[DAO: QmTR9LT] Lower Wearables Publication Fees

by 0x9e7afc6a9ba950559de7b5554227d9607984119b (Guest-9e7afc)

The new wearable feature added in Decentraland allows user to upload their own wearables in the metaverse. However, they have to pay 500 MANA to publish each item, not each NFT, which makes the market unaffordable for most 3D designers. I would like to propose to lower the fee, even deleted, so more businesses can jump to the market, make profits, and use these profits to promote the Decentraland Metaverse through private marketing.

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For the 3d designers out there who have already created a wearable but cannot afford the fee, feel free to message me about financing your launch. A successful wearables designer shouldn’t need to worry about the fee more than once or twice to get the ball rolling.


Aye, same here, HMU.

Disclaimer: Will only support bespoke art, no royalty free assets by other artists.