[DAO:71d4d31] Should DCL Be Integrated on the Blur Marketplace Platform?

by 0x2faab28f398c330430157893a48edc3799d99159 (LandLordDao)

Should we consider integrating DCL onto the Blur Marketplace platform? Blur Marketplace, currently one of the largest NFT markets globally, akin to OpenSea, offers a significant user base, outstanding user experience, and a robust ecosystem. This proposal seeks to gather community input on the potential integration of DCL with Blur Marketplace, exploring opportunities for increased value and the mutual growth of both ecosystems.

Key Points for Consideration:

Community Input:
We seek your thoughts and opinions on the integration of DCL onto Blur Marketplace. Your insights will play a crucial role in shaping the direction of this potential collaboration.

Advantages of Integration:
Explore potential benefits and advantages for the DCL community through integration with Blur Marketplace.

Concerns and Mitigations:
Address any concerns or potential challenges associated with this integration, and propose solutions or mitigation strategies.

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  • NO
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Like this one, does it have any cost to list on Blur?

Yeah, I would have to know is there a cost associated with it. Will vote yes for now since it is a poll but that’s a question for if it goes further. Thank you.

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Going to give some data points here that some of us may not know. Long story short. OpenSea was one of the top marketplace for NFTs for a while. Blur came to the scene and to compete with it they did two major things that was the root of their success.

  1. Incentive traders with blur tokens/coins for utilizing their platform i belive. and
  2. Choosing to no longer enforcing the royalties.

My opinion is this was around and some would even say the reason of the decline of NFT prices and growth of the space. The big original sell to artists and creators was you the infant royalties utility NFTs offer. Some of the biggest things we have seen was because of this. Just to use the biggest one as an example BAYC raised way more money on their royalties than the sale alone as most everyone here knows. Well Blur has put a stop to that and why things have a bit odd and why some collections are even fighting to get there NFT collections no longer listed on their platform. Their ability to be a marketplace to sell NFTs without the consent of the creators and also not enforce their wished royalties is I think several would claim this is murky water in terms of ethics.

So with this in mind I have a question. Does Decentraland DAO or Founders have royalties they make off OpenSea when land is sold or wearables etc. If the answer is yes then know if we start listing on blur too you can pretty much grantee that will be 100% gone. Since as a seller or buyer why would you list and sell on OpenSea or Decentraland Marketplace where you have to pay the 0 to 10% royaltie where on Blur you do not.

According to our income data on our transparency page it does say we I think make 2.5% at least which could be a marketplace fee or royaltie I am not sure. But either way you guys can see the concern of whatever DAO cashflow we have no longer being here thus not making this DAO sustainable long term.

Screen Shot 2023-12-08 at 12.07.39 AM

Not to go on much of a tangent but that is why the new ERC721-C contract that we created Waifumon Gen-2 on is so important and I am an advocate for all future NFT creations PfP or Land or anything be on that instead of the previous because this does not allow platforms to sell without you the creators concent. If Decentraland Land and Wearables were on ERC721-C then any marketplace weather it be blur, opensea or anything has to get white listed on the creators end first with the enforced royalties before being allowed to be sold on that platform manually on the contract not just signature that can only be enforceable within the power of governments. ERC721-C is the true contract that fixes this all.

In conclusion know if you are voting Yes on this you are potentially cutting off all funds being generated through royalties if there is any to my knowledge. Thank you.

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My initial vote was yes to get this to the next stage and continue to dive deeper, but what Aaron said is very interesting. I’ll vote invalid (Basically Abstain) for now, based on what is written above, but I’m open to more dialogue as I think it’s important to keep exploring new options.

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Should DCL Be Integrated on the Blur Marketplace Platform?

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 54% 2,021,743 VP (51 votes)
  • No 1% 1,353 VP (2 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 45% 1,667,912 VP (7 votes)

Should DCL Be Integrated on the Blur Marketplace Platform?

This proposal has been PASSED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfb1afa4dc069ffb47b19dbee196045d508fcd5a2)

Great question, and you might be more knowledgeable in this area. I hope you can help the dao community unravel this issue.

Exactly, thank you @AaronLeupp so much for providing so much insight into this. I agree with your opinion. Maybe we can look at it from a different perspective? Currently, the transaction revenue for DCL NFTs is almost at its lowest, as indicated in the chart above. The income it can generate is almost negligible. Of course, this is a free market, and traders can choose the trading platform they prefer without considering whether there are fees or not. As the saying goes, the more friends, the more ways out, and having another platform might bring a wave of excitement. Do you agree?

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thanks for checking out my data on this issue. here is an article that gets into the specifics on there users. Based on this they are about 10% of the users opensea has and openly whale traders that utilize the platform to avoid the fees as I forecasted above. what would you guys like to list on blur? land? wearables? all of the above?

