[DAO:a42b5fd] Should Szjanko be added to the DAO Committee?

by 0xd11a019a70986bd607cbc1c1f9ae221c78581f49 (Yemel)

Linked Draft Proposal

Establish a Formal Process for Adding/Removing DAO Committee Members


This is the last step in the process of selecting a new Committee Member, this proposal represents the postulation of Szjanko as an elected member.


The DAO needs to appoint 1 new member to the DAO Committee in order to reach the initial setup of 2-of-3 signers.

The Open Call received 10 postulations, from which 2 decided to step down from the process. The DAO Committee interviewed the candidates and ranked them using a system based on Trust, Technical Knowledge, Timezone, and DAO Participation.

Szjanko has been selected among the top 5 candidates. Find below a copy of Szjanko’s public application:

What is your full name?
Szilard Janko

What is your primary wallet address?

Why are you applying?
I want to see Decentraland stay in the lead of other metaverse projects, both because I am building my project, The Ocean Meta, here and because Decentraland offers a truly decentralized version of the metaverse vision. I think it is very important that we ensure that the decentralized metaverse is the one that will gain mainstream adoption. Having 5+ years of experience in investing and researching in the cryptocurrency_blockchain field, I think I have gained valuable knowledge that will help with Decentralands governance and proposal discussions_votes.

What is your history with both Decentraland and Decentraland’s DAO?
I have been involved with Decentraland since the initial land sale (the Terraform Event back in 2017). I invested in both land and the museum district. Originally I had a gallery built on my original land that I bought during the auction. Since then we have moved the gallery to my brothers land, where we are using it to build The Ocean Meta project. Our current goal with The Ocean Meta project is to onboard the ocean community to Decentraland, everything from the underwater world to surfing. We have a combined following between The Ocean Meta team of over 190,000 people that are interested in ocean related content who we will be onboarding as Decentraland and The Ocean Meta becomes more developed.

What skills, qualifications, and experience will you bring to the committee?

  • 5+ years of investing_research in the blockchain_crypto field
  • Professional Photography and Videography (with featured work on Discovery Channels Shark Week, National Geographic, and many other publications)
  • Photoshop, Premiere, Blender
  • Social Media Management_Marketing_Growth
  • Currently studying Javascript programming

Can you commit at least 5 hours per week to the DAO?
Yes, even more if needed.

Provide links to any relevant social media profiles or other information that will help the community when evaluating candidates.

Provide a list of two references, at least one of which is in the Decentraland community that can attest to your character and/or commitment to Decentraland.


The DAO Committee should be conformed of 3 members elected by the Community.

Historical Context:


The process is well specified in the governance proposal mentioned earlier. Here are some excerpts related to the final vote:

The process for adding a committee member includes three stages: the open application period, the committee interviews, and a final vote by ranked choice.

After the interview phase, the DAO Committee is responsible for creating a final proposal in the DAO listing their picks for the top 5 candidates.

If the DAO decides not to implement support for ranked choice voting, then separate proposals could be created for each individual candidate selected by the DAO Committee after the interview stage.

Since Ranked Voting has not been implemented in the Governance dApp yet, the DAO Committee created 5 Governance Proposals, one per each candidate. By the end of the votation, the proposal that reaches the participation threshold and has the most positive voting power will be considered the winner.


Add a new member to the DAO Committee.

Implementation Pathways

The Security Advisory Board and the current DAO Committee will grant privileges to the new member.


Over the past year, the DAO Committee has been proven essential for the regular operations of the DAO. Adding a new member should improve the security and decentralization of the DAO.

Vote on this proposal on the Decentraland DAO

View this proposal on Snapshot

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Check the other candidate applications:


Instant YES! Best pick for DAO Commitee!

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thank you so much for your support @Yannakis I will make sure to do my best at this job if I get the position and to contribute to the long term success of DCL

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easy Yes from me. based on his experience and I seen him ask the right questions that needed to be asked to keep things Decentralized. Recently when two people were advocating to have my posts “deleted” because they considered them “meme posts” and now has been proved not to be the case since the community voted yes on it @szjanko stepped in ask the right questions when no one else would. I hope if he gets this role he will continue to be a member on Decentraland payroll to give feedback still (good or bad) but if bad also some type of direction on what people can do to change, pivot or fix in a direction they see would be better. As proof on my last proposal we already have enough people on Decentraland payroll that just give negative feedback/fud comments and votes with zero direction on what people can do to improve their proposals even when it goes against the Decentraland community as a whole.


After personally having worked with Szjanko I found him to be a nice person at first but as time progressed his actions came to be surprising. After some initial collaboration to support and work with the DCL Report to improve the quality of our content, he stepped away under the pretense of allowing other video editors to take the opportunity. He proceeded to then move on supporting a proposal to the DG DAO in hopes to supporting our effort, but later found out behind closed doors different conversations were being had. In the end, any attempt I’ve made to discuss this only was met with “I didn’t know xyz and I didn’t want to be involved” as the fallout from targeted attacks against myself and The DCL Report took place, from individuals who frankly know very little about our history or mission.

