Monster Battling, Golf, Skating, but sometimes we just want to kill each other.

Grant size

120,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address




Aside from being the first what will make us different from other combate web2 games is:

Our Maps will be created for the community by the community. No more waiting for patches if people have a cool new idea for a map they will be able to create it within the Decentraland builder and can be additional revenue sources for the map creators or marketing opportunity if they want to make them free.

  1. Our Maps will be created for the community by the community. No more waiting for patches if people have a cool new idea for a map they will be able to create it within the Decentraland builder and can be additional revenue sources for the map creators or marketing opportunity if they want to make them free


  1. We will also have the world’s first Randomly Generated Artificial Intelligence Map creation experience feature where players can fight on an entirely different map every time. Web2 has innovated the chess pieces by allowing multiple people play with them at once we would like to innovate the chess board as well with this in Web3.

alt text


PVE Tests and Demo:


We like to create more revenue opportunities not only for the Decentraland DAO treasury but also create more opportunities for revenue income for the community as well.

  1. As already mentioned we would like to give map builders the opportunity creates and give out for free as an opportunity tool for marketing example (Waifumon Map, SirDrop Map etc) or also have the ability to sell them as well. We would like to give a portion of all those sales to the Decentraland DAO as well. Please put how much you think should go back in the comments 1% to 100%!

  2. Also, user interface weapons skins will also be able to be created and sold within the community as well as an additional source of revenue for them, us and the Decentraland DAO! Please put how much you think should go back in the comments 1% to 100%! Yes, I will be making a Waifumon Flame thrower that blows a blast of hearts.

Weapon Skin Examples based on the Community. These are Demo’s not Final and fan art parody creations based on the community (none of these are are final or partnership announcements or endorsements from the people or groups they are based on) Will be uploading New Ones EVERYDAY Stay Tuned!


A community collection made by the community for the community. All of the assets will not only be focused on parody references to the entire Web3, Crypto, NFT and most important of all the Decentraland space and community as whole we also will allow the community to pitch to make assets based on their personal ventures, events, communities and games that go in Decentraland as well also have freedom to even draw and submit their own personal contributions to the 3rd collection as well.

MetaVS Armory Club (MVAC) and MetaVS Pet Club (MVAC) will be 3 Collections in total each and they will be linked into Decentraland: also working title Decentraland Armory CLub - Decentraland Pet Club (DAC) and (DPC)

-10,000 ETH Collection – Unique Generative Collection 1st Editions (Sold to community and 100% of sales and royalties will go to Decentraland DAO) $69 each

-20,000 Polygon Collection – Unique Generative Collection Gen-1 Collection (Given FREE to Community) (Will be randomly given out based on several factors 1. Time Spent in Game 2. Decentraland POAPs Collected 3. Decentraland Waifumon Collected 4. NEAT Collected 5. Tweets and other social media posts shared about Decentraland over the years 6. Land Owned 7. $MANA held 8. DAO and Forums Participation Activity 9. Wearable Creations Created 10. Decentraland Names Owned 11. VP for Decentraland owned 12. Decentraland Wearables owned 13. Wearables gifted to other community memebers 14. Streams of Decentraland … And more based on what the community would like to add!

-420,000 Polygon NFT (not unique) – Air Dropped to ALL the first 420,000 $MANA Holders (Given FREE to Community) currently only 296,664 Holders.
Working titles: (Decentraland Dino) (Decentraland Dagger)(Decentraland Dao (Naga sword))

All of them will be NFTs will be linked as Wearables in Decentraland and potentially also in MetaVS user interface if it passes as well.


We like to give a chance for all members of the community to add their additions to the collection as well as use this as a type of fund raiser to create more revenue opportunities for the Decentraland DAO treasury.

If 10,000 ETH collection sells out $690,000 back to the DAO and 100% of all royalties of all collections will continue to go back into the DAO or a portion of it can be used to host monthly events you guys decide in the comments below!


Aaron Leupp’s Team: Reference and Parody art is our middle name. Waifumon has legit over 1,000+ outfits all based on references in Decentraland, DCL Community, and other Web3 content. With legit the biggest owned parody collection in the world we can’t think of anyone else better to lead it other than us.

Also, YOU the community will also submit your ideas as well as drawings.


