Change the collection on Opensea

I created my first wearable, but, I realized that most of the Decentraland Wearables on Opensea are in the “Decentraland Wearables (Polygon)” collection, and my wearable is with other collection name.
Can someone help me to change my wearable to “Decentraland Wearables (Polygon)” collection?

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I also would like to know how to do this.

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im pretty sure its in its own collection now due to it being on a new contract for royalties. I may be wrong but im sure thats why

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I wish there was a way to find out for sure what’s going on.

they are two totally different contracts you can see this in etherscan.

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Oh I see How do we fix it

you don’t… the whole point of this is to be able to collect royalties, hence why it makes it a new collection as in theory you’re the owner your items will still be found under whatever name its called reguardless of collection.

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How can can i make sure that I’m getting my royalties? So my NFTs with a Blue Checkmark DCL gets the royalties? I would honestly rather have a Blue Checkmark then my royalties. I saw they recently just voted and passed this new change. I think we should re-open it.

Not quite sure you understand the point.

if you go to your store page on the mana marketplace it will tell you your income stats. YOU get secondary sale royalties, 2.5% of whatever you make and gets resold on opensea etc. anything created on the old contract will not get royalties so if its part of the decentraland one, then it wont have royalties as it was on the old contract address

I published my first wearable 2 days ago, waiting for approval now but there was no “network” or “royalty” option. Did I miss something? @PanduhKing

Yes that’s how I understand it. 2.5 percent of nothing is still nothing. No one buys DCL wearables on OpenSea without a Blue Tick on it. I feel like I got ripped. I’d rather be selling NFTs then to be dreaming about royalties.

We’ll never be able to sell another wearable on opensea…

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Yes you will? I think you should read the official thread before continuing to comment as I am still unsure you understand the purpose or point in the transition.

having a blue checkmark or not makes no difference in opensea search no does it sell any less if you have a good wearable.

Welp I gave you the answer, unfortunately if you don’t like it put it to the DAO. lol