[DAO:3e4bc99] : Decentraland Governance - Lowering Wearable Publishing Fee

by 0xed0e0cb94f60f72ec94bef848f5df4cbd365af1d (InJesterr)

This proposal aims to address concerns related to the publishing fee for wearables in Decentraland and suggests a revised pricing structure to create a more accessible environment for creators. By lowering the fee to $100, and adjusting the curator and DAO payouts to $30 and $70, respectively, this proposal seeks to encourage more participation in the creation of wearables and further incentivize curators and the Decentraland DAO.

Proposal Details:

Lowering the Wearable Publishing Fee:

The wearable publishing fee will be reduced to $100 (equivalent in MANA) to lower the barrier for creators to mint and publish their wearables on the Decentraland platform.
Adjusting Curator and DAO Payouts:

The curator payout for each wearable sale will be set at $30 (equivalent in MANA).
The remaining $70 (equivalent in MANA) from each wearable sale will be allocated to the Decentraland DAO.


Encouraging Creators: By lowering the publishing fee, creators will find it more accessible to mint and introduce their wearables to the market, promoting a diverse and engaging content ecosystem within Decentraland.

Strengthening the Decentraland DAO: Allocating $70 from each wearable sale to the Decentraland DAO will bolster the development and growth of the platform. The increased funds will enable the DAO to support community initiatives, projects, and platform improvements.

Improved User Engagement: With a more affordable publishing fee, creators can experiment and release more wearables, attracting a broader audience of users interested in exploring and purchasing unique and desirable digital assets.

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I voted yes, because I want to see billions or even trillions of L2 wearables :grinning:


As long as you are buying them @JasonX. We’ve been through this not that long ago. I do feel it should be lowered and have argued that it is a barrier to people who do not have the funds to submit a wearable. Now in other cases of changing a fee or price it is evidently acceptable to create a barrier to those people. I have been told there are people out there would or might be willing to help or to pay fully the fee for others but how you find them or even know to look or ask about it is beyond me. Lower yes, but there still needs to be one as basically the DAO’s own source of revenue, to pay those that ensure they are in compliance, and to keep a certain level of quality and supply for demand. At some point I would like to see us be able to remove it completely as DCL is supposed to be ‘Free’ as stated in, I forget who specifically but I think it was like Moraz or something, an original founder stated in their idea of what needs to happen in DCL to improve.


If it was up to me I would make it free to mint wearables. I guess eventually that’s what will happen in time. Idea of a user having the tools and ability to design, create and flex own skins it possibly the best onboarding we can ever do. How it will all work, I have no clue but this should be the our ultimate goal. Time to open up Decentraland to the rest of the WORLD. :grinning:


I agree that wearable publishing fees are insane and we should do what we can to lower the barrier for creators and also lower the price of wearables overall. But how will this affect our already fragile income, and what effect will it have on operations? Is $100 reasonable? I agree with @JasonX, I would love for it to be free or at least really cheap.


For example if the wearable curation committee was funded directly by the DAO, this would significantly reduce the cost for creators to publish wearables. Surely it will put further burden on DAO’s treasury. Either way I rather utilise DAO’s funds this way instead of the current grant scam’s who fail to delivery anything in return. Win, Win situation, no brainer. :grinning:


I agree with you on that. We are not 100% decentralized but working towards it. Hopefully it will come quickly but I think AI needs to be more accepted by people, AR/VR needs to be widely accepted and possibly other things like blockchain connectivity kinda like the introduction TCP for the internet. (sorry of topic a little)


AI is the future, sooner we implement it, better it is.


I kind of want to vote yes and see how this is implemented over a span of time, like 6 months or so. We could always try it for a while, and if we notice startling trends, we can vote to return it to $150. Would we see any change in publications? Would we eventually bring in more capital to the DAO?

How much are curators currently making per wearable? Does this include emotes also? We’ve had the current price in effect for a while, and it was voted on when mana was much, much higher. I’d like to see more sentiment from the community, especially wearable creators and the curation team (since I myself am not a wearable creator) before I vote.


I support reducing wearable publishing fees in Decentraland but must clarify my “yes” doesn’t necessarily endorse the $100 fee. Reassessing this amount to find a balance between costs for creators and ensuring sustainable revenue for the platform and its curators is important.

An alternative to consider is a combination of an upfront publishing cost with revenue-sharing from wearable sales. This could lower if not eliminate upfront costs for creators and maintain platform viability. Balancing benefits for creators, curators, the DAO, and the community is crucial. This is neither novel nor my idea alone. I’ve heard and seen this mentioned by others.