The Team (as of now)

AaronLeupp – Waifumon Weebican, Metaverse Cheerleader and Project Lead

DrDCL – Design Lead (UI, 3D, Animation)

Dragar – Programming Lead

Spartan – 3D Artist

DusNufus – Map Ai Generator Development Lead

SirDrop – PVE Lead

And … YOU we legit need all the help we can get so if you apart of the community would like to help, please feel free to let us know how you would like to help and your rates ASAP. Thank you.

Roadmap and milestones

  1. 2D Demos for (Metaverse) PVE, PVP, MVAC, and MVPC.
  2. Finalizing all 2D assets MVAC and MVPC
  3. Generation of 2D for MVAC and MVPC
  4. 3D molds for MVAC, MVPC and all assets for PVE
  5. Tests for PVE and launch as well as linking with linking 3D molds for MVAC and MVPC.
  6. Airdropping and sales for MVPC and MCAC launch as well as prep for PVP
  7. Test and launch for PVP

Creating over 20+ scenes already for our Weekly Waifumon Races all can be seen here we have been blessed to find out this innovative technology through building one of our last course we would love to use for MetaVS all can be seen here: Weekly Waifumon Metaverse Race Courses in Decentraland!

We grew big team through this workload and look forward to doing the same this time as well. Our biggest success story I tell to this day is the great BioMeta never creating one scene before and he ended up creating several of our favorite scenes in our weekly race courses today.

Everyone knows that Waifumon, Web3 and Decentraland has been mine and my teams whole life and this has project has been 2 years in the making! We will continue to do daily giveaways and weekly live streams on twitter and other social media platforms to continue to grow and keep our amazing 38 community as always so thank you all and all I ask for you guys is to vote YES or NO and in the comments let us know what we can do to pivot to hopefully change to a YES. If not all is good thank you for the opportunity!

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Yes again for me. Enjoy all Aaron does in the Decentraland community.

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Yes of course !! good idea !

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Big Yes again from me. Enjoy all Aaron does in the Decentraland community.

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Aaron is has been around so long and is so capable we need more things. How epic would this be. all the drip and mechanics open the mind.

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I except a World economic forum partner to put this through for the cause.

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Looks amazing can’t wait to see what’s next
Wait I’ll just put on some :dark_sunglasses: cause the future looks bright

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100% Yes from me. Let’s get this all through.

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hell yeea, letz geet ittt~~~~! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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Big 100% No from me!! Not so good idea!:dark_sunglasses:
Let’s prevent this all from getting through~~~~! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Absolutely :100: Yes :heart: :heart:

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Cant wait to play decentraland with waifu i follow them since lond time and i am totally fan let s go


Thank you all almost 100 of you voted so far and don’t worry we are in talks with the 4 Million VP whale that voted no on this and asking, and working with them on what we can pivot or clarify to get them to change to a YES. We will not dox them since we respect everyones privacy and they have a right to that. But fingers crossed will have an update on that soon!

Can click here to see bigger:

Also hahah love how 28 of the 39 No votes all look exact the same and have the same beard lol. Love how a couple people were accusing us of making fake accounts to vote on our proposals, and after we proved them wrong, that exact tactic is now being used against us at a massive scale hahaha. Of course those same couple accusers will now probably stay silent about it because it’s not fun to help work and accuse things that are harmful to the DAO process its only fun to hate on the guy and the community that been spending years growing the Decentraland community and giving out Waifu jpgs right?? hahah All I can say to if it is one person spending a lot of time making massive fake accounts to vote no on this is I love your drive and if you would love to instead hit me up on how we can use that same input to help grow Decentraland together I down.

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Hi Aaron,

No need to dox me because I will openly say that I am the 4mil VP whale that voted ‘no’ on this proposal.

As I explained in DM, here are the primary reasons I voted ‘no’ on your proposal.

  1. Out of the 18 or so current active grant proposals, 6 of them are yours that represent $600k in total grant requests for which is essentially the same idea.
  2. You stated that you have condensed your idea into 1 proposal but have refused to remove the remaining 5 proposals.
  3. You have already received a $60k grant from the DAO in May of 2022, and now it seems you are back asking for $600k.

Here is the link to your approved $60k grant

  1. You did not mention the fact that you have already received a grant from the DAO
  2. Since you have already received $60k can you explain in detail how Decentraland has received $60k of value back. Can supply supporting data of your past success?

This specific grant request (only 1 of 6 you have active) is for $120k that is paid over 6mo with a 1mo cliff. You did not include in your proposal a comprehensive explanation of:

  1. Why you need $120k?
  2. A detailed breakdown of how this substantial amount of money will be used.
  3. A monthly milestone/deliverable schedule or some other type of measurable monthly metric that the DAO can use to determine whether you qualify for the next payment.

