[DAO:fdc3aa2] Which candidate should be added to the DAO Committee?

by 0x5b5cc427c1d81db4f94de4d51d85ce122d63e244 (Fehz)


This poll is a continuation of the Formal Process for Adding/Removing DAO Committee Members, to elect a new Committee Member from the 5 selected DAO Committee Applicants. It is the first of three stages that will lead to the confirmation and appointment of a new DAO Committee Member.


The DAO needs to appoint 1 new member to the DAO Committee in order to reach the initial setup of 2-of-3 signers.

In accordance with the process established for adding/removing DAO Committee Members, an Open Call for Candidates was published. The Open Call received 10 submissions. Two withdrew from the process. Five were selected by existing DAO Committee members, following an interview process and ranking of the candidates using a system based on Trust, Technical Knowledge, Timezone, and DAO Participation.

This Pre-Proposal Poll will serve as the mechanism to select between the 5 candidates in a single-choice voting round.

It will be followed by a Draft Proposal to confirm the winner, and a Binding Governance Proposal to ratify the decision and formally appoint the Member-Select to the DAO Committee.


This is a single-choice vote between five DAO Committee Applicants. The Applicant with the most amount of supporting voting power will be advanced to a Draft Proposal for confirmation.

The full application for each candidate as well as a short excerpt on why they are applying for the role, are included below:

  • AwedJob: “[I am applying] To provide my humanizing energy to this position which is more than a series of grant management duties. There are people connecting wallets to the vesting contracts. Living, breathing, Decentralites log into the world and develop friendships through shared experiences. Experiences made possible and enriched by grants provided via the DCL DAO. I would like to be a liaison between community members and the stack of rules governing DCL. I am patient, considerate, and attentive. As an educator with over seven years of experience I can also be a “warm demander”.

  • Champ: “I see Decentraland as the most honest attempt to create a truly decentralized virtual world. The Decentraland DAO is a core pillar for this vision and I would like to contribute to it by ensuring its smooth and fair functioning as a DAO committee member, while enabling a dynamic and constructive environment for the DAO members.

  • Martriay: As an early contributor, I’d like to take a more active role in the community by improving all DAO operations with a strong focus on security and transparency.

  • Szjanko: “I want to see Decentraland stay in the lead of other metaverse projects, both because I am building my project, The Ocean Meta, here and because Decentraland offers a truly decentralized version of the metaverse vision. I think it is very important that we ensure that the decentralized metaverse is the one that will gain mainstream adoption. Having 5+ years of experience in investing and researching in the cryptocurrency/blockchain field, I think I have gained valuable knowledge that will help with Decentralands governance and proposal discussions/votes.”

  • Tobik: There are many reasons [why I am applying], but I think this job is a perfect opportunity to complement it with what I already do, which is documenting Decentraland at Unversed. In that sense, I always need to be updated on what’s going on, including the DAO. I already spend time here reading, voting and following proposals.

  • AwedJob
  • Champ
  • Martriay
  • Szjanko
  • Tobik
  • Invalid question/options

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The Formal Process for Adding/Removing DAO Committee Members laid out a three stage process for selecting a new DAO Committee Member. This includes: 1) The open application period; 2) Committee interviews; and 3) Final vote - by ranked choice or individual proposals for each applicant.

Given Ranked-Choice Voting has not yet been approved or implemented as a voting modality in the Governance dApp, the DAO Committee created 5 separate Governance Proposals, one for each candidate: AwedJob, Champ, Martriay, Szjanko, and Tobik. At the end of the voting period, despite reaching the participation threshold, none of the proposals passed, and a new candidate was not selected - with community members calling for mechanisms to better understand each candidate’s background and skills, and reframing the selection process into a single proposal, including all five candidates. This would ensure that the community was equipped to make an informed decision, and that DAO Members could only vote for one of the five candidates.

In response to these sentiments, a specific channel was opened in the Decentraland DAO Discord for asynchronous communications with candidates, a synchronous session with the five candidates was held during the most recent Town Hall on January 26, 2033, and the above poll was put together by the DAO Facilitation upon DAO Committee request.


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I don’t think Tobik is qualified. Banning people you dont’ like isn’t the kind of action anyone should respect in a leader.

Hi, Jar0d. It’s my website and my community, and I don’t want bullies like you here. You keep confusing ‘decentralization’ with ‘moderation’. I will keep my ban there (including the block), and keep harassing on Twitter because nothing is going to change.


I just don’t think a young adult with a pension for authoritarianism should be elected into a position that will impact so many individuals in the community.

You insist on disparaging others without evidence, and that is your right. It is however my right to make sure others are aware that your natural reaction to having authority is to wield it like a hammer against those you deem “bad” despite being unable to articulate a fact-based reason.

Sure :+1:


Unversed is Tobik’s personal site. He has every right to do what he wants including banning accounts that he believes indulged in communication that he constitutes as bully or toxicity.

Also this is a vote for a candidate to be added to the DAO committee. Not a leader for the DAO committee. Also, in my opinion, you shouldn’t bring your personal issue here with the intent to influence others. That is just unprofessional especially when Tobik’s action in his personal space is unrelated to any official Decentraland matters.

