[DAO:38e6e16] A continuum of Entertainment & Education for Women & Minorities (1 year)

Hi Community,

Our team, the Revocation Committee received a request from the Grant Support Squad to discuss this case and make a decision in regards to the following proposal

A continuum of Entertainment & Education for Women & Minorities

As a result of discussion and the final vote, we suggest that this grant should be REVOKED. @Tobik @HPrivakos @rizk

Voting Members:

@bay @maryana @dax

Revocation Committee snapshot vote result:


Reasoning for revocation:

The points for revocation made by the GSS are as follows:

  1. The scope and scale of the project are beyond the capacity of a single individual to manage effectively.
  2. Instances indicating a failure to meet professionalism in project management, which has raised concerns about the successful completion of the project as outlined in the initial proposal.

Considering that this grant was up for revocation previously and was not revoked with clear conditions of how to proceed, the follow-up to that and the fact that grantee has not responded to the GSS’ post on 24 April, 2024, we recommend that this grant be revoked in its entirety.

Thank you!

Revocation Committee

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Still owed the full months work that I put in @revocationcommitee

Which @Zino previously mentioned ? Makes no sense to invest in a course and then stop two months before it ends.

I also DMed @dax and never got back with a response

No one mentioned anything to responding in the forum, plus you never responded on discord when I was asking questions … I did reach out

Can you clarify on this ?

Hi, @serenaelis, can you please share your angry revocation tweet here?

You we’re paid by the DAO, you haven’t reached your goals, in some of your posts/tweets you are promoting sex, just because sex sells. And now what? Doxxing people because they cut you income?

I’m tired from grantees drama.

At the end of the day, can you tell me how many people you personally onboarded on DCL?

We all can see DAU going down badly, which means most of the projects who spent tons of DAO money failed.