[DAO: QmYZoUg] Update Wearable non-refundable Publication Fee to what it was on October 2021

by 0x815bd8454f9fad2415a7903c7de310c130f9b117 (Hustler#b117)

As a new developer joining the DCL community I wanted to create wearables to run a business.

Quickly I found about the Wearable non-refundable Publication Fee that right now is set at 500 Mana ($1,590 with Mana at $3.18 at the time of writing this)

Because the price of MANA in October was around $0.80 this Publication Fee used to be around $400.

I propose to lower the current Publication Fee for Wearables to 150 MANA so the price in USD is what it used to be in October 2021.

My main drive to propose this change is because I feel that Decentraland Could have more stores where Clothing is for sale.

Fortnite Received 5 Billion USD of Revenue in 2020 mainly selling Skins so I feel Decentraland could be benefited from having more wearables sales.

I honestly don’t see a downside on Updating the Publication Fee to 150 MANA(Around $400 USD as it was in October 2021).

In conclusion, I propose to lower the Publication Fee of Wearables to 150 Mana. This change could allow more developers to create wearables giving the users more options on what to wear and how they wish to express themselves.

  • Lower Publication Fee to 150 MANA
  • Keep Publication Fee 500 MANA
  • Invalid question/options

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IMHO, $150 (not 150 MANA) refundable fee is practical and reasonable.
The solution should not be based on this: “This fee exists to deter users from publishing an excessive number of wearables in an attempt to “spam” the wearables market.”

  1. High fees will steer people away. We need more members, players, developers etc. to the site. The longevity, strength and value of Decentraland, in my view, are based on the mass (people) not the mass ($). “No people no $”
  2. High fees limit equal opportunities for creativities. At no intention we steer away chances of beautiful creations.
  3. SPAM can be controlled just like an email submitting to Decentraland and can be communicated with the sender(s).