Creating wearables and upload on Opensea

Hi guys. I’m a complete noob at NFTs but have some experience in modeling.

Now I am making a Decentraland wearable using the gltf base mesh from Decentraland git hub.
Uploading it on the builder or other 3D viewers such as windows viewer, sketchfab, and three.js editor, my wearable works just fine.
But when I try to upload it on Opensea, it doesn’t appear.

I first assumed this was something related to the transform properties and tried to apply locations and such.
This attempt has solved my problem with Opensea uploading and I could properly preview my model there.
However, once I changed transform properties, my wearable did not show correctly on the Builder.

Then I tried uploading another wearable that is directly extracted from the base mesh, the same thing happened and it went invisible again on Opensea.
(I just used the lower body of the avatar base mesh with single base color)

What I want to ask is, is it natural to experience the issue above?
If so, how can people have collections of Decentraland wearables on Opensea?
Should I just try adjusting the rig to get it done?

Any comment would be welcome.



Hi Eri,

I’ve also recently started making wearables this year.

First, I recommend publishing in DCL since the curation committee reviews the wearables before they can be sold in the DCL market. The committee provide feedback on technical issues and to ensure the wearables align with DCL content policy. Items published in DCL are minted on OpenSea to the buyer; however, you can also manually mint wearables to specific the address(es).

As for the visibility issue, have you checked for backface culling? On the build editor, backface culling isn’t applied, however, it is applied in DCL, including on the test server. I would also recheck for any clipping issues on the test server, the dance animation is different than the one used in the build editor, plus there is the running and jumping animations to review with.

To check on the test server, when viewing your collection on DCL, the ellipses next to “new item” has the option to “See in world”
See in world


To publish a wearable in Decentraland, you have to pay a publishing fee and your wearable has to get reviewed by the committee.

It is NOT possible to bypass the wearable publishing fee by “uploading” it on OpenSea.


Hi there! Thanks for your insight. I would check once again the entire settings of my model.
And ah, the “See in World” option is very helpful.

Thanks again!


Of course, I am not trying to bypass any.
My friend asked me to see if they can check the model via Opensea.
That was why I asked the question above.

I will go through reviewing process with the committee.
Thanks for your comment!

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dear friend hi upload your file in any host and make link and you upload png of your file and in unlockable section paste link of your file

I understand, i’m just very cautious when people mention creating/publishing wearables and OpenSea in one sentence…

A lot of people are being scammed with fake wearables on OpenSea lately, and because of that i think people should know that wearables minted/created ON OpenSea are FAKE and can NOT be worn in-game.

(@eri19281928, this is not aimed at you!) :raised_hands::100::heart:


This is not how it works and nobody should just click/download links from people you do not know.

Stay safe people :pray:t3:

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link dont show until you buy item . in section of unlockable

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i know for items of dcl shoul mint on dcl because if any problem there, cmt warn for fix it

It’s not about the visibility of the link on OpenSea…:man_facepalming:

It’s about people thinking they buy an actual wearable, to find out it’s only a file…

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ok sorry i didn’t understand, yes you right. but some people don’t have money for pay 100 mana and with this approach want to sell it.

Not having the funds to publish a wearable does not justify uploading fake wearables on OpenSea.

I paid 500 $MANA per item back in the days, so in my opinion 100 $MANA is actually a decent fee.

Plus, even without any funds, creators can still sell their designs to others.

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definitely, i say some people don’t have first 100 mana for fee.

Thanks!! I have to learn a lot about blockchains and such!