My opinion is that grants are community funds, as such all grant requests should include how the idea being presented will benefit the entire community and provide a ROI that is at least as great as the grant being requested.

You state that you intend to create 10,000 Eth based NFTs wearables and sell them for $69each with the proceeds going back to the DAO. And 20,000 Polygon wearable NFTs that you intend to give away free, and another 420,000 Polygon wearable NFTs that you also intend to give away.

My concerns I have regarding on this:

  1. As far as I’m aware no wearable ever created for DCL Avatars with a 10,000 mint volume have ever sold anywhere near $69, even in the market peak, so $690k returned to the DAO from these NFT sales/resales are highly unlikely.
  2. If you are so confident that your NFTs can generate $690k or more worth of revenue, then why do you need a grant at all? Why not just sell them yourself?

How many grants are you going to ask for?

You are requesting $600k total across all your current grant proposals for what is basically the same idea. How much of your own capital are you contributing, if any?

You received $60k over the past 6mo from the DAO. You no sooner received your last grant payment and you’re back asking for more. At what point do you see yourself becoming self-sufficient, or is it your intent to continuing along being supported by multiple DAO grants?

For the reasons above I have voted ‘no’.


Thanks so much bro for your concerns and feedback since it gives us opportunity to clarify and pivot what we need to pivot to get your vote to turn to a Yes or at least try our best way we can make what we are pitching more what you are looking for to continue to help Decentraland’s community. I have already answered most of these questions and will re-answer them here publicly again. I also been working all night on one some of these answers in hopes it is what you are looking for too. Thank you.

Again, just in case there is any confusion WE ARE NOT asking for $600k. Yes on pt1 and it passed but most everyone told me that voted Yes on pt 1 would also vote Yes on pt 2 through 7 if I put them all on one proposal instead of separate. Which is what we are doing here. It is all on one $120k proposal now.
The reason why we first broke it into parts was we wanted to give the community a oppurtinity to pick what portions based on features which would result in $60 to $360k not $600k. I explained to you already I do not delete proposals because I believe in Long term DAOs are the future and want people to not only learn what works but also what fails. that way people can learn from my mistakes as well. You can see i have dozens of failed proposals (not just grant) and i do not delete because I want people to learn form my mistakes even if they come across as cringe lol I have offered you the solution of me commenting on all those proposals to let the public know something they already know which is we are no longer going for those campaigns but you have not responded. So instead out of good faith I going against my rule and I deleted those proposals to hopefully eliminate any confusion. I hope this helps.

Again I just deleted them. I hope it helps. Thank you.

Again, WE ARE NOT asking for $600k but I think you understand that by now by reading above and our DMs and two yes the $60k grant has been a massive success and we have reported all data to the grant squad. Also would love to share some highlights here in hope it helps but to sum it up we have created a massive funnel to bring new users and eyeballs daily to Decentraland and has been tons of fun.

pt. 1 We have continued to do our daily Lotto Vids and Daily Waifumon NFT give aways on Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and Youtube which has brought hundreds of thousands of views, engagement to people in and outside of Decentraland and best part is majority of the Waifumon have been even based on Decentraland community leaders and events. Here are some examples can be seen here.

Can see we also have some of the highest forums of engagement in Decentraland community as well and has been super organic since Wafiumon even started out as a parody fan art project based on things I saw in Decentraland Years ago and since then we have grown to over 100,000 owners!

pt. 2 Our weekly new Waifumon race courses and live streams have funneled those new all those people that came for the daily lotto and waifumon give aways into our weekly live streams of us in Decentraland competing and watching all members of the community completing the courses to win more Waifumon NFTs based on the course as well as Decentraland Wearables. The live streams can see have been a massive success and the top in terms of views and engagement across the Decentraland community.

If you have missed them you can even see them here:

Best part is if you watch them even the last one is a great example of multiple people that have never even seen or tried Decentraland before checking out, joining and trying for the first time. In this last stream can even see a random viewer on youtube saying “have you ever had a gf in real life? rofl” as he watches us, and we all joke back instead of hating back and he then turns into a fan rather then continued hater. As well as multiple other people like in that stream “FEARLESS” asking us questions since he said he new to Decentraland from watching our streams and Daily Waifumon give away while in game there is hundreds of examples of that if not more.