If you are asking me if I agree with the theory displaying these assets to this demographic with a guarantee of cutting off all royalties in the future forever will have some type of upside as of now I can’t because I do not see the upside lol. However I know I may be probably missing it. I could deduce that you are theorizing could incentivize another hype cycle. Which my opinion does not solve the core issue of Decentrland platform longevity.

I just played 200 games of league of legends this past 6 months and got to emerald one of the top 15% players in north america that has over 150 million players because it is a very fun and addictive game and platform. GTA 6 trailer just dropped with over 140 million views last 7 days because it is a very fun and anticipated game. Minecraft has over 170 million active players etc etc. Can list tons of examples but reality is that all these platforms make their revenue on purchases, cosmetics and asset transactions. Decentraland as of now is not only does this but also one of the first that has a second layer of revenue that is through marketplace and royalties of transactions. This move to blur can literally be the end of that and now just makes Decentraland like all other platform minus the player base.

One idea is we could migrate everything to ERC721-C like we did with Waifumon Gen-2 to avoid that all together but that would be a whole thing lol but is a solution I can think of at the moment which is a win win since can test the theory without the risk.

In conclusion, this my feedback based on the data we got and I will never stand in anyones way as I never have in the past because I always know there is more data points I may not have as well. So if you guys think it worth the risk look forward to crossing my fingers too with you guys. Very stoked you continuing to try to think of epic ideas and happy to have helped best I could with what I know.

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Thank you for providing profound insights into the listing of assets on Blur. appreciate your meticulous data analysis and dedication to ensuring the best outcomes for the DAO community. hope you continue to contribute data and guidance to the community in this regard.

You have raised valid concerns about the potential impact on user demographics, royalties, and the overall longevity of the Decentraland platform. You are the first person with whom I resonate on these concerns. Perhaps to technologists, hype may not seem crucial, but we cannot ignore the attention and revenue that hype brings. Without the revenue from hype, how can we fund development? How can we achieve breakthroughs in technology? From what I know, one of the former CEO and founder is adept at generating hype and packaging, evident in the success of bigtimes, a game that has once again become a leader in the gamefi . Meanwhile, we seem to be stagnating without significant developmental breakthroughs.

The suggestion to migrate to ERC721-C, as done with Waifumon Gen-2, is an interesting and worthy solution to explore. While it may involve some challenges, testing the theory’s potential benefits without significant risks is worth considering.

We acknowledge and respect your viewpoint, understanding that decisions of this nature require careful consideration and risk assessment. Your feedback, along with that of the community members, provides valuable insights, and very appreciate your willingness to share your concerns.

As we continue to explore potential opportunities and enhancements for Decentraland, your opinions into account and strive we need to make decisions that align with the best interests of the community.

Thank you once again for your contribution. We look forward to collectively addressing the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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Thanks so much yes def agree. I am def down to help however I can too if we want to test the ERC721-C method since I have a lot of battle scars from being one of the first collections to ever use it in history and have learned a lot of hard lessons I can save us time if needed. Also will try to reach out to blur to see if they are interested in listing ERC721-C collections in the first place because it is a win win for them everyone if that is the case.

Also if not and community still wants to list on blur without a migration then still down to help or council too however I can on all solutions to down the road if any of the speed bumps I forecasted accrued to help us navigate it best as possible since I too agree more exposure always a good thing and would love to continue to see that for all Decentraland assets. Appreciate you implementing several of your ideas and moving things forward in the DAO this past year its refreshing to have people like you trying to use the DAO for what I think its meant for which is to continue to innovate, rather then a crab mentality reality TV show vibe it has been I the past lol. Thanks again and I look forward to the success on this!

Opensea income is shown on the transparency dashboard.

The last 30 days income was $214 for “Funds corresponding to the 2.5% fee applied to every transaction (ESTATE, LAND, NAME & Wearables) on OpenSea marketplace”

It seems small but I think losing royalties is reason enough to say no to this.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and willingness to engage in discussions. It’s great to hear that you have experience with ERC721-C and are willing to test this method. Being one of the first collections in history to use it, your valuable experience can help us save precious time and avoid potential difficulties.

Reaching out to Blur to see if they are interested in listing ERC721-C collections is an excellent idea. If they see the mutual benefits of this listing approach, it will be a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Additionally, I want to clarify that we are attempting to add an additional trading marketplace rather than migrating. Your willingness to provide assistance and advice, regardless of the outcome of this addition, is greatly appreciated. Your dedication to helping the DAO address potential challenges and work towards more exposure for Decentraland assets aligns perfectly with our goals.

We also appreciate your positive feedback on the progress the DAO has made over the past year. Indeed, the purpose of the DAO extends beyond just facilitating grants; it’s about platform breakthroughs, innovation, and collaboration, addressing core issues. We are committed to moving in this direction and not relying solely on the foundation.

Once again, thank you for your support and contributions. We are excited about the potential success of these efforts and look forward to working together to achieve our goals.

—“Teamwork makes dreams work.”—

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I want to clarify that we are attempting to add an additional trading marketplace rather than migrating. i dont think it will losing all the royalties. just for more choices