From a neutral standpoint of view, Tobik has engaged in professional discussions in the Decentraland DAO discord channel and has displayed the ability to answer challenging questions. Tobik has also displayed his interest and passion for Decentraland as evident from his YouTube channel promoting the latest events and tech from Decentraland. Do check out his tutorial on how to connect VR to play Decentraland (link: How To Play Decentraland in VR (review + installation) - YouTube). I find this very very useful especially when they are currently no official VR tools yet for Decentraland.

Tobik’s contribution to the Decentraland community should be praised and highlighted and should be taken into account when considering to vote for a candidate.


I think your edits were ncie, but I don’t think editing a comment after already making another is a very honest approach to public discourse.

Do the people competing for, and voting on, “best communty” understand they are just being used to promote yours?

You are welcome to an opinion, but the reality is being on this committee is a community leadership position.

Thanks for your support. Made me really happy to read that :grin:

Good on you Tobik for taking a stand against the trolls. You have my vote. Good luck!

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I think you are confusing “making accusations without backing them up with facts and acting as an authoritarian” with “taking a stand against trolls”

I am voting for Szjanko to be added to the DAO Commitee. I’ve gotten to know Janko over the last year, and can attest that he is HIGHLY-qualified candidate for the following reasons:

  1. Governance/Cybersecurity Expertise: Janko has shown to be an active participant in both the Decentraland and DecentralGames DAO, by either actively commenting on proposals, polls, engaging in the DCL DAO/DG governance discord channels, and drafting proposals to better the DecentralGames ecosystem. Janko is an active participant in other DAOs within the Ethereum ecosystem, giving him the knowledge and thought-process on how DAOs can be governed. His knowledge in wallet security ensures that his priority is to protect the assets of the DAO, or personal holdings. In fact, Janko was the one who educated me on the various procedures to take to ensure one does not get hacked/drained again.

  2. Technical knowledge of blockchain technology & developing SDK Skills: Szjanko possesses and comprehends the blockchain decentralized finance skills required to execute & comprehend the swap transactions. Recently, he has shown his latest DCL worlds project, where he programmed a shark game, only 4 months after learning Javascript. His commitment to learning the DCL SDK shows his passion to the growth and improvement of the platform.

  3. Awareness of the Cryptocurrency Market: Janko has more than 5+ years of knowledge of various crypto/blockchain technologies/protocols. It is important to be knowledgable of the external financial factors surrounding the DAO.

  4. Social Media & Writing Skills: Szjanko is more than qualified to publish any updates required for the DCL DAO. His success is shown by growing his Ocean Meta media pages, video edits, and DG Proposals on Snapshot. Most recently, Janko told me about Lens Protocol, which is an upcoming web3 social media platform. Janko was one of their early adopters, has surpassed 5k followers & is actively helping others to be a part of their platform.

  5. Professional skepticism/rationale reasoning: Janko since I’ve known him has been super objective when coming up with any reasoning for why Grants should be enacted or not. He possesses unbiased view points and investigates sufficiently prior to making a final conclusion on a proposal, issue, etc.

  6. Active DCL and DG Community Member: Janko is one of the most active community members in both DCL and DG communities, not counting the other communities he manages as well (i.e. growing his Ocean Meta photography (45K+ on IG and Lenster profile). Janko IS the nicest, rationale guy I’ve met in Decentraland, and is super approachable. He would fully represent the DCL community and represent the DG community on the DAO.

DCL would not be the same without Janko in this platform. He has made such a huge impact to my journey here, as well as many others. He does nothing but GIVE to the community (i…e hosting events for free, supports wearable creators and p2e games, providing education on cybersecurity), and actively helps shed his objective thoughts.


thanks for the support! really happy that I got to meet and become friends with you through this DCL community


Voting for Szjanko, he showed in practice that he cares about Decentraland. Smart and objective.


I was very impressed by Martriays comments during the townhall discussion a few weeks ago. I’d be happy with any of these applicants but Martriay is the stand out candidate for me.

If you’re voting, you should give the January townhall a listen.


Voting for Tobik, who I believe will be honest and unbias, while keeping communication channels open. Some seem to feel badly about banning, blocking, but people need to hold themselves accountable for the behavior which causes these kinds of moderation tools to be used. Also, it seems Tobik has been open to mending issues and contributes to DCL in amazing ways. Easy yes for me.

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I think Tobik has demonstrated he clearly is incapable of remaining unbiased.

The person going around calling others names and attempting to decide for the community who should and shouldn’t get to be a part of it should be able to articulate clear reasons and not resort to vague hyperbolic accusations that lack substance.

I understand this is an international community, but I was under the impression “innocent until proven guilty” was a philosophical ideal most would like to embrace.

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Thanks for the support, Kevin. Yeah, some people don’t know how to behave and are really obsessed that they will dedicate their whole daytime to attacking others.


this is so funny. Yes the same guy that openly admitted to creating fake account/s to make false slanders on my proposals is “perfect” for a DAO committee and to represent Decentraland haha

All these aside best joke of all gotta give credit to @Doug-NFTWorld for saying the best one in the comments so far when he said Toik is the one “taking a stand AGAINST the trolls.” haha an irony banger for sure.

Love these King Joffrey vibes, and congrats @Tobik I look forward to your Reign!


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