Wearable Not Visible in DCL Builder

I created these horn-rimmed glasses in Blender yesterday.

I followed many different tutorials. Katherine Joelle Walker’s, Hiroto Kai’s, and SWISS’s to name just a few. I was able to add it as an item. When I tried to view it in the editor:

I turned off the head so I could see if the model was somehow stuck inside of it. There’s only two materials and two textures. One of the textures is the default color palate. I can load the .glb file into the Windows 3D Viewer just fine. Any ideas on what to try next?


I went back into the Blender file and deleted some “Vertex Groups” that were located under the glasses in the Scene Collections. I deleted every group except for the “Avatar_Head”.

The glasses are still a child to the armature’s parent. They are still weighted to the head bone. However, in the builder, when the avatar moves, the glasses stay put.


I imported the fbx of just the armature. Then I exported a .glb and .gltf file. The .gltf file added to the builder was the winner! Everything else I did was the same.

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The saga continues!
ropsten network

The ropsten network? How do I specify that?

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Here’s how to specify the ropsten network.

set your Metamask Chrome extension to use the Ropsten test network

It is not obviously clear how to do this.

I also found this via the MetaMask help documentation. But when it says:

Fill-in the Custom RPC Network details:

It is not clear where to get the network details for “ropsten”.

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I found this Medium article on how to get “fake ETH”.

Found out that in MetaMask I first need to “enable” test networks.
show test networks


I’ve got 1.5 fake ETH now. The medium article was super helpful. Now I’m going to attempt to view my glasses in world with the ropsten test network selected. :crossed_fingers:

From Decentraland Docs

Using the Ethereum test network
You can avoid using real currency while previewing the scene. For this, you must use the Ethereum Ropsten test network and transfer fake MANA instead. To use the test network you must set your Metamask Chrome extension to use the Ropsten test network instead of Main network . You must also own MANA in the Ropsten blockchain, which you can acquire for free from Decentraland.

Here’s the link to transfer fake MANA: https://faucet.decentraland.today/
Here’s the link to transfer fake Ether: https://faucet.ropsten.be/

Here’s the link to the doc about Ethereum essentials that mentions the Ropsten test network and fake currency for testing: Ethereum essentials | Decentraland

It’s worth noting that at the bottom of all the DCL documents it states:

Have a suggestion? Edit this doc on GitHub

I plan to edit the documents for this process so the end to end process is more clear for the new user. Over on the Making Wearables topic of the DCL Discord server, there are many posts asking the same questions from new batches of users.

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Success! My glasses are now submitted for review.

Why use the Ropsten network?

How can you see them in the environment already?

In order to view your items in world, you need to do it on the Ropsten Test Network. Thems the rules. DAO must have decided it would be that way. I did a few hours of research. Some of the articles are linked in this post. In the docs for Decentraland it talks about having “fake” ETH. It’s easy enough to get those from a variety of faucets.

You will see this message: To continue, please change the Ethereum network in your wallet to ropsten and click “Reload”. After you get the Ropsten set up with your “fake” ETH, you can do that and you should be good to go.

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Oh cool, thank you very much!

@AwedJob Thank you so much for this post. It was really helpful to see your process because I was having the same trouble in Ropsten testing. Didn’t know how to make it work. You will help so many creators bc of this post. You are a legend, m8!


TY @Trident. I hope to edit the docs on GitHub so that people get the correct information at the start of the process.

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