[DAO: QmSRzpq] Black Lives Matter Collection

by 0xe8f9a288554faabbaca8c6946bf2e3a07b685c12 (Lefty)

I created this collection: Collection 'Black Lives Matter 2021' created by Lefty is ready for review!

I created it because I thought it was cool, I didn’t know there were grants available, and I had never published wearables before so I didn’t really know what to expect.

I didn’t even consider that people would be thinking about me making money.

However, some of the community members voiced their unfavorable opinions so the admins and I have decided to leave it up to the community to decide if these wearable should be approved or not.

  • Approve This Collection
  • Reject This Collection And The DAO Should Refund The Publishing Fees

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youre not very smart are you?

but, your really just feigning ignorance. very cute.

Note: Currently, due to the time and resources required to review each collection submitted, the 500 MANA publication fee is non-refundable . If your collection is rejected, you will not receive your 500 MANA back.

If the vote says that the collection is rejected, then you won’t be refunded the publishing fees.