[DAO:91005e7] Revoke the Grant: Hire LordLike as DAO Strategic Unit (DAO worker)

by 0x0214b80ad993edb57dac15e156681d4ad16b175b (SkinnyOrca)

The Strategic Unit was originally created via this proposal: Hire LordLike as DAO Strategic Unit (DAO worker)

I am creating this poll to gauge the community’s sentiment on how the Strategic Unit is working so far, and if it should continue as planned, receiving $32,000 in DAO funding for its work.

This issues I take with the Strategic Unit continuing on are as follows:

  1. The initiatives laid out in the Strategic Unit grant proposal are things that either are currently being done (see Organizational Chart for Decentraland DAO [Draft]) or could be done (see DAO Strategy and Roadmap) by Core Units that are already being funded. It would seem more appropriate to revise the responsibilities of the Core Units that already exist to cover these tasks, as they generally seem to fall under what could be the jurisdiction of the existing units, than to fund one person to do these tasks.

  2. LordLike has taken action that seems contradictory to values that should be held by a person in a DAO position. This includes resubmitting a proposal that did not pass without significant change or transparency (see Should the Community Be the Final Arbiter in Grants Revocation Decisions ? and Should the Community Be the Final Arbiter in Grants Revocation Decisions ? ) When asked about this in the DAO discord, LordLike continued to lack transparency, and to point fingers at other proposals that were resubmitted with reasonable cause (like overwhelming community support but failure to reach the VP threshold). In my opinion, these situations are not the same and should not be used as evidence to justify the action being taken here.

  3. While this point is more speculative than the others, it appears that LordLike is no longer acting in the best interest of the DAO as a whole, and there is sentiment among community members as to a change in his motives since originally being approved for the Strategic Unit grant. One example of this is the initiative to revise the Land-to-MANA ratio (see Should the LAND-to-MANA Ratio Be Revised ? ), which if passed would place an incomparable amount of voting power (VP) in the hands of a small group of people which have historically acted in their own best interest, not necessarily the best interest of the DAO.
    Additionally, when asked about certain stances or actions LordLike has taken, he responds in ways that are misleading and lack transparency that should be required of any person in a DAO position. For example, repeatedly citing the amount of money other Core Units have received and citing his income as $0, when in reality the grant is still in the 1-month cliff period and he is slated to receive $32,000.

Lordlike voted in favor of a vulnerability that could have forever drained the DAO with his Revise the Land-to-Mana Ratio proposal.

  1. Though this grant is in its first month of operation, it appears that the main items LordLike has contributed to the DAO have occurred prior to the Strategic Unit passing and efforts have seemingly fallen off since. When asked about his contributions, LordLike routinely cites three proposals (DAO Strategy and Roadmap , Establishing a DAO Treasury Management Process and Code of Ethics (conduct) ) all of which took place before the Strategic Unit was established. This shows that he was willing and able to make contributions to the DAO without receiving a significant payment. Additionally, of the three proposals cited only one has been brought beyond the poll stage, and was done so by a team of people that does not include LordLike (Code of Ethics). There is currently little evidence available to support that the Strategic Unit is following through with the promises made in the proposal.

  2. Lordlike has been actively voting in favor of grants with poor reputation and community sentiment in the DAO. It is almost as if these people seem to have a Quid Pro Quo voting scheme going on with each other. This is using his power for strategy that would help his whale voter friends and himself and is completely disregarding the community.

I personally do not feel this Strategic Unit is an appropriate use of DAO funds, and the intentions and would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

  • Revoke
  • Do Not Revoke
  • Invalid question/options

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Even with all the evidence listed for this proposal to revoke this grant, he is still voting against revocation:


I wonder what his incentives are…

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There was similar proposal recently, it was rejected by the DAO - https://governance.decentraland.org/proposal/?id=899a4aa0-45ed-11ee-ab1f-97157a05bdec

All this statements in this proposal are false. Please look at my previous answers below which address these false statements:

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You are mistaken if you think these proposals will prevent me from voting as I deem necessary. Please cease the threats and harassment.

No harrassment here. I just find it interesting that you are voting to keep Metatrekkers grant when he was the one that helped you keep yours. It is just an observation. I do wonder what your incentives are… Just my opinion.

Frankly I am upset the way you are treating me and down talking me. I am only sharing my observations.

Lordy, we all know you teamed up with DAO drainers like MT, stop playing innocent :wink:

I’m really just curious what his relationship with this OG contributor to Dragon City and DistrictX is. It’s hard to imagine he recently befriended Vlad, and this connection to two of the largest districts with the most serious allegations of corruption is, at the very least, note worthy.


Vladimir aka HonklerYobta was delegating to MetaverseRick a while back.

I don’t think it’s fair to vote twice in one month to revoke the same grant… I would like to see this revoked but I also want to uphold the integrity of the voting process… if we can just keep pushing and re-pushing proposals thru to get a different result, we are weakening a pillar of our DAO governance. What is the motivation for this duplicate proposal?

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Peter Principal as a basic however not only are you not capable of doing your job, but you also seem to have no issue with corruption. I can only assume that your general actions are considered disgraceful in the eyes of the other respected committee members. You should just resign as a good faith effort and try to regain a basic ethical standard just as a core belief.

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check my comment, DYOR

It’s ok, I am sure nothing will happen again. The bad actors will bail him out again. It starts to make me wonder how these people dont see how obvious they are voting. Like Lordlike is voting to keep the Metatrekkers grant, and I am sure the Metatrekkers will bail him out again. I wouldn’t worry about giving him a fair shot, he already took fairness out of the equation.

NexusMarket aka Wonderzone. May I ask why you are voting to keep him?

Revoke the Grant: Hire LordLike as DAO Strategic Unit (DAO worker)

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Revoke 30% 2,415,208 VP (58 votes)
  • Do not revoke 64% 4,909,359 VP (25 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 6% 504,654 VP (4 votes)

Revoke the Grant: Hire LordLike as DAO Strategic Unit (DAO worker)

This proposal has been REJECTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbef99f5f55cf7cdb3a70998c57061b7e1386a9b0)