[DAO: QmU1tsp] Community Building with music and helping new players enjoy the experience

by 0x0f4a0466c2a1d3fa6ed55a20994617f0533fbf74 (ScrapGonSpaz#bf74)

Should the following Tier 3: up to $5,000 USD in MANA, 3 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


with this proposal, I would like to gain funds to create better wearables for the community.

help build the community revolving around giveaways.

help newcomers enjoy the game.

Rent land for music artist to come and share there music freely.

Help FUND $SGCOIN Powered and built by our twitch community and dcl lovers

DCL Music Videos

Grant size

4,499 USD

Beneficiary address



hey, I’m a music artist that started playing DCL in December I love the community and haven’t stopped since most people know me on twitch " scrapgonsapaz " ever since I got my first check from twitch last month all I’ve been doing is reinvesting into the community and wearables and building a base good environment for people to enjoy. I would like to continue doing it fully and have a bigger motivation within the community. Streaming DCL helped me from not having a job so I didn’t want to make this proposal but it’s a blessing to have a system like this. I do giveaways all day for the community and I just need to make sure we can stay in supply with everything and keep building as we go and not burnout. LOVE to everyone im really not here just asking for money i want to build in the metaverse everyday.


  • Helping Newcomers have fun, keeping them engaged, weekly mana giveaways

  • Make DCL Music videos for artist that’s currently on Decentraland

  • The land would be for wearable display, artists, and creators to come to display their music and art as well, also will be getting underground artists to come to perform

  • Get people to take it more seriously in the business aspect, a lot of people think decentral and is supposed to be like sandbox but its more social than playing games to start

  • Make quality wearables for the community, at affordable prices so people won’t just sit in one place all day

  • We have also started to donate 10% percent of our mana earning from wearables to local communities my twitter have all information monthly we pick a new charity to provide for

  • A portion will go into $SGCOIN for liquidation this is a currency i created and give out to my viewers doing giveaways and games


Myself ( SGScrap ) (https://twitter.com/ScrapGonSpaz) (Music Artist) (Designer) (Video Editor)
I have 4 wearables on the market so far thanks to the community and everyone

SkipTheCrux (Partner)

TrapKingPlays (Assistant)

Roadmap and milestones

We can get things done in a quick timely matter
3 months would be a perfect amount of time to have everything mentioned built up and running smoothly with even more details than explained

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man this sht bussin fr need this

You have brilliant and amazing plans for all the players and owners.

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Love how you are always looking out for the community. We all grow together :heart:

Lets do this lets grow together <3

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some small things we have going on here - https://wbd.ms/share/v2/aHR0cHM6Ly93aGl0ZWJvYXJkLm1pY3Jvc29mdC5jb20vYXBpL3YxLjAvd2hpdGVib2FyZHMvcmVkZWVtLzAwNTNhM2UzNWVjMzQ5ODBiOTY5Y2U4MDU2YzU2MzdlX0JCQTcxNzYyLTEyRTAtNDJFMS1CMzI0LTVCMTMxRjQyNEUzRF8xMmIwZDIwNC0yYmY0LTQ1NjItYmQxOS1kMmM5ODg3ZWRlM2M=


This will help the community so much … I promise you!!


scrap gang bussin fr SG on top

This Is Amazing Man !

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Really good idea, voted YES !!!

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Yoo yo yoo…Its a great move dude… letss goooo

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This is an excellent idea, I support it 100%, you have been doing great things for the community.

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lets get busyyyyyyy broooooo

Love the chance to have music art and culture to be brought into DCL. Im realy excited about this and i hope everything gets put together ! LES GET BIZZY!!!


This is going to be an amazing experience. Looking forward to great artists coming up into being the building blocks of this community.

Let’s get busssy!!

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This will be so good for the community Scrap is a great creator and is doing Awesome things within the community!

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I’ve personally been rocking with Scrap for a while now and I think he is the perfect person to do this. He always is giving back to the community and is constantly building on this metaverse and DCL. If anyone deserves this its him


Community Building with music and helping new players enjoy the experience

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 91% 910,695 VP (66 votes)
  • No 3% 36,670 VP (4 votes)