[DAO:e7256d0] Add an erc721C NFT collection to DCL Marketplace for launch also giving a 2.5% exchange rate to DAO of all sales on DCL Market Place

by 0xc510d7f74b8d5e79ebc192e018439542941768b6 (MetaVS)


Add an erc721C NFT collection to DCL Marketplace for launch also giving a 2.5% exchange rate to DAO of all sales on DCL Market Place. The 10k NFT collection has already been approved to be linked wearables through this DOA.

What is ERC721C and why care?
Long story short majority NFT 10k ETH collections are made on ERC721A and sadly Blur Marketplace found an exploit where they can not enforce the royalties to creatures. Thus now OpenSea and all other Marketplaces are now saying they will also pivot to no longer enforcing royalties for sales. Some people saw value in royalties being one of the biggest utilities in the art space since they we have seen continued to give funds to expand the IP of the collections instead of them just being a one of sale like in real life art. ERC721C we have tested gives the power to the creatures to turn off and on permissions to marketplaces at anytime that do not enforce the royalties thus giving the power back to the creatures again. We will be the first NFT collection to pioneer this new method and would love to promote our buyers, fans and collectors to buy off marketplaces that enforce the 10% royalties like Decentraland Marketplace rather since we will be turning off permissions like Blur unless they later on agree to enforce those 10% royalties. We also think since our NFTs will be linked in Decentraland and for those of you that know me know my long love for the Decentraland pretty much since its creation many years ago.

When launch? In the next week or so this month or next at latest we still testing ERC721C.

A a great place is what we seek to launch why we here.

I been a fan for a long time as those who know me know.

For reasons we all know why.

U and i all know why I can’t reveal my true identity.

Methods like these are necessary when whales tread for attack.

Only we know we can outsmart them.

Name of this collection you ask is laid out right here in case you wondering from top to bottom on the left is the answer you seek.

Generally hate methods like this but we all know this place has become a circus.

Ego’s, comedians, leaches, blind dogs, thief’s, digital colonizers, bears, clowns, and crabs in buckets.

Never giving up tho as we know since even they can’t stop us against our inevitable Liberty and Prosperity.

2 now and forever. Thank you.

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High! I am not well versed on these ERC token thingies. Could you mention the risks and benefits. I know it’s beneficial with the royalties but are these any others? Would this apply to all items on the marketplace or ??? Thank you.

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All is good understand even we are learning as we go since this is all new and I believe we will be the first collection to even launch with this contract.

To put this in simple terms. erc721C is exactly like erc721A (what most 10,000 NFT ETH collections are on) however it gives the creators the leverage of consent if they want to be listed on a marketplace or not. Even for example if community votes to allow this 10k ETH NFT collection to be listed on Decentraland Marketplace and Decentraland Marketplace does so while continuing to charge the 10% roylatie as well as an additional 2.5% fee to go to the DAO in exchange for listing them just like OpenSea does then all is good. However if one day the Decentraland Marketplace gets hacked by a bad actor and they start selling the 10k ETH collection for 0% royaltie and charges like a 100% fee that goes to the hacker then the creators of the 10k NFT ETH collection has ability to turn off the permissions of Decentraland Marketplace from listing them instantly.

In conclusion ERC721C = Consent.

We forecast this will be the solution of the NFT space that was started by Blur marketplace for not enforcing royalties set out by the creators without consent. We hope that we can be the case study and success story that all future NFT creators can point that NFTs still in fact have massive utility for everyone.

As for your second question no this will not apply to any other items on the Decentraland marketplace just this one. They will have to go through the same process and mint on ERC721C to do so. Thank you.

Thanks for your votes everyone! @Sannin thanks for your votes too even though you voted “Invalid”. Is there anything we can change on our end to make this “Valid” in your eyes? Or is there an alternative “Valid” method we should use? It is worth the ask on our end since we been working hard on this for several years now and would be tragic if we could not see this through without knowing why it got voted “invalid”. Thank you either way for checking out our proposal.

Also @Malloy You are publicly here saying you think this proposals is “a cool idea” and agree that “DCL born collections would be neat + more revenue to the DAO” but your reason to vote “Invalid” is because you believe we crafted this proposal “This is poorly written” and “People gotta stop this talk”? Is there away we can adjust our grammar and way of speak to cater to your preference or something else we not doing you find invalid we can adjust? If not all good thanks for checking out our proposal either way.

Above is for you too @potradamus and @Manadaiquiri we just weren’t allowed to tag more then two people per post it said. Thank you either way for your time and reading our proposal.

This proposal is unclear. Even if the erc721c part is clear, it’s hard to understand what is being proposed.

I think that asking for a NFT collection to be listed on the Marketplace is an invalid proposal because its purpose is for DCL wearables, emotes and names. This is true no matter how one is involved with the Decentraland community, as it would be a precedent for other collections too, so to speak opening a pandora’s box.

If it’s a smart wearable collection it could be valid, but it would need to be written in plain words and be more clear. It would also be good for the proposal to either include all smart wearable collections or specify clearly which one would be listed.


haha damn -------------

Hey, happy to clarify on my points from discord chat;

On critique of ‘poorly written’;

  • ‘U’ instead of ‘You’
  • ‘i’ in lower case, not sure if purposeful at this point?
  • ‘Only we can outsmart them.’ is weird hypothetical battle speak as if there is a huge ‘Us vs Them’ thing and it’s just not how pragmatic development works.
  • Calling on the support of the community whilst labelling the overall composition of the DAO a ‘circus’ is just aggressive as well as counter productive.

