[DAO:a42b5fd] Should Szjanko be added to the DAO Committee?

Voting no, nothing personal, I just think that another candidate is better suited for this role.

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Hey @Shiny if this is regarding the technical skills / automation, I have been studying programming full time the past 2-3 months and my plan is to continue to do so. Right now I am focused on learning Javascript, specifically using React, and planning on learning Typescript as well as Solidity with time. Making a transition from my past IRL job to the computer programming field. The automation tasks that are required for this job I am already working on learning and I am confident will master over the next couple of months. Hope that clears up anything about this and more than happy to answer any other question you have.


I’d appreciate it if you don’t make assumptions about my motivations. Thank you.

Your proposal was sloppy on the details and use of funds. Particularly, you stated that ~9k was going to be used in “influencers” that have less followers than half of Twitch. Seanny didn’t “request that I changed my vote”, he just pointed that out.


I don’t want to assume, so I apologize and edited accordingly.
The proposal could have certainly been better, and looking forward to putting forward future ideas and proposals now that the reform that was very much needed is taking place. Not only will it protect the DCL DAO, but also ensure that creators are given clear measures to reach so that we understand what kind of success metrics and transparency is expected of us. Everyone will win that way.


I don’t know @szjanko personally but I appreciate his passion on the topic of decentralization and his level headed opinions .

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Thank you :raised_hands: I appreciate the kind words

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I vote YES for Szjanko to be added to the DAO Commitee. I’ve gotten to know Janko over the last 10 months, I can attest that he is HIGHLY-qualified and possesses the following skills:

  1. Knowledge of the Cryptocurrency Market: He has more than 5+ years of knowledge of various crypto/blockchain knowledge. In fact, I always talk to Szjanko about any of my web3 security questions, or get any news to date of new protocols/crypto updates. He always provides me technical/data-backed answers, not based on his “personal thoughts”of a project.
  2. Technical/SDK Skills: Szjanko possess and comprehends the Defi skills required to do the swap transactions. He recently took on learning Javascript and React, and in the course of the few months, has made great improvements. He is also committed to learning the DCL SDK, showing his commitment to the growth and improvement of the platform
  3. Social Media & Writing Skills: Szjanko is more than qualified to publish any updates required for the DCL DAO. His success is shown by growing his Ocean Meta media pages, video edits, and DG Proposals on Snapshot. Most recently, Janko told me about Lens Protocol, which is a upcoming web3 social media platform. Janko has already surpassed 3200 followers there as well. If anyone can write in DCL, its him.
  4. Professional skepticism/rationale reasoning: Janko since I’ve known him has been super objective when coming up with any reasoning for why Grants should be enacted or not. He possesses unbiased view points and investigates sufficiently prior to making a final conclusion on a proposal, issue, etc.
  5. Active DCL and DG Community Member: Janko is one of the most active community members in both DCL and DG communities, not counting the other communities he manages as well (i.e. growing his Ocean Meta photography (45K+ on IG and Lenster profile). Janko IS the nicest, rationale guy I’ve met in Decentraland, and is super approachable. He would fully represent the DCL community and represent the DG community on the DAO.

I do not think anyone else from the DAO committee currently is a huge active user in DG. Having this DG representation on the committee only makes sense and calls for diversification of those on the team currently.

  1. Attentiveness to the current DAO: Szjanko actively participates in most DCL DAO townhalls, is an active user in many events, and objectively votes in the DAO.

DCL would not be the same without Janko in this platform. He has made such a huge impact to my journey here, as well as many others. He does nothing but GIVE to the community (i…e hosting events for free, supports wearable creators and p2e games), and actively helps shed his objective thoughts.

Everyone, please consider voting for Janko. I am highly confident he will not disappoint (I don’t say that about too many people in Decentraland).

@Shiny - I hope my explanation helps answer your question as well. I believe he IS the most qualified.


Hey man , you got my vote and support for all the work in the DG ecosystem.

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I appreciate you and what you are in DCL, and def support you, but as I’ve voted for two others, I will be voting no. Nothing personal <3

Voted Yes. Szjanko has a great understanding of the overall ecosystem that is Decentraland. He has been consistent in not only the community but also in the games and experiences within the community providing valuable feedback. From my perspective, he has always made decisions with good ethics and the community in mind. He clearly is a bigger-picture kind of guy and we need all of that to pioneer this platform forward. Maryanna brings up a great point about representation for DG as well. Good luck @szjanko !

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Should Szjanko be added to the DAO Committee?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 21% 3,479,808 VP (173 votes)
  • No 79% 12,530,422 VP (19 votes)