[DAO:8c7e302] MetaVS – (PVP))(PVE)(MVAC)(MVPC) Revised pt 2 through 7 combined as requested

Want to first thank everyone that voted! Yes we got the 3.5M VP Yes votes the 4m VP whale @RobL said would change his vote to a Yes. However during today he gave a new deadline I did not meet (not proposal deadline sooner) This is totally understandable since we all live in differnt time zones and mabye he needed to fall asleep or just needed it for whatever reasons it’s his right and this totally falls on ME. I am beyond blessed at least he gave me the oppurtinity he did not have to. He may still change his vote to a Yes since we met the 3.5M VP but if he doesn’t he does not owe us anything, and meant the world he gave us the chance. So if this does not pass thanks again to everyone and look forward to the future of Decentraland.
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On 12/22, I initially voted ‘no’ on you proposal for the many reasons stated I stated above.

You then provided some additional clarification.

More than 11 days ago, on 12/23 you DM’d me requesting I consider changing my vote, assuring me that you had significantly more support for your proposal, however this additional support was in your words ‘hesitate to vote against a whale’.

Upon reviewing the additional information you provided, I thought that perhaps my initial voting decision was a bit premature, and thought that if the community supported your idea, that maybe I should not stand in your way.

And replied this:

Yesterday at 08:30 UTC, with just about 26hrs before the proposal was to end and having secured no additional support over the previous 12 days, you DM’d me to say that the significant additional support you had was still hesitate to vote against a whale, which is when I provided the message you posted above to show them.

Screen Shot 2023-01-04 at 12.36.06 AM

3 hours later at approx. 11:30 UTC(now with less than 24hrs before your proposal was set to end), after seeing you still had not received any additional support at all, I informed you that I decided not to change my vote, because considering how close it was to the end that changing such a significant vote, absent adequate time for the community to react, was in my view simply not appropriate.

You then replied and pleaded for just 4 more hours, as the people you were communicating with were in a different time zone. I then reluctantly agreed to a 02:00 UTC deadline, despite this not leaving as much time as I would have liked for the community to respond and react.

02:00 UTC came and went and you had not secure any additional support.

It was not until 05:30 UTC, well after I had gone to bed (and 3.5hrs past the time you agreed to), that you Dm’d me to say you reached your goal, however had I still been awake, switching a 4mil VP vote in the middle of the night, where the entire world of DCL community members may not have had the opportunity to react and respond would not have been appropriate thing to do.

IMO, your entire message above is not necessary nor appropriate. I voted ‘no’ on your proposal for good reason, which I still stand by. However, after reviewing your additional information I thought that I may have been too quick to vote, and therefore attempted to remedy this. It seems my initial instinct was in fact correct, and my only mistake was in attempting to remedying the situation with you, as it very clear to me now, that your concern all along was only for yourself and the free money you were to receive from this grant, and not the community of Decentraland, evidenced in part by your statement in your last comment above:

“He may still change his vote to a Yes since we met the 3.5M VP”

In your message above you also seem to want to convey that I somehow reneged on an agreement with you, however you failed to disclose the fact that it was you that had failed to secure the early support that you claimed you had, while also failing to mention the very valid reason I provided you that changing such a significant vote, absent adequate time for the community to react, was in my view simply not appropriate.

Good Luck to you in the future Aaron.

Thanks again @RobL yes I did the best I could to get the 3.5M VP you requested for you to change your 4M VP No vote to a Yes as fast as I could. As I said you have every right to make up any new requirements at any time. Nothing I can do about that. Thank you again for the opportunity and wish you good luck in the future as well.

To any one in the future reading this. Here is more mock ups we were working continuing to work on on for MetaVS Pet Club or (MVPC) or Decentraland Pet Club. We could not get this passed for obvious reasons above, but if anyone else can run with this idea in the future feel free too and let me know if I can ever help you. Thanks again everyone.

MetaVS – (PVP))(PVE)(MVAC)(MVPC) Revised pt 2 through 7 combined as requested

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 35% 3,503,119 VP (110 votes)
  • No 65% 6,339,019 VP (128 votes)
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Reddit has a terms of service agreement with everyone that uses the platform. Simply being a MANA holder does not create any such agreement. While a wallet address is a public key and can be sent all manner of things just like spamming an email address, I don’t like it.

I also see on that same page the 0.7% unique owners number. From what I understand of this number, seven tenths of one percent of the owners of Waifumon are unique owners. From NFT How to: “a good standard to look at for unique wallet distribution is around 40%–50%”. I can’t check the holders on Etherscan because the contract address that I found for Waifumon is for “OpenStore”. If I take the unique owners percentage and apply it to the owners number: 121,937 x 0.7% = 853

This is token gating and there is code in the DCL GitHub that provides for this mechanic. This would be an important number to know as it provides a specific conversion rate. From the scene on GitHub: “Checks whether the player owns a token from a particular smart contract before granting them permission to enter the club.” My guess is that since the Waifumons are issued using the “OpenStore” smart contract this may not be possible. Have you looked into other services like Foundation or Manifold for minting your ERC1155 tokens?

I’m familiar with what a freemium is and how it works. I created a business based on this model. It’s a viable model if done correctly. I suggest getting a tighter handle on the numbers.

How many DAUs in DCL right now have a Waifumon? Who among the 853 unique owners are whales? How many are single NFT holders? How often do they visit your parcel? Don’t give me a story. Give me a number or a series of numbers.

I respect your hustle, consistency, tenacity, and persistence. I’d like to see some precise data before I will consider supporting this proposal in the future. I’d also prefer there to be an opt in for the air drop.

Thanks @AwedJob for all your and feedback and ideas. Don’t know if you saw but this proposal already got rejected. However I still personally appreciate your efforts. Wish you much continued success and happiness in Decentraland you amazing member of this community.

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I did see that it did not pass. I wanted to respond to your post. I appreciate how willingly you receive feedback. I felt I owed you my honest opinion. Keep me posted on your future proposal.

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Thanks bro. If I ever do a 3rd time yes, will def let you know.

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