So in reality yes would say has been massively successful exposing hundreds of thousands of people to Decentraland and giving them a route to join in and check it out with our weekly events and if there is a better use of the DAO funds other then consistent growth and engagement in Decentraland then let me know since I can’t think of a better use lol.

Above explains why we need the $120k to create the PVE, PVP, and NFT collections MVAC and MVPC. Through our ventures of exposing massive amount of new people to Decentraland day after day week after week they love doing the weekly races on and off stream as well as attend some of the community music events but they prefer to spend am majority of there time playing PVEs, MOBAS and PVP’s which we can’t argue with since the data speaks for itself they are the most engaged and lucrative games in the world why we would like to bring that to Decentraland as well. We forecast this as well as our MCAC and MVPC projects to raise funds for the DAO will be what Decentraland needs to make it not only the leading metaverse in the space but also one of the most engaged platforms in the gaming space as well.

Yes! however want to make clear these are estimated costs and may change or vary. Executing hundreds of projects in the past with my Marketing Company PromoAffiliates clients (Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Drizly, Saucey, Airbnb etc) as well as even the last $60k project alone anyone can tell you things change and people that commit to budgets or rate drop out or change. However just like those other projects they have all been completed successfully and we have proven our ability to pivot when needed.

Generation of both 2D and 3D molds NFTs, Scrapping All 420,000 Wallet #s of mana coin holders, and air dropping these NFTs to all 1,640,000 + 40,000 people = $9,000
2D artwork for the 60,000 NFTs and the 2 1.6 Million NFTs = $19,000
3D molds for the 60,000 NFT and the 2 1.6 Million NFTs = $29,000
P2E Assets creations, User Interface Creations, Level Creation and Testing, = $10,000
Marketing 6 Months Aside from daily Decentraland Waifumon Giveaways on Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook will also be doing Community based Weapon showcases as well as weapon UI weapon displays as well as weekly livestream updates and content-based updates and engagement into Decentraland and non Decentraland Community= $9,800
Additional 3D Trailer Videos similar to the one above to showcase P2E, PVP, MVAC, MCPC = $15,000
PVP Creation Demo 1 on base level $19,000
PVP expansion including linking alternative weapons and pets within UI as well as people allowing first round of community-based levels $9,200
= $120,000
Open to all feedback and adjustments recommended if needed too.

Yes! Just like our last time we will continue to work with the Decentraland Grant Squad to audit our workflow and progress. You can even ask them last time around we were constantly ahead of schedule and have continued on without further funding since we are self sob-stainable with that venture! In case you missed the mile stones of accountability we put in the grant here they are again from above: broken down by months est we may complete faster like last time:

\ 1. 2D Demos for (Metaverse) PVE, PVP, MVAC, and MVPC.
2. Finalizing all 2D assets MVAC and MVPC
3. Generation of 2D for MVAC and MVPC
4. 3D molds for MVAC, MVPC and all assets for PVE
5. Tests for PVE and launch as well as linking with linking 3D molds for MVAC and MVPC.
6. Airdropping and sales for MVPC and MCAC launch as well as prep for PVP
7. Test and launch for PVP

With this as well open to all alternative pivots or adjusts you recommend we do if needed as well.

1,000% agree why happy you see we have that same goal to not only raise more funds for the DAO then receiving but also create an additional source of income for the DAO, us and the entire community as well.

Yes! That is a great question. With over the years I have learned from gaining over 100,000+ owners with our Waifumon collection there are two types of buyers markets. 1. high ticket Small group big spenders to resell market and 2. The everyman can afford market. As of now Waifumon, Axie Infinity, ZeD Run, Reddit, Decentraland and Sandbox has appealed and had high success to with two because they have the low ticket entry fees and bigger quantity. 1. Wants to only focus on competing against the small amount but also only likes to try out proven concepts when it comes to recognizable IP. This proposal is a win win for all those markets and finally introduces 1. market as well with our 10,000 collections we will launch with Decentraland. The best part is the utility of being able to link the NFTs in game will during launch will also be a massive innovative utility that has never been done before we plan to also do with Waifumon Gen-2 that already passed. Don’t know how many successful 10,000 to 20,000 ETH collection launches you been apart of but if you have you will notice they are driven a ton by discord launch date. This will not only have that effect but can happen as well in Decentraland as people get to experience the 3D linked utility of there NFT never been done before. So the answer to your question is Yes I already am doing this myslef with Waifumon Gen-2 which you can see already passed. However I would love for this to also happen for Decentraland since I owe everything to decentraland its where I got my start and I am forever greatful and love for what it stands for and B. Decentralands IP I forcast will be that last assurance the 1. demographic will love to give it a shot. Since I too agree a 10,000 to 20,000 collection has never been done before and based on all previously successful NFT launches would be very excited to do this as well under the Decentraland partnership, IP and name! Can I guarantee we will sell out and make $690,000 from each collection 100% obviously no but with these data points above it is 100% worth mine and my personal team to try since would love to raise this money for Decentraland or at least go out trying lol.

