[DAO:f517544] Add an erc721C NFT collection also giving 2.5% exchange rate to DAO

by 0x10ac7f99a186b4e382c1af547029772e4557ffaf (Bat)

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Add an erc721C NFT collection to DCL Marketplace for launch also giving a 2.5% exchange rate to DAO of all sales on DCL Market Place


Add an erc721C NFT collection to DCL Marketplace for launch also giving a 2.5% exchange rate to DAO of all sales on DCL Market Place


Add an erc721C NFT collection to DCL Marketplace for launch also giving a 2.5% exchange rate to DAO of all sales on DCL Market Place. The 10k NFT collection has already been approved to be linked wearables through this DOA.

What is ERC721C and why care?
Long story short majority NFT 10k ETH collections are made on ERC721A and sadly Blur Marketplace found an exploit where they can not enforce the royalties to creatures. Thus now OpenSea and all other Marketplaces are now saying they will also pivot to no longer enforcing royalties for sales. Some people saw value in royalties being one of the biggest utilities in the art space since they we have seen continued to give funds to expand the IP of the collections instead of them just being a one of sale like in real life art. ERC721C we have tested gives the power to the creatures to turn off and on permissions to marketplaces at anytime that do not enforce the royalties thus giving the power back to the creatures again. We will be the first NFT collection to pioneer this new method and would love to promote our buyers, fans and collectors to buy off marketplaces that enforce the 10% royalties like Decentraland Marketplace rather since we will be turning off permissions like Blur unless they later on agree to enforce those 10% royalties. We also think since our NFTs will be linked in Decentraland and for those of you that know me know my long love for the Decentraland pretty much since its creation many years ago.

When launch? In the next week or so this month or next at latest we still testing ERC721C.

A a great place is what we seek to launch why we here.

I been a fan for a long time as those who know me know.

For reasons we all know why.

U and i all know why I can’t reveal my true identity.

Methods like these are necessary when whales tread for attack.

Only we know we can outsmart them.

Name of this collection you ask is laid out right here in case you wondering from top to bottom on the left is the answer you seek.

Generally hate methods like this but we all know this place has become a circus.

Ego’s, comedians, leaches, blind dogs, thief’s, digital colonizers, bears, clowns, and crabs in buckets.

Never giving up tho as we know since even they can’t stop us against our inevitable Liberty and Prosperity.

2 now and forever. Thank you.


1 so that when people buy the (NFT COLLECTION NAME ABOVE) they can also check out other wearables from other creators to go with there outfit
2. So Decentraland can make that 2.5% marketplace fee and give it to do the DAO for all sales.


We have reached out to Nwiz, Sannin and Chedderqueso on why they voted invalid and asked what we can add to make valid yet have not received a clear response or instructions on how to solve that issue. We are open to all feedback from them and anyone else to be implemented thank you!


Thanks again for everyone that voted last round and this round again. Very stoked on this!

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Also want to fix some spelling and grammar errors thanks to @DedHeadJ for pointing out!

and Creators* not creatures

Thank you!

Hello Aaron, thank you for being diligent in replying to feedback and also open to it. I initially voted to abstain because although I thought your idea was interesting, I just didn’t get what you were trying to do. After reading comments during the first round and also multiple discussions with other community members I am going to vote YES during this round. I appreciate that you are not asking for DAO funds and while others a giving up, you seem to keep moving forward.

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haha @Skazi you voted Yes last round. Did you vote no this round by accedent or something we can add to turn back to a Yes? Thank you.

Thank you for not only all your feedback and also your help with pointing out my terrible spelling and grammer so we can fix lol. Feedback means a lot on what we can change or add so we can make ideas worth implemnting. It is hard to work with thos that just vote “invalid” or “no” with no feedback on how they can add, change or pivot for the better. So thank you so much again.

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What are the costs of implementing something like this?

I’ll vote yes until HP or some tech-minded person can explain to me how the cost would be to great to justify doing it.

Thanks @jar0d ! Have already tested this on multiple marketplaces (OpenSea, Snag etc) and so far it costed nothing just my time. However as advised by LordLike told me to reach out to HP or Gino about more logistics and technical aspects. I didn’t reach out to HP since he is on vacation and I want to respect that but did reach out to Gino so will get more info for the final draft if this goes through as well. Thanks again for asking.

@AbsolonMercator this prop is to add your own collection to the dcl marketplace right?

Yes, which is going to be a linked wearable collection in Decentraland.

Hello, I have a few questions.
What is the wearable going to be? I would need to see it before approving… Would also like to hear from the DAO committee about any drawbacks from approving something like this. How much will the wearable sell for and, given that it sells out, which is unlikely, how much does the DAO stand to earn? Will there be any of your trademark, name or logo on this wearable?, What rarity will the wearable be? Thank you.

Hey @CheddarQueso thanks for finally reaching out!

Great questions. As said above several times just like OpenSea charges a 2.5% market fee per transaction for every transaction done on its marketplace, it can do the same here for all transactions that take place on the DCL marketplace which will go to the DAO.

The 10k NFTs can be bought and sold on secondary market at any rate the owners choose at any time just like on OpenSea.

I think a lot of confusion here as said above all 10k of these linked wearables are unique. Each of these 10k will be a 1 of 1. I hope that helps.

All that as well has been already shared already above and also will follow the same procedures as all other wearables submitted since trying to deduce the concern of your questions. Thank you so much for reaching too finally. I also posted extensive answers in the discord thread and also DMed you more examples too for you to look at if you are interested. Thanks again!

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Add an erc721C NFT collection also giving 2.5% exchange rate to DAO

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 75% 4,484,543 VP (107 votes)
  • No 24% 1,507,929 VP (13 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 68,823 VP (4 votes)