[DAO:414ffee] Hire LordLike as DAO Strategic Unit (DAO worker)

When I think of the DAO, I think of @fractilians , @Zino and @web3nit 3 names I see the most involvement from. Lordlike has reached out to me several times in regards to different things, my proposal, attending a workgroup (which I admittedly suck at remembering to attend) and I see his consistent engagement in the proposals forum and his submissions. I think he should at the minimum be granted something for the work he has put in towards the betterment of Decentraland and the DAO. I major factor that stands out to me, unlike others in the Discord or proposal forum, he keeps his head level, he does not lash out at others has treated people with respect. There are several that need to take a look in the mirror and change their ways and learn to handle issues better. You will get what you put in. Good luck Lordlike. Either way your contributions do not go unnoticed and it is appreciated.


Thank you for words of support. :dizzy: Decentraland and DAO - are one of the brightest and my favorite projects that have ever been in my life.


I have seen LordLike beeing very active in DAO and it is a yes for me!

I am not a fan of how currently facilitation squad is working so this might be the right path to slowly replace them with active community members who are truly making impact in Decentraland DAO (This might not be the intetion of this proposal, but I am hoping it will happen).

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@web3nit has done many great things for this community! He is a leader and not a follower. We need more individuals like Lordlike in our community to grow DCL into a robust Metaverse. We are wishing him great success on his newest and continued endeavor! He can do it!

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While I appreciate Lordlike’s consistency and contributions to the DAO, I often disagree heavily with not only his perspective but methods and proposals also.

What concerns me is that this doesn’t seem to be an attempt to setup a squad of sorts where users would put forth ideas/research freely (as we already have been doing in the DAO discord and solid proposals). But instead, an attempt to act as the gate for legitimatizing ideas/opinions/methods.

While I don’t think that is the intention, it is most definitely the result of establishing a single leader responsible for research and ‘strategy’ - currently, anyone can provide this role, and many have, through expertise or public debate, joined in and facilitated these conversations.

The idea of electing a single paid position to verify/research concepts does not seem to align with the general opensource nature of our metaverse.

What’s more, I do not believe there is many people who would qualify for such a role should it exist, it would be the equivalent to a Chief Strategy Officer for a 20-100M treasury and thousands of active users.

Perhaps Lordlike has much IRL experience being a CSO and qualifies to act single-handedly for this position, but I do not think that DAO participation and proposal submissions alone are enough to substantiate my faith in his single-handed leadership.

The fact it is a proposal for themselves, and not for the position itself has me concerned. Where is the opportunity to host an election role should we choose to create it?

How is that not exactly what Matimo is doing based on his very reply in this thread?

Because the facilitation squad is exactly that, a squad, and adding to that group ensures accountability between its members, as opposed to installing a new squad with only one member.

What accountability?

If we continue to just inflate the size of Squads and create a scenario where we either pass everything they are doing or none of it, we are creating a system that will inevitably become corrupt.

Squads are flawed in their design, and by creating the “core unit” budget category they have attempted to elevate themselves above everyone else and remove the ability to properly measure there work, given they are allowed to select their own teethless metrics for measurement.

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This “update” from Matimo was 9 days late and doesn’t say anything of substance.

It is laughable to suggest there is meaningful accountability for any of the Squads.

Once they were able to create there own metrics to measure there work, it became impossible for there to be a meaningful conversation around the effectiveness of their work.

9 days late

I agree with @jar0d … Sorry just catching up over the last few months.

Hire LordLike as DAO Strategic Unit (DAO worker)

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 79% 6,580,686 VP (169 votes)
  • No 12% 1,066,236 VP (12 votes)
  • Abstain 9% 767,739 VP (12 votes)

Hire LordLike as DAO Strategic Unit (DAO worker)

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0x88013d7ed946dd8292268a6ff69165a97a89a639)

Vesting Contract Address: 0xE75c7870d6c1797183cA7f0B4f0E856951e9e836

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