Wearable is not visible in Collectibles

I have created and uploaded a wearable, I have not published it though. I want to test it out in the world, but when I click on “See in world” it opens up the Decentralland desktop app and when I go to the “Collectibles” it shows empty.

Am I missing anything?
Can we see the object in the 3D world only after publishing it (i.e. by paying $150/item)?

Any help on this is highly appreciated.

Are you on the ropsten network?

To test your wearables, change your Metamask from ETH to Ropsten and that will load you into the test server of DCL, there is where youll be able to test and see your wearable :slight_smile: lemme know if you need more help!

I’m still unable to view it in the world. I switched to Ropsten network and tried the “see in world” option. I got this message.

HI OMG IM SORRY IM OLD lol they swithed it to goerli!
Im so sorry for the wait <3