Black Lives Matter Charity Minting Event

Hi. My friends and I made these black lives matters wearables that are still pending review:

We are getting trolled my people who think we are keeping all the profits so I was thinking it would be cool to have an “official” decentraland event- something where we choose a few real charities for pro-black related things and promise to donate a certain amount to all the charities, depending on how many of the items are minted in some time frame, say the rest of July…

Anyway, if anyone is interested in this and /or is willing to provide some space on their land to be used for this temporarily and / or has other ideas please comment here! Thanks

so bringing up a legitimate concern is trolling, sounds fair.

You jumped in out of nowhere in that thread with a very negative tone.

This is the place for the discussion you wanted to have I think.

Hey Jim, respectfully the DCL community would appreciate if you left BLM, or anything of a mainstream political nature for that matter, out of our ecosystem. Thank you


I think that any and all proceeds of this item should be given entirely to the BLM charity, and that it should be actually minted by them.

Offering only a percentage for ‘pro black-related things’ during ‘some time’ or ‘rest of July’ really makes me think that you are indeed not the right party to be using this IP.

Feels like trying to profit off of a movement/IP you do not own or are actively involved with and trying to justify it in a poor way, and also I feel similarly to the sentiments of not wanting to see political items in general on DCL


I don’t understand why all the hate about the Black Lives Matter movement.

I am trying to promote a good thing here. :thinking:

No hate for the Black Lives Matter movement, just hate for your attempt to personally profit off of it. You really think that donating a percent of sales for the remainder of this calendar month is enough to offset the long term impact of creating an item like this?

The only admirable way to do this would be having a separate wallet that mints this and publicly donates 100% of all proceeds that this item makes to charities determined by the community on an indefinite basis. Suggesting that you “may donate some percent” for around 20 days still strongly implies you intent to personally gain on it. Not a good look overall.

I personally do not thing it’s ethically right for you to attempt to personally gain off of this. Red flags to me was your research into the legalities of what you’re attempting to do, and further dismissal of any negative commentary on your individual actions as hate on the movement is further solidifying that maybe it’d be best if you didn’t.

The underlying feeling of cultural and social appropriation for individual personal profit is the overall sentiment that you are failing to see.


@Xeta It seems kind of unfair though that you are saying the time, effort, and mana it cost me to create these is worth $0.00…

Aye, have to agree, no affiliation with the organisation stated, seems like a cash grab. Fully support Xeta’s reasoning. 100% proceeds to be distributed to various charities or bust.

Also RE; Time and effort to make them. You didn’t have to make them? BLM organisation didn’t commission you to make them so why do you feel entitled to compensation? You’re capitalising off of a movement founded on principles of human ethics and also making it about yourself. Your last comment about how unfair it is to you lost my respect.


A better way to have gone about it would have been to have requested a level 1 community grant for the mana to mint this and cover any time in creation, and again, you put a logo for a movement you didn’t create on a hoodie and are trying to profit off it it. Sure, you did some research but you are getting the same feedback you are on multiple channels, so maybe there’s something worth considering.

Again, I don’t think that you personally should benefit from this, and that this item’s sole purpose should be for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Going to reject the collection (@DecentraJim) until we find a solution about this conflict.

I responded to this collection very early on, asking about profits being shared. That is and remains a legitimate concern, however I would love to see these wearables in DCL. I think it is important to be able to mint and support social justice wearables/causes.

Maybe there is a special mint category for “charitable” wearables. Where as part of the collection, it is predetermined where the proceeds will go, as I think @Xeta was saying, doing so through a separate wallet, that can disperse covering of the mint cost and any agreed upon proceeds to the designer.

@DecentraJim I agree with what is being said, if you had the express permission and an agreement with BLM to mint the wearables, I would 100% support your compensation. As it stands, I would not be opposed to recovering your minting costs on the wearables, for so long as there was a donation of all proceeds to the movement.

Overall, however, I for one support the wearable, and would love to be able to sport it! I hope we can find a way to bring it into the world!

@EndRacism I don’t think it is appropriate to speak on behalf of the entire DCL community, respectfully. I fully endorse porting of social justice issues into DCL, as well as that of other legitimate political issues and movements, that I may be opposed to, for so long as they are not hateful and exclusionary. We can not stick our heads in the sand just because we are existing in digital spaces. What we do in the virtual has impacts on the actual, and visa versa.

Well because of all the hate comments here the admins rejected the collection and I’m beat for 1500 mana. thanks everybody…