[DAO:a1de310] Reduce the Cost of Publishing Wearables on Decentraland

by 0x403fa2da716cc36df9eedbf9c6dd6a9b6b314326 (Steezyarts)

The proposal to reduce the cost of publishing wearables on Decentraland aims to address the current high cost of publishing on the platform, which currently stands at $150. This cost is seen as a barrier to entry for many creators, particularly small-scale creators, investors, and collectors, hindering the growth and diversity of content on the platform. The proposal aims to reduce the cost to a reasonable amount that the Decentraland community feels is appropriate, with a suggestion of reducing it to $25. This change would make the platform more accessible and encourage a wider range of creators to participate, leading to a more diverse and engaging user experience.

The reduction in the cost of publishing wearables aligns with Decentraland’s mission of being an open and accessible platform for all creators and users.

The Decentraland community is encouraged to support this proposal and work together to create a more inclusive and thriving ecosystem.

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I’ve been a long-time advocate for reduced wearable publishing fees and agree $150 is too high. It isn’t just a barrier for small creators - but big creators as well that want to keep rewards fresh and free in their experiences.

However, I do not know if the DCL marketplace or the Curation team are able to handle a large influx of new wearable submissions at this time.

For this reason I am abstaining until I hear from someone more qualified as to whether or not this would be feasible.

One thing I had recommended awhile back would be for every new user to have their first n number of wearables publishable free of charge.

Its a good proposal for “people” but not for DAO financial health, though i maybe wrong

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I believe its one of the main incomes for the DAO so reducing it to 25$ would mean a 75% lower income from submissions as well as no payment for the curation committee. Could also result in much lower quality of submissions like we saw during the 100 mana fee days and without a curation committee the market would just flood with broken wearables. Not a good idea overall

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We need to consider another proposal in this case, if that 150 mana price can be turned into VP power, then it make sense to stay at this price

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Hey Decentraland citizens and community members,

I completely agree with your thoughts on the importance of reducing the submission fee for wearable content in Decentraland. By making it more accessible and affordable, we can attract more creators and designers, leading to a larger and more diverse collection of wearables on the platform. This could in turn drive more traffic and sales, potentially compensating for the decrease in income from submissions.

I also think that alternative measures can be taken to ensure the quality of submissions, such as having a more stringent review process or a community-driven curation system.

Regarding the suggestion of offering free submissions for new users, I understand the reasoning behind it, but I believe that the focus should be on increasing the daily user count and finding alternative financial options to make the platform accessible to everyone. This will ensure the platform’s sustainability and accessibility, which is crucial for its long-term success.

I fully agree that the Decentraland DAO should host an event to discuss real problems and find solutions, with a focus on resolving the submission fee issue and finding ways to scale the platform to attract more users. Without these efforts, Decentraland may lose its place in the long run of the metaverse.

Numbers of user in decentraland - https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/the-final-word-on-decentralands-numbers

Hey Decentraland community,

We would like to express our concern about the imbalance of power in decision making within the community. One individual holding too much power to get proposals through or deny them goes against the principles of decentralization and could result in unfavorable outcomes for the community as a whole. In order to maintain a balanced distribution of power and ensure the fair treatment of all members, it’s important to make decisions through a democratic process.

Additionally, we have noticed that a few members with significant voting power are creating barriers for small creators and investors, which goes against the essence of a decentralized community and could lead to a loss of trust. It’s crucial that everyone has an equal voice and equal opportunity to participate in the decision making process.

We also request all members who voted no to elaborate on their reasons for doing so. Transparency and open communication is essential for maintaining a strong and vibrant community, and by sharing their thoughts and opinions, they can help us make informed decisions in the future.

Let’s work together to maintain a balanced and fair Decentraland community.

What if there were a micro-grants program that could financially aid first time collectible creators with submission fees?


Hey Awedjob,

A micro-grants program aimed at aiding first-time collectible creators with submission fees could have both advantages and disadvantages in both the short and long term.

In the short term, this program could provide much-needed financial support to help new creators get started and bring their ideas to fruition. By covering the cost of submission fees, the program could help level the playing field and offer a valuable boost to those who might otherwise struggle to get their work recognized.

However, in the long term, it is important to consider the impact this program could have on the collectible market as a whole. There may also be concerns about fairness and equal opportunity if only a limited number of creators receive financial support.

In conclusion, while a micro-grants program could provide short-term benefits, it’s crucial to consider the potential long-term consequences and strive for a balance that promotes growth and sustainability in the collectible market. We believe that there is a better solution to this problem, but we need the smartest minds to come up with it.

Why do I get the feeling that @Steezyarts is quoting ChatGPT or something similar. Not to say the replies are wrong or not. Just bears the question are you a bot or just copy pasting? I think there needs to be a reduction of some sort. Is there a breakdown somewhere of where the fees are designated? How much to the DAO? How to curation? Is there a set amount the each member gets or how does it work? I think at least a reduction to $100 would make a huge difference.

Reduce the Cost of Publishing Wearables on Decentraland

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Reduce the Cost of Publishing Wearables on Decentraland

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