[DAO:68f3046] Should Champ be added to the DAO Committee?

by 0xd11a019a70986bd607cbc1c1f9ae221c78581f49 (Yemel)

Linked Draft Proposal

Establish a Formal Process for Adding/Removing DAO Committee Members


This is the last step in the process of selecting a new Committee Member, this proposal represents the postulation of Champ as an elected member.


The DAO needs to appoint 1 new member to the DAO Committee in order to reach the initial setup of 2-of-3 signers.

The Open Call received 10 postulations, from which 2 decided to step down from the process. The DAO Committee interviewed the candidates and ranked them using a system based on Trust, Technical Knowledge, Timezone, and DAO Participation.

Champ has been selected among the top 5 candidates. Find below an extract of Champ’s public application:

What is your full name?
Ryan Pal

What is your primary wallet address?

Why are you applying?
I see Decentraland as the most honest attempt to create a truly decentralised virtual world. The Decentraland DAO is a core pillar for this vision and I would like to contribute to it by ensuring its smooth and fair functioning as a DAO committee member, while enabling a dynamic and constructive environment for the DAO members.

What is your history with both Decentraland and Decentraland’s DAO?
I joined Decentraland in November 2021, and applied for a Tier 2 grant to develop a combat game in Decentraland. This early interaction with the Decentraland DAO gave me great insights into the functioning of the DAO and mechanics behind it.
Since then, the project I started has grown into the Wilderness P2E game and I have spent all this time building on Decentraland, engaging with the community and observing the different aspects of Decentraland evolve.
I had then applied successfully for a Tier 6 grant for expansion of Wilderness P2E in May 2022 which again gave me new insights into the DAO and taught me a lot about gathering support, handling criticism positively, understanding the point of views of different stakeholders in the Decentraland ecosystem and much more.
As a member of the DAO, I have been regularly involved in DAO discussions, helping people understand the processes and contributing my views on key topics.

What skills, qualifications, and experience will you bring to the committee?
* Educational Qualification : B. Tech. in Engineering (Mechanical) from IIT Kanpur, 2017
* Work Experience : 5 years of experience working in Agile teams at Tech. companies of different sizes, from being a startup founder and working in 2-3 people teams, to working at Gartner, a multinational corporation.

I am currently working as the co-founder for the Wilderness P2E [-25,90 DCL] for the past one year, wearing multiple hats every day including that of a developer, discord moderator, project manager and more.

My relevant skills for this role involve :

  • Coding Smart Contracts, Management tools and Automating Operational Tasks
  • Discourse Management
  • Documentation
  • Leading and Managing projects in agile and remote teams.

Can you commit at least 5 hours per week to the DAO?

Provide links to any relevant social media profiles or other information:

Provide a list of two references, that can attest to your character and commitment to Decentraland


The DAO Committee should be conformed of 3 members elected by the Community.

Historical Context:


The process is well specified in the governance proposal mentioned earlier. Here are some excerpts related to the final vote:

The process for adding a committee member includes three stages: the open application period, the committee interviews, and a final vote by ranked choice.

After the interview phase, the DAO Committee is responsible for creating a final proposal in the DAO listing their picks for the top 5 candidates.

If the DAO decides not to implement support for ranked choice voting,then separate proposals could be created for each individualcandidate selected by the DAO Committee after the interview stage.

Since Ranked Voting has not been implemented in the Governance dApp yet, the DAO Committee created 5 Governance Proposals, one per each candidate. By the end of the votation, the proposal that reaches the participation threshold and has the most positive voting power will be considered the winner.


Add a new member to the DAO Committee.

Implementation Pathways

The Security Advisory Board and the current DAO Committee will grant privileges to the new member.


Over the past year, the DAO Committee has been proven essential for the regular operations of the DAO. Adding a new member should improve the security and decentralization of the DAO.

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Leaving a reference to other candidate applications:

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easy YES from me will be nice to have someone on the team that has been through the process on the other end as well and Wilderness an epic game in Decentraland. All I ask and hope for is finally a member on Decentraland payroll to give feedback still (good or bad) but if bad also some type of direction on what people can do to change, pivot or fix in a direction they see would be better. As proof on my last proposal we already have enough people on Decentraland payroll that just give negative feedback/fud comments and votes with zero direction on what people can do to improve their proposals even when it goes against the Decentraland community as a whole. With his experience I think he can defiantly fill that hole!

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Thanks @AaronLeupp
I hope to bring a better understanding of the implementation pathways of DAO to the community and help expand them through the already established DAO procedures.
As you said, being through the process of creating proposals while also building in Decentraland, I can understand a lot of pain-points of the people going through the process and will be doing my best to help them out.

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Easy Yes, In my early DCL days, Champ helped me understand the SDK as it was a completely new thing for me, and helped me build my first SDK build.

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I am a HUGE fan of what you’ve done Champ! And I will always support and uplift Wilderness and the team always. But I have already voted for two others who I know well what their ideals and intentions are within the role, so for that reason I’m voting no. Hope I do not offend!

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Should Champ be added to the DAO Committee?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 8% 1,123,496 VP (128 votes)
  • No 92% 12,496,802 VP (43 votes)