[DAO:414ffee] Hire LordLike as DAO Strategic Unit (DAO worker)

by 0x247e0896706bb09245549e476257a0a1129db418 (LordLike)

Should the following $32,000 grant in the Core Unit category be approved?


I am LordLike, seeking DAO support to fund my efforts as a DAO Strategic Facilitator for the next six months.

As the DAO matures, it requires more dedicated members to drive DAO strategic directions, conduct analytics, research, and reports, track updates, and hold Community meetups.
These activities ensure constant communication and feedback within the Community.

Since 2022, I’ve served as a Delegate and have authored ‘DAO Strategy and Roadmap’, ‘Treasury Management’, and ‘Code of Ethics proposals’. I have cast more than 600 DAO votes. I’m also in the top 3 of DAO proposal authors.

My primary objectives for the next term are to focus on consensus-building around strategic DAO operations and developing governance guidelines.

Grant size

32,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



During this 6-month period, I will serve as a DAO Strategic Unit, facilitating ‘Strategic Planning’, ‘Code of Ethics’, and other relevant strategic working groups such as Financial Treasury Management.

Initially, my objectives are to:

  • Identify and facilitate strategic initiatives to strengthen the DAO.

  • Improve the DAO governance user experience through the development and improvement of governance guidelines.

  • Maintain community feedback on DAO strategic activities and issues.

Primary areas of responsibility and activities include:

  • Facilitating Strategic DAO Working Groups.

  • Regularly scheduling, organizing, and participating in Community meetups and discussions on corresponding proposals and issues, and summarizing the outcomes.

  • Composing and publishing DAO reports (meetings; taking notes).

  • Conducting analysis and research on DAO building and structuring topics.

  • Maintaining a Strategic Facilitation workspace that serves as a hub for team collaboration, documentation access, and management.

  • Facilitating and coordinating strategic communications and consensus-building between Community members, Core Units, and the Foundation.

  • Analyze and report on Community opinion regarding strategic initiatives and topics, based on DAO / Google Forms polls or other relevant instruments.

https://governance.decentraland.org/profile/?address=0x247e0896706bb09245549e476257a0a1129db418 (LordLike’s governance profile with created DAO proposals and votings)

(LordLike’s articles on Decentraland Forum)

Roadmap and milestones

Strategic outputs include:

  • On-going Strategic Working Groups Facilitation
  • 10 Community Strategic Meetings
  • 3 In-world Meet Ups
  • Strategic Space Tracker: Maintaining a persistent database of Strategic Unit activities, information and operations.

Reporting will consist of:

  • 6 monthly Strategic Reports
  • 6 Strategic Researches
  • 3 Community Sentiment Feedback DAO/Forms Polls

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Hello DAO. If I am fortunate enough to be elected as a DAO Committee member and my grant proposal is approved, I will return Committee salary to the DAO/Community for the duration of the 6-month grant period.

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I think its good you mentioned to this !
well lordlike, out of the many people proposing for grants I know you are one of the hardest working individual, I respect that! I question the tax a little and would advise you to seek an advisor because where I am from a grant isn’t really considered a income and there are ways to elaborate this or even ways to withdraw.

Also here is some positive feedback about your proposal, the roadmaps and milestones are things you are already doing and proved to us that you effectively are helping everyone in the DAO, so having you do these promised things makes it more official and reliable both for you and us!

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Thank you for your kind words and support, it’s truly inspiring. :handshake:
As for the tax issue, I have consulted with a tax advisor and the grant is considered as an income, from which I should pay taxes. I will provide all necessary documentation and reports relating to this, and if there’s anything left over, I will return it to the DAO. My intention is to maintain maximum transparency with the Community.

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Hey man np, I think our countries operate in different ways then about the tax/crypto

If the grant is paid in cryptocurrency and you treat it as crypto profit, the tax treatment would depend on the tax laws and regulations regarding cryptocurrency in Turkey, Turkey does not have specific regulations addressing the taxation of cryptocurrency grants.