An example could be a $35 publishing fee with an 18% cut of sales. $25 and 5% goes to the curator with the balance going to the Decentraland DAO. This assumes certain sales revenue and payouts relative to current models, where I am not sure of current payouts (Curator vs. DAO).

The primary goal should be to encourage a diverse and engaging content ecosystem within Decentraland without compromising the platform’s financial viability.


I’m for lowering the fee and even removing the fee and curation process.

This can’t just be dropped and nothing else replacing it. Here is a brainstorm of alternative options and additional ideas. I believe publishments should tie to Decentraland names.

  1. Always required: Instructions for everyone to read and follow before they may publish any item.

  2. Must own a dcl name to publish free. For non dcl name owners maintain the $150 fee and this go directly to the dao.

  3. Make a monthly membership and a set amount of publishments per month.

  4. “Community notes” meaning if a publishment is posted under the wrong category or severe issues, it can be noted and restricted until corrected to proper category.

  5. Wearable report option on in-game character, marketplace, for copyrighted content or mismatched slot category. Dcl names that have too many copyrighted strikes may be banned from publishments and name flagged on marketplace

  6. A leveling system for artist publishments. Points/xp system could be weighed on dcl names that purchased the item and ranked between 1-10 stars and how many of their items sell. This leveling system stacks for each item created and sold. It also may count value of item to be a weight factor.

  7. New dcl names publishing an item could fall under a “new” artist category.

  8. Publishers that do not get any sales will get a negative xp/level added to their account.

  9. Copyrighted strikes, wrong category, and reported visual flaws will leave a major dent in any leveling progress a publisher has.

  10. The higher the level the easier it is to find when searching for wearables. Such as main page, recommended items, priority in recently sold, priority in searches, etc…

These are out of the can ideas and definitely need more thought and strategic planning added to them. The publishing system is a major barrier that needs to be resolved and the fee is a killer for the amazing application of wearable publishment. Every major social related platform allows users to post content for free and that includes the biggest social companies in the world and even Opensea. Just as TikTok is to short videos Decentraland is to wearables. The expression and showing off that expression is a power house.

At the end of the day the market will decide what they want to buy and use. The curation process doesn’t need to decide this for the buyer.


Isn’t it at $150 USD fee now and was increased to this not all that long ago? Of course I’d like cheaper fees but it seems ok enough to me. $500 was too much though when that was a thing!

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I would really love to have more active wearable creators and approval committee members weigh in here… they may not even visit the DAO often enough to know this issue is being discussed right now, and it could directly impact their business… I would rather they contribute to the discussion now, than find out after a proposal has been passed or rejected that this was being discussed.

@AwedJob @Seafoam @lyssin3d @LadyLove @Yannakis @Doki @theankou @michi @MetaDrip @supernina just tagging you all so you can give input here and we can have the most comprehensive view before we vote.

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100$ is okay for me,i think this is a good and balanced price, rather than 150$,

But i’m worried that curators payments will be reduced too, and this might be bad for current curators, because some of them live their life from income, which is not too big with current amount of published wearables for this couple of months

(bear market)

I think for now, there is no reason to reduce fees from 150 to 100, because it’s “bear” times for Decentraland and cryptocurrency itself, but maybe when times will be better, that will be a good option for waves of newcomers

Also, I’m against of full removal of fees and curation committee, this is bad idea for me, none of docs or rules will stop “meme and troll” people to publish some weird and broken things, which will cause a lot of issues in future updates of Decentraland


I think we will inevitably end up raising it again very soon if we lower it, so might as well just sit back and not do anything. The price is not the reason why people are submitting less. It is because there are extremely limited buyers right now and less speculation around the metaverse compared to in the bull. Less buyers → less sales → hard for creators to turn a profit → less people submitting wearables. a difference of $50 is almost negligible imo, aware others may not feel that same though. Also, pretty sure we pegged it to the dollar amount so we wouldnt have to deal with what we are dealing with now. I think we should focused on growing DAU and supporting current live games growth.


It would be nice to see some metrics from when the fee was first changed to see if another is really needed.

I know we went from 500 MANA flat rate to around 100 MANA for a while before making the change to $150 USD at time of submission in MANA.


Hey @Canessa,
Thank you for raising these questions, I think its important to lower the price and expiriment to see if we can get more wearables published, therefore creating a higher revenue incoming to the DAO & even Curators.

Q: How much are curators currently making per wearable?
A: Curators currently take 30% of the 150$ so that would be 50$.

Q: Does this include emotes also?
A: Yes, all NFTs that are going to be published through DCL will be lowered.

Hey @Billyteacoin & @Sannin
I think the problem was the opposite because the publication was 100 MANA the price was becoming too low for the curators because MANA’s price was dropped. We changed it to 150$ through MANA instead of 100 MANA.