How to boost sales of your wearables?

Hi all,

I minted my first collection a few months ago now, and so far have not made much money at all. I don’t think my wearables are the worst things I have seen on the marketplace, so I am not sure why they arent selling.

As it stands I have made a big loss on my wearable collection.

Any advice?


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What have you done to promote them so far?

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I have been sharing on NFT forums but thats about it

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Not a direct answer, but lack of sales could also just be due to the current market environment. NFT sales in general have declined dramatically this year. I think DCL active player count has been in decline as well.

I’m in a similar position as a wearables maker who hasn’t sold much. My personal take is maybe now isn’t the best time to be publishing, given the state of the market and decline of MANA. People might not be buying because they’re either losing interest in DCL or unsure of DCL’s future. Interested in hearing other people’s opinions though.

i think it would help, if you make nice artwork behind your wearable and share on twitter and just make sure others see it more, ill say reserve a few for a couple giveaways if its not a to limited product ( try posting legendary wearable at affordable price most likely will make your money back from that option if you have a nice item

Yeah, I heard of the decline too. Lets hope things improve!



Good tip!, I think these are great ideas. Thanks mate

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yes sir bro my twitter is @scrapgonspaz for examples - people also like @TheGoldGuy does it very well and heres a site to see whats selling (Top 10 Decentraland Wearables Last 12 Hours Most MANA Made - Stateless Report) @stateless