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This strategic proposal doesn’t really looks strategic to me.

Or maybe the question is invalid. It should be "Should we hire a new DAO Strategic Unit (DAO Worker)?"

Thank you for your feedback. The term “strategic” in this proposal refers to my role in facilitating and coordinating initiatives, improving governance processes, conducting relevant research, and engaging with the Community on topics that drive Decentraland DAO’s growth.

As for the title it means that I aim to work closely with the Community’s different stakeholders to build strategies and make decisions that will shape the future of our DAO.

I’m supporting LordLike as the DAO Strategic Facilitator! With their impressive experience and track record, they’re the perfect fit for the role. I voted yes


Appreciate your support. :sparkles:

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A Statement from the DAO Facilitation Squad: The following is a response from Matimio, followed by Fehz, from the DAO Facilitation Squad

From Matimio
There are a few notable issues with this proposal. First, it is an individual applying to create a “strategic unit,” which is comprised of only one person, not a unit working together toward a specific objective. Second, it is very difficult to see what the “strategic” objective and impacts are, particularly given the third problem, that much of the work is already being conducted by a core unit comprised of 4 people, that was recently approved by the DAO.

I am a firm believer that the DAO should support as many people as legitimately possible, and those that can demonstrate reasons to receive compensation for their work will be supported to do so. This could have been a great example of how a member of the community moves into a facilitation role. It could have been done in a way that is generative and builds on the structures and work that has been done over the past year and a half by the Facilitation Squad. Instead it proposes to do the same work as a unit who was just renewed one month ago, with 8M VP in favor, and creates a potentially contentious rather than cooperative context doing so.

I support Lordlike being compensated for greater involvement in identifying and forwarding strategic interests of the DAO. For helping to facilitate general and specific interest groups find expression of their interests. I do not support a replication of work, failure to coordinate a “strategic” proposal like this with existing core units so it can be put forward in a generative and constructive way. I do believe Lordlike would have found wide support from us and other units, for example, in helping to create a strategic working group unit, making sure that there is a division of tasks and responsibilities, and coordination so there is not double work. There could have even been discussions about expanding the size of the Facilitation Squad to include new members.

Instead, this proposal was put forward in a way that shows a lack of strategic awareness and coordination; it is repetitious and even potentially plagiarizing of Facilitation Squad’s work.

From Fehz
While I believe in the importance of rewarding contributors to DAO decision-making processes (a topic currently under discussion in the strategic planning working group), I don’t think that creating a single-person twin Facilitation Squad with reduced scope and overlapping responsibilities is the appropriate solution. I believe there are several alternative approaches that could be considered:

  • Propose a governance initiative to establish a Strategic Planning Unit/Squad/Committee.
  • Propose a governance initiative to develop a clear incentives structure for the Working Groups framework, transforming it into a comprehensive program.
  • Reframe this grant opportunity to focus on your specific role within the Working Groups framework, which already has a designated scope for facilitation.
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LordLike has shown lots of interest for taking care of the DAO as a whole in the recent months, I’m cheering for him to be able to prove himself.


Hey Facilitation Squad, thank you for your feedback.

Firstly, the fact that I am applying as an individual does not negate the potential impact of the strategic unit I wish to form. The size of the unit does not inherently dictate its effectiveness or efficiency. I believe that, with my skills and dedication, I can bring a significant contribution to our DAO, even if it starts as a one-person unit. The possibility of expanding the team is always open as we move forward.

My unique strategic approach is reflected in my contributions to the Decentraland DAO, such as the ‘DAO Strategy and Roadmap’, ‘Treasury Management’, and ‘Code of Ethics’ proposals. These initiatives, which I’ve proposed, signify my commitment to driving strategic initiatives within our DAO.