I think you get it by now it’s only this grant the others have been removed upon your request.

So in conclusion want to thank you again hopefully we have not only clarified that we are only asking for 1 grant not 6 and given you the answers you requested on all the other questions. Again feel free to give me any feedback on what you would like pivoted or changed if anything for your YES vote and if not thank you for the oppurtinity with your feedback. As you can see our intention is to help continue to grow Decentraland why we have dedicated the past several years to it as can see based on our examples and data above and we look forward to doing anything we can to do that and feedback helps us a ton to pivot our efforts in the right direction. Thank you so much!

Also want to clear up if there is any confusion why this proposal has now over I believe 50+ fake No votes on it I had several suspects but now I believe this is the one based on this evidence. I hope I am wrong because I actually like him:

Hey, guys, I’ve talked with Aaron on Discord and I clarified that I was joking in my DMs about the bots (I didn’t create them, to be clear). I don’t know who is creating those bots and hope Aaron can find out the person. Sorry for the confusion.

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haha was an odd thing to joke about but, yes thanks Tobik talked with you for over an hour on voice chat, and I appreciate you doing the best you can proving your innocents. I have no evidence it was not you still but still Incentet until proven guilty and you have been great contributor to Decentraland so wish only continued success on what you do. Since you have I have always admired your drive and efforts for our community.Thank you.

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Vote: NO

I simply do not understand this proposal. I only knew what PVP meant. I had to look up all the other acronyms and I can’t find mentions for MVAC and MVPC. I watched your demo videos and I can see parkour courses and the first person shooter game at Sir Drop Bear’s place. Is this going to be a first person shooter?

I appreciate you including a budget breakdown in the comments but it does not provide me with enough information. You have items listed with a dollar amount but it does contain salient details. I assume the figures are salaries for developers? What’s the hourly rate for development and how many hours do you anticipate each part of the project requiring?

Does the above refer to your project air dropping nearly 2 million unsolicited NFTs to wallets? I never like blind drops to my wallets and I always view them with suspicion.

are you making 3D models or by “molds” will you be creating physical 3D items?

I presume this is over 100k wallets. Are you able to confirm these numbers are individual people? How many of these people have come to Decentraland? Do you have any way of logging the wallet addresses accessing your parcel for the parkour?

This is a forward thinking part of your proposal. Are these Profile Picture or PFP NFTs? Looking at the Woodies generative PFP NFT project, they have nearly 10k items with almost 4k owners, a current floor price of about $50. What do you plan to do to achieve a similar success?

Thanks so much @AwedJob for checking this out and giving your feedback. Yes would love to clear things up to you. 1st off Yes had to use abbreviations since we are only allowed so many word count in our proposals. In the 1st revision of this proposal I put it more in depth on my site but I was asked by everyone to take that one down and just fit it on here best I can here is that older version of more broken down. Waifumon Gen-2 – MetaVS PVP & PVE – Decentrland Armory Club – Decentraland Pet Club – Approve Walking Dino’s!

Yes PVP means Player VS Player. and PVE means player VS environment. MVAC is MetaVS Armory Club or Decentraland Armory Club and MVPC means MV Pet Club or Decentraland Pet Club. Those will be collections we will be creating that will be linked into Decentraland and in our MetaVS PVE and PVP games. We also have plans to link those collections into all Metaverse which is what we are planning on to do with Waifumon as well. Those collections can see above are to raise money for the Decentraland DAO and hopefully spread the word of Decentrland across Metaverses and Games as we work to link them as we are with Waifumon.

Yes we would like to do what Reddit did with there NFT drop as well to all its users can read more about that here Reddit Avatars Take NFT World By Storm, Onboard Millions to Web 3 it disrupted the space by providing utility to all its users which is what we want to do to all $MANA holders. Working titles are Decentraland Dino and Decentraland DAO or Dagger will be linked wearables dropped to each $MANA holder they can equip in Decentraland and in MetaVS game within Decentraland if thsi passes. This is similar to what we are working to do with $APECOIN holders as well since the idea was methods on how to increase holders of the coins. As the news gets out this will increase incentive to people to be new owners of the coin to be one of the first 420,000 owners.