Yes things aren’t great, the power dynamic of the DCL DAO has been argued about for years now and this kind of attitude doesn’t do anything and just emboldens division and petty ‘Us vs Them’ nonsense.

The writing and sentiment doesn’t install faith in the execution of the prospective idea but the idea itself sounds great!

Always thought NFT collections linked to DCL experiences should give a % of royalties back to the DAO treasury :pray:

@AaronLeupp Is this you just playing games?

Haha sadly yes it is and I am not as good as wearing masks like you guys as we can see.

Also if you do agree then why is your vote still “Invalid” ?

I also agree in terms of DCL DAO “things aren’t great” why I have to attempt methods like this to even try to get things passed that even HELP DECENTRALAND. But as proven in the past now that I stupidly revealed myself so now expect this to get a 4M VP to 12M VP No or “invalide” votes any time now or last minute as has happened many times to me in the past before so thanks guys was fun while it lasted.

Also thanks for your critiques however all you are proving is you don’t read since it was a riddle not meant to be “grammatically correct” lol.

Alright, props to owning it. I just didn’t like the ‘spin’.

What is the intention, be the first collection that is not a wearable to be published on the marketplace?

Alternatively you could use Rarible to publish it as they’re reputable and they enforce creator royalties as a point of principle, you can publish collections on Eth L1, Polygon and Tezos!

Thanks for the idea however we already know that and are using Rarible, OpeanSea and all other exchanges that comply with the consent of erc721C.

As you said earlier we would like to give back Decentraland and this would be a solid method to do so since they can charge a 2.5% market fee just like Opensea, correct? Do we not both agree and dont you think this is great? Or is there something we still missing that you think is invalid we can work together on to fix to make valid? Thank you Either way.

One more question or clarification. So this would then open up the DCL marketplace as a place to sell NFTs as well? Those that use the erc721C? So any project in Decentraland such Facemoon, Furrypaws, Uniquehorns (truband), still more monsters, nyolings, etc would be able to list? Again, that is if they are the erc721C as those are not but if they were could list? Would additional collections need to be reviewed first before listing? I just don’t want to see the marketplace flooded with a bunch of “CRAP” but I do believe in supporting those projects that are in DCL. Would new collections have to be voted on by the DAO like linked wearables? Thank you.

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As of now that is now what this proposal is requesting. It is only requesting this 10k NFT ETH ERC721 collection (that will be able to be put on the character as a linked wearable already voted on and approved) . So yes no need to worry it will not be flooded with “a bunch of CRAP” hahah. However we can use this collection as a case study and if it goes well mabye we can create a process for other collections to also go through a process to get listed as well. You guys can choose to create and vote on the process at that point in time since you are the community. Hope that helps and thank you so much!

Thanks for everyone so far that switched form invalid to Yes.

Here is what are we requesting Simplified: We launching (NFT Collection NAME ABOVE) soon people will be able to buy and sell on opensea, rarable and apecoin marketplace we wold also like for people to be able to buy and sell them on decentraland marketplace too reason

1 so that when people buy the (NFT COLLECTION NAME ABOVE) they can also check out other wearables from other creators to go with there outfit
2. So Decentraland can make that 2.5% marketplace fee and give it to do the DAO for all sales.

It is the same as erc721A what most nfts are made on but this one gives consent since long story short blur. io is a marketplace that sells everyones nfts but does without consent of the nft creators this will be of consent of both parties

I agree with Manadaiquiri’s comment.
I vote invalid when there aren’t enough options or when I think its a confusing prop but idea may still be worth looking at under my perspective.

I would appreciate for you to keep any questions you may have about any proposals you submit or any of my voting choices in the forum instead of my dms please :pray:

Future tip, it looks better when you ask about thoughts on a prop than when you ask about a vote and how you could change the vote. GL

Yes totally understandable @Sannin I will def keep that in mind and avoid your DMs all together in the future since I am learning now it is something you do not like and know you are very busy.

Yes after responding to Manadaiquiri’s comments can explain again here that they are in fact DCL wearables since they will be linked.

Lastly thanks for that future tip, I will follow it now. What are your thoughts on this prop and how we could change the vote or things we can adjust to make Valid in your eyes. Thank you.

Thanks for voting @CheddarQueso . Any feedback on why you voted no, and what we can change or adjust to get your yes? Thanks again.

Thanks for voting pinkitty aka @DedHeadJ . Any feedback on why you voted “Invalid”, and what we can change or adjust to make it “Valid” and get your yes this time around or next? Thanks again.

Also would ask “Politican” aka @nwiz if any feedback on why they voted “Invalid” and if anything we can change or show to make “valid” to get a yes vote? But sadly we all know he know that account will not respond as they always don’t since they just like voting things down as their reputation shows. Can only deduce they find enjoyment out of it why they always do it. Just saying it here for the record we did ask them but know it’s a waste of time as it has always been in the past. Thank you everyone!

Add an erc721C NFT collection to DCL Marketplace for launch also giving a 2.5% exchange rate to DAO of all sales on DCL Market Place

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

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Add an erc721C NFT collection to DCL Marketplace for launch also giving a 2.5% exchange rate to DAO of all sales on DCL Market Place

This proposal has been PASSED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfb1afa4dc069ffb47b19dbee196045d508fcd5a2)