The objectives of my role are to identify and facilitate strategic initiatives, improve the DAO governance user experience, and maintain Community feedback. I aim to facilitate strategic-planning and other relevant strategic working groups, organize and participate in Community meetups, compose and publish DAO reports, and conduct research on DAO building and structuring topics. These activities are designed to strengthen the DAO and ensure effective communication and consensus-building within the Community.

The similarities you may observe are due to the common responsibilities that those in DAO facilitator roles undertake. Engaging the Community, carrying out initiatives, guiding discussions - these are common responsibilities in the nature of the roles we are assuming. Such overlap is unavoidable and should not be mistaken as imitation. My unique value comes from my individual approach to these common responsibilities and the distinct strategic initiatives I have and will continue to propose.

In terms of collaboration, I assure you that I am committed to maintaining open communication, coordinating tasks, and working collaboratively. We have already been collaborating within the strategic planning working group, and I plan to continue this cooperative approach.

I believe that embarking on this journey separately fosters decentralization. There should not be a singular “Central Core Units” in my opinion. The diversity of approaches and ideas is what strengthens a DAO, and separate core units working towards similar objectives, but from different perspectives, only enriches our ecosystem.

  • Propose a governance initiative to establish a Strategic Planning Unit/Squad/Committee.

In my existing role as a facilitator for DAO strategic working groups, I aim to provide substantial value to the DAO. This role aligns with a DAO Core Unit’s concept - a incentivized team serving the DAO’s strategic needs.

  • Propose a governance initiative to develop a clear incentives structure for the Working Groups framework, transforming it into a comprehensive program.

While agreeing on the need for clear incentives for Working Groups, this doesn’t diminish my grant proposal’s relevance. These initiatives can actually strengthen each other, bolstering our DAO.

  • Reframe this grant opportunity to focus on your specific role within the Working Groups framework, which already has a designated scope for facilitation.

My proposal seamlessly aligns with the existing working groups. It is about establishing a Core Unit that can take a comprehensive view of the DAO’s strategic direction. The existence of a separate strategic core unit would ensure that strategic thinking is always at the forefront of our DAO’s operation. It guarantees that there is always a team devoted to looking at the bigger picture, beyond the more task-focused mandate of working groups. This role would also observe the DAO’s overall strategic growth, gathering insights from all working groups and considering strategic trends, the external environment, and DAO’s long-term vision. I believe I am capable of fulfilling this role based on my experience with strategic initiatives that I described below.

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Thank you that you believe in me! :sparkles: :handshake:


P.S. I would also like to mention that much of what I’ve outlined in my proposal reflects the work I’m already carrying out for the DAO. My dedication and ability to fulfill the responsibilities of this role effectively are demonstrated through my facilitation of strategic-planning and financial-planning (Treasury Management) working groups, which were established following the successful passage of my relevant DAO proposals.

Also, here are some of the DAO proposals I have submitted:

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We need a Facilitation squad to Facilite the facilitation squad!! :joy: voted yes!!(as if 100 vp matters)

This guy is spending time on building the governance of DAO for free long enough!
give this guy his grant! he deserves it! and the DAO needs extra mechanism!!!


Thank you for your kind words and support. :sparkles: :handshake:


LordLike - great proposal. I see the hard work you do for this platform and believe you truly have it and the community’s best interest as top priority. I support this initiative and proposal. I like that you have built in checks and balances and that you’ve already done a lot for DCL without compensation. I respect your decision and goal of being more involved and taking your role more seriously.


LordLike has demonstrated his commitment and expertise in driving DAO strategic directions, conducting research, and actively engaging with the community. His proposed objectives, such as strengthening governance guidelines and facilitating strategic initiatives, align perfectly with the growth and success of the Decentraland DAO. I believe LordLike’s contributions will have a significant impact on enhancing transparency, fostering inclusivity, and achieving the DAO’s strategic goals!


Thank you for this inspiring words )) :sparkles:


Appreciate your feedback :fist:t3::hammer_and_wrench::sparkles:

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