[DAO:e99f38f] Should Tobik be added to the DAO Committee?

by 0xd11a019a70986bd607cbc1c1f9ae221c78581f49 (Yemel)

Linked Draft Proposal

Establish a Formal Process for Adding/Removing DAO Committee Members


This is the last step in the process of selecting a new Committee Member, this proposal represents the postulation of Tobik as an elected member.


The DAO needs to appoint 1 new member to the DAO Committee in order to reach the initial setup of 2-of-3 signers.

The Open Call received 10 postulations, from which 2 decided to step down from the process. The DAO Committee interviewed the candidates and ranked them using a system based on Trust, Technical Knowledge, Timezone, and DAO Participation.

Tobik has been selected among the top 5 candidates. Find below an extract of Tobik’s public application:

What is your full name?
Tobías Kaplan

What is your primary wallet address?
0x664EAbE08871a7b7f13AdE88bc34605ed5EAEAE6 (main wallet)
0x1e09A216B70d46229F3FE86D3aD2e47ae01f7989 (for voting on the DAO)

Why are you applying?
There are many reasons, but I think this job is a perfect opportunity to complement it with what I already do which is documenting Decentraland at Unversed (https://unversed.org). In that sense, I always need to be updated on what’s going on, including the DAO. I already spend time here reading, voting and following proposals.

What is your history with both Decentraland and Decentraland’s DAO?
I joined Decentraland in 2021 and I was able to create one of the most popular YouTube channels focused on this platform. Not only I have onboarded multiple players, but also I’ve created multiple videos for companies and projects inside DCL (including The Decentraland Foundation, where I still collaborate). Today I’m focused on making the information accessible on Unversed, a wiki that I have created where multiple collaborators contribute by adding articles: https://unversed.org

In regards to the DAO, I have been participating for more than a year. I always found it an amazing phenomenon that represents a new way of doing politics on the internet. I really advocate for decentralization and I’m always learning how to contribute to it.

My first proposal was about developing a low-latency stream and while at that time it didn’t pass, now there is a project inspired by that.

I normally try to vote for projects that show creativity but also make sense for the platform. I’m not a big fan of Play2Earns (mostly when they are Ponzi / Pay2Win) and I prioritize tools that help creators create better content. I try to give feedback each time and I’m always 100% open to changing my mind.

What skills, qualifications, and experience will you bring to the committee?
I can create professional videos, see: (https://youtube.com/TobikCC) // (https://decentralfun.com)
I can do an analysis of what’s going on in Decentraland due to my knowledge of the community (We must solve this, so Decentraland will succeed | Unversed)
I’m able to create tutorials and didactic information.

Can you commit at least 5 hours per week to the DAO?
I already spend a lot of time in Decentraland, so yes.

Provide links to any relevant social media profiles or other information:

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The DAO Committee should be conformed of 3 members elected by the Community.

Historical Context:


The process is well specified in the governance proposal mentioned earlier. Here are some excerpts related to the final vote:

The process for adding a committee member includes three stages: the open application period, the committee interviews, and a final vote by ranked choice.

After the interview phase, the DAO Committee is responsible for creating a final proposal in the DAO listing their picks for the top 5 candidates.

If the DAO decides not to implement support for ranked choice voting,then separate proposals could be created for each individualcandidate selected by the DAO Committee after the interview stage.

Since Ranked Voting has not been implemented in the Governance dApp yet, the DAO Committee created 5 Governance Proposals, one per each candidate. By the end of the votation, the proposal that reaches the participation threshold and has the most positive voting power will be considered the winner.


Add a new member to the DAO Committee.

Implementation Pathways

The Security Advisory Board and the current DAO Committee will grant privileges to the new member.


Over the past year, the DAO Committee has been proven essential for the regular operations of the DAO. Adding a new member should improve the security and decentralization of the DAO.

Vote on this proposal on the Decentraland DAO

View this proposal on Snapshot

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Leaving a reference to other candidate applications:

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Hi, DAO Committee team and community. Thanks for giving me the opportunity and believing in me.



I will vote Yes on this and may come to a surprise to a lot since Tobik is openly a hater of me and Waifumon lol. That aside I have enjoyed watching his passion for Decentraland and its community the past year through his content and engagement. All I ask and hope for is finally a member on Decentraland payroll to give feedback still (good or bad) but if bad also some type of direction on what people can do to change, pivot or fix in a direction they see would be better. As proof on my last proposal we already have enough people on Decentraland payroll that just give negative feedback/fud comments and votes with zero direction on what people can do to improve their proposals even when it goes against the Decentraland community as a whole.


:heart_eyes: hahahahahahahahahahahahahah

thanks brotherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Tobik as a DCL Community member has helped me improve and offered so much experience! He has been here as a mentor and friend. He has helped from streaming, troubleshooting technical issues to navigating life hardships. I am very confident he will treat the community the same way! Truly an amazing individual.

Voting NO, I saw the @MetaTrekkers voted with Yes, but there is no prospal posted on snapshot about this.

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Hey, I’m receiving a lot of messages that I’m associated with MetaTrekkers or LifeOfMuskNFT and I’m not. I talk with Chris and try to give him feedback to improve but that doesn’t make me associated with the project. In fact, I’m only focused on Unversed and don’t endorse other projects. I still appreciate that he listens to my advice.


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Voting yes . Tobik has demonstrated many qualities that are aligned with the platform .

Diligence , strong contributions , level headed opinions, critical thinking and a good sense of humor .

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Tobik is awesome and huge for the DAO. Voting YES!

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Thank you everyone for the support <3

hahaha, nah, I don’t create bot accounts. It was a joke :rofl:

haha ok bro it a wired thing to joke about and you are still a suspect but for now I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and change my vote back to Yes for now unless I come up with more evidence. I do hope you are not this too because I love your passion and drive in Decentrlaand look forward to more!

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I just deleted my post about Tobik saying he was the one behind creating 50+ fake accounts to vote No on my latest proposal. I have talked to him over an hour on voice chat and he explained to me it was half a joke and half misunderstanding, and I appreciate he doing the best you can proving his innocents. I have no evidence it was not him still but i still belive in Incentet until proven guilty and he has have been great contributor to Decentraland so wish only continued success on what he does. I am taking that post, because I would hate if he is innocent and that this effected his campaign negatively would be terrible and I don’t want that… I will continue to look into who did it on my end but look forward to only success on Tobiks end as well. THank you.


I vote yes. Tobik has been very influential, active, he contributes to the entire community, he is passionate about everything within dcl, content creation, we Latinos are always supporting

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Thank you everyone for the love again. Even if I don’t win, I will be still here adding value to the community as always. The main reason is that I want an internet owned by its users and not by mega-corporations made to reduce our personal freedoms.

While I’m someone who makes a lot of jokes (humour is part of my essence), I still recommend you read a bit of what I’m trying to build:

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Tobik is very cool! I’m hands and feet for! This is a person who actively develops DCL. I like his videos, I would be thrilled if he passed the selection!!! Good luck bro!

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I am confident that @Tobik is more than deserving of this recognition. They have consistently demonstrated their dedication and commitment to the community through their excellent management of the game, as well as their outstanding content creation efforts. No matter the circumstances, @Tobik has consistently excelled and made a positive impact on the community


Voting NO because I think a few other candidates have more professional experience and skillsets to contribute to the DAO Committee.

Nothing personal Tobik<3

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I voted NO. Professional proficiency must be at the forefront is the top priority when appointing our esteemed DAO Committee members. But don’t worry; the community still recognizes your dedication and passion for Decentraland! Keep up the terrific work you’re doing here in DCL Tobik!