[DAO:f5c2b3f] Update #1 for proposal "Hire LordLike as DAO Strategic Unit (DAO worker)"

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Hello, Community. I am LordLike, a Decentraland DAO Delegate who initially proposed creating a strategy for the DAO, managing the DAO Treasury, and establishing a Code of Ethics. Additionally, I’ve cast over 700 DAO votes and rank among the top three DAO proposal authors. Following my proposals, strategic and financial planning working groups were established, which I continue to facilitate.

I was elected by the Community as a DAO Strategic Unit. Here is my first grant update.


  • Facilitated strategic, financial planning, and code of ethics working groups.

  • Scheduled and participated in a Community meetup: Strategic Planning Session on Metaverse Comparative Analysis.

  • Scheduled and participated in the 5th Strategic Planning Session. During this session, we discussed DAO Treasury (financial planning), new user retention, and participation incentives.
  • Scheduled and participated in the 6th Strategic Planning Session. During this session, I invited key industry experts in digital assets (Treasury) management, such as Karpatkey—who manages the Ethereum Name System Endowment Fund—and Avantgarde Finance.

  • Conducted analysis and report on Metaverse Analytics (WIP).
    Strategic Planning - Metaverse Analytics. Forward Summary - Google Slides

  • Conducted analysis and report on DAO financial planning (WIP).

  • Identified, along with the Community, a need to improve DAO financial reporting for convenience and greater transparency. Submitted a post in Decentraland Canny to improve it.
  • Provided suggestions to make a more accurate breakdown of the “delegatedVP” by sources.
  • Suggested increasing the character limit in the DAO proposal form.
  • Recommended adding a feature to easily include images in DAO proposals.
  • Provided suggestions on the Code of Ethics.
  • Created a Strategic Unit Working Space.

  • Created the concept of a Strategic Unit governance badge.


No blockers

Next steps

I will continue working in the strategic planning working group to identify Decentraland DAO’s clear goals and objectives, including our mission and vision and focus on improving DAO financial reporting and financial initiatives to make our DAO sustainable. I will also continue to engage with key industry experts in digital assets (Treasury) management, such as Karpatkey and Avantgarde Finance. There will be a proposal from them, DAO then decide will it fit us or not.

Some Ideas for Next Steps in Financial Planning (DAO Treasury Management):

  • Conduct a professional audit/analysis of DAO’s financials.

  • Implement new income sources, such as yield farming(eth staking) and liquidity provision.

  • Address the over-reliance on MANA by transitioning to a more diversified portfolio, including stablecoins.

  • Optimize current expenses and set clear guidelines for future outflows.

  • Forecast DAO’s short- and long-term financial plans.

  • Develop user-friendly financial dashboards and reports.

  • Establish a decision-making framework for the Grants Program.

  • Create a DAO Treasury Committee or Squad.

  • Establish a Sustainability Fund for DAO’s long-term stability.

This Sustainability Fund will be used to insulate the Decentraland DAO from economic fluctuations, ensuring it can maintain its core operations regardless of wider economic conditions. The Fund will be established through a combination of sources: a percentage of the MANA vesting contract, Treasury, and ongoing revenue streams. This fund will be used to support ongoing development and operations in Decentraland DAO, securing its future irrespective of market conditions.

There is interesting news from the financial planning working group. Recently, the DAO received ETH from OpenSea, and there is a forward Community consensus to test our financial strategy with some amount of it on MANA LP and ETH staking, without selling MANA. Soon, a DAO proposal will be initiated to gauge Community sentiment on this topic.

I will also continue to work on improving governance guidelines.

Additional notes and links

View this update on the Governance dApp

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Also, I missed to include in Grant Update that I submitted governance proposal “DAO Organizational Chart”.

Org chart is the heart of DAOs structure and onboarding. The key aspect of this proposal is that it sets guidelines for the chart’s content and mandates accountability at the governance level, specifying which Core Units are responsible for its upkeep. Without timely updates and responsible ones for that, the chart might not reflect the current DAO structure, leading to misunderstanding. Please look at this proposal below.

DAO Organizational Chart

is this really a month’s worth of work?