Without any concrete evidence he has then proceeded to utilize his Large DG VP along with one other person to vote down a proposal largely supported by Decentraland voters and VP.

More background information can be found here regarding this:

For this reason I voted no and I do not believe Szjanko is someone who would make unbiased decisions which reflect the ethical values which this position should very much so require.

Yes, I agreed to take on a position as a video editor for you, but during the following weeks members of the DCL Report and other DCL community members messaged me with some very concerning things about the DCL Report that I was not aware of. Learning these things about the DCL Report was the main reason that I decided to not take the video editing job (I did not mention it to you directly, thought it would have been a nicer excuse to just step away from the position without creating further drama with the details of why) and it is the reason that I voted no on all of the DCL Reports DAO proposals. I do not want to name anyone specifically, but they made some really good points about concerning ways the DCL Report used their DCL DAO funding in the past and all of this was discussed publicly in the forums. I stand by my no vote on the DCL Report DAO proposal.

As for the DG DAO vote, yes I voted no on there also, the DG DAO vote was also less than 2M VP on your grant, it would not have passed regardless of the no vote that came from the DG DAO.


Thank you for your support, decentralization is definitely a top priority for me. Have been involved with the crypto space since 2017 and it is the main reason that I got interested in this space also.


@szjanko I invite you to substantiate any allegations you have of misused funds. You have had plenty of opportunities to do so, but haven’t. Any and all funds were spent according to the budget and this has been substantiated to the DAO Support Squad, so here we go again with a perfect example of how we can’t accept someone in this position who won’t be open and clear on any allegations, rather just making assumptions and operating off of rumor or drama.

“it would not have passed regardless of the no vote that came from the DG DAO.”

That is also not true, the Proposal was set to go through, and in fact, the DG vote set into action “whale fallout” as 11M in VP was leveraged against over 80 voters approving (and passing) our proposal.

The fact that you say, “it still wouldn’t have passed” again shows you are making the wrong assumptions while thinking you have them full picture. That is a dangerous combination for any leadership position.

EZ Yes from me. GL @szjanko

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actually I would argue quite the opposite… I could have stayed quiet and taken the video editing job, but chose not to when ethical concerns were presented to me by people that I respect. All of the discussions about the DCL Report DAO proposal can be found in the forums, I am not going to get into it. People are free to go over there and read them.

thank you for the support @mazafaka

How is “Making the wrong assumptions while thinking you have the full picture” being a bad thing, be something you could disagree with?

Leaders should not make wrong assumptions, and should always make sure to have open dialogue and discussion to get a full picture before leveraging the weight of their power behind an impactful decision.

Exactly the kind of final point that one would make, when they are full of… well I’ll leave it at that.

If you have a concern for ethics, you would remove your own application from the DAO committee, and I encourage you to do so until you can understand what you are doing wrong here. I do believe it’s something you are capable to learning, but I don’t think this is a “learn on the job” kind of position.

And for the record, I’m not trying to rain on your parade here. I don’t think it’s right for people to vote “no”, without at least saying why if possible.

In this case it is possible, and I respect and appreciate you as a person and creator Szjanko, but I would be wrong to not say something when I don’t think you are the right person for this position (right now).

tl;dr, you are still butthurt because your (3rd Revision) Grant Request Proposal was rejected by the Community, and somehow szjanko is responsible for that🤡


Isn’t that the point of decentralization and voting polls? So people vote for what they’re in favor of or against? I really can’t see what the problem is here. Szjanko has been a great contributor to the DCL forums over the last couple months sharing some great insight and showing great dedication to the dcl community. I think he’d be a great pick.

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Not at all, I’m too busy building to be butthurt :smiley:

People’s actions speak for themselves…instead of offering something substantial to the conversation here your comment only seeks to lower the quality of thinking. I feel sorry for you, but I don’t hold it against you. Let’s try better next time.

The problem is that rather than having an open conversation, or in the slightest substantiating whatever rumor I’m still unaware, he is leading without facts. This makes a perfect “puppet” scenario really, and it will hurt Decentraland if we don’t prevent people who haven’t evolved beyond that in this position. Nothing against him personally, but this is not a level I think he is ready for, personally, based on my interaction which I’ve expressed above.

Others have different opinions, from different interactions.

I think a leader and anyone on the DAO committee needs to care about the facts, and in the case I’m mentioning above, that wasn’t the case.

Easy Yes for me. szjanko is a trustworthy and good standing member of the community, who is philosophically aligned with the ethos of Decentraland. I believe szjanko is best suited for this role.


Alright, Kev. Until next time.
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