Yes correct since these will be linked in Decentraland and hopefully also MetaVS game within Decentraland they will be 3D molds linked to the NFT so you can see on your character. I believe you know what wearables are. The term “linked” means the NFT is linked to a Decentraland Wearable just ilke your reference to Woodies.

Yes correct. You can reference this number on top of the opensea collections page can see right here. https://opensea.io/collection/polygonpresalewaifumon

I have been blessed to grow this amount of owners for tons of differnt methods like events in Decentraland, Collabs with other NFT collections and one of our biggest methods of Daily Waifumon NFT give aways on all social media platofrms, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter been doing for years. Also weekly streams can also be seen here

Even the last stream you can see posted here
You can see several outside viewers of mine from differnt platforms first making fun of us playing Decentraland and talkin about Waifumon asking me if “we ever had a gf” to make fun of us and we joke back with them and they end up becomign friends as well as one doing Decentraland parkour for the first time and us showing them how to do it. Literally been onboarding people into Decentralnd for years now and even growing bigger since I have been also now making daily Lottery give away videos (not NFT or Metaverse related) which has been exposing us to new fans that we can convert into Decentraland as well. Sorry I do not have an exact number however you can see a majority of our thousands of Waifumon are based on people or things in Decentraland and we have given them NFTs so if we are giving people free NFTs based on Decentraland and talking about almost daily on twitter as well as streamingly weekly about it and they still don’t come I do not more I can do lol nor do I know how to track. However these are the same methods I used with my clients Uber, Lyft DoorDash Drizly, Saucey, Postmates, Airbnb and more and they had the data tracking tech to show we were bringing them millions of new users. Can learn more about that here
Screen Shot 2022-12-30 at 7.31.23 AM

I and our site here https://promoaffiliates.com/

This we call the freemium effect. Give people first ride for free then they become on going customers. Give people first Waifumon for free then they become customers. Give people Decetnraland linked Wearable for Free MVAC and MVPC they become on going players and customers. Yes not all convert but based on all marketing methods have done the past 10 years with all my clients I have found it to be the most effective. Def can ask around too but Waifumon was most peoples 1st or one of the first NFTs through this process heres some examples can hear here 3:01:20:

and hope to continue to do this with not only Waifumon but also now with MVAC and MVPC

Also would love to provide an alternative place for those new users to stay thus the MetaVS PVP/PVE based on the data of the most played games in the world:

Yes totally agree looove Woodies leading the way sine even through our Waifumon Gen-2 proposal that just passed was very hard to discribe to people what linked wearables even are. Had spent weeks describing to people what they are in DMs and in twitter spaces can see my vision on them on this twitter space again


Long story short I have spent over 6 months DMing, emailing, talking to on the phone and pitching the top 15 NFT collections in the world to become linked wearables in Decentraland. They are all somewhat interested but not enough to even dedicate a couple seconds to sign an agreement for us to linked there NFTs in Decentraland as @yemel requested to me in my last proposal on it. So that is why I would like us to prove to the concept for them with MVAC and MVPC since I also already going to do with Waifumon Gen-2. My opinion it is the future of NFTs one of the founders of ETH did it in the first place becuase World of Warcraft item can read about that here: https://www.polygon.com/22709126/ethereum-creator-world-of-warcraft-nerf-nft-vitalik-buterin

Buyers of 10,000 to 20,000 collections usually like to buy based on established IP in the space or related to established IP in the space and I don’t know one better then Decentraland. Why would love to make the weapons based on Decentraland and pets based on decentraland. That way when i work on the logistics of also linking Waifumon gen-2 in Sandbox and Otherside and all other future Metaverses and Games I would love to do the same with MVAC and MVPC. We can prove the concept ourselves or go out tryin lol. So yes I can and will never garentee anything will sell out or even sell I would be insane but can only list the efforts I and my team will do but can only show you through the proof of what I been already doin.

Also if you are ever free anytime this week can jump on voice chat through discord and show you on toours what we wrokin on in Decentraland if ever free to go more in depth on any questions you have. And if not all is good was worth on my end to give as much info I have may have missed to hopes turn your NO to a YES and if still not thanks again for the oppurtinity!