[DAO: QmdhZue] Should wearables carry at least 1 Voting Power?

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This last idea i propose is from a past conversation i had with a great friend of mine TheCryptoTengu & i came to realize that our wearables don’t hold any Voting Power even though we paid MANA for them and technically staking them in Decentraland. I believe the wearables shouldn’t be worth exactly what you paid for in MANA but it should AT LEAST be 1 MANA and maybe there can be a set up like minimum MANA per rarity. (ex: Unique = 100 VP | Mythic = 10 VP | Legendary = 5VP | Epic = 4VP | Rare = 3VP Common = 1 VP Uncommon = 0 VP )

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Right now one wearable collection = one smart contract, so if we need to do this for wearable owners, i am guessing there are many more smart contracts that the DAO voting platform need to take snapshot with, so I am not sure whether this is technically feasible.

Wearable creators should definitely get more voting power as they are contributing content to DCL. Right now creators’ voting power are spent when they publish their wearable, and only earn it back when their wearables are able to sell.

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Thank you for sharing this Tomasu, This is All Very True!! Hopefully when this can technically be put in place it does. I think creators’ voting power should stay the same or double since they are reinvesting that voting power to publish. Also, after speaking with AnimatorKirk… He shared that he agreed & he would also like to see a history of activity of those who are/have published. This would be valuable to all creators.

Are you talking about wearables owned by creators or wearables owned by players?

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Step 1: create wearable
Step 2: set to 100,000 mints
Step 3: get approval
Step 4: mint all nft’s to own wallet
Step 5: vote with 100k VP.

Terrible idea, IMO

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Thank you for your opinion Arnjjoe :slight_smile: … In my proposal i clearly state uncommon would be 0 VP… Also i commented earlier for creators instead of losing their voting power they are investing to publish, maybe nothing gets taken away or it gets doubled, that would be the max limit of VP given to creators. We can place a restriction as well that Creators dont earn VP from their own creations. And if you buy 100k NFTs throughout your metaverse experience, YES you should have 100k Voting Power :innocent:

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Owned by players in general… Creators are amongst us and collect themselves… For creators, they shouldn’t lose their Voting Power when they publish & should have an activity list of items they have successfully published. For users, they shouldn’t carry all the Voting power they spent on their wearables but there should be tiers from rarity that give them a certain amount of VP per wearable

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I agree i didnt propose anything myself because i was trying to figure out a way to combat manipulation. However to compare with real world when you spend money or make something you take on risk. You do lose power and go into debt until you make a return on profit. Holding a item is essentially up to value of the people and free market. This is a slippery slope. I personally like the idea of content creators keeping what they pay for submission but that just means people with a lot of money who create will be able to outvote those who dont. In a sense rewards people putting time and energy into dcl same time can slight those who arent and lead to a Aristocratic type society where the top looks down on the little and im not about that either.

Its a hard balance. Same time i dont like how people who used this platform every day and do spend thier hard earned money have zero vote power into the future and structure of DCL. Id like to say every registered player should have one vote power but we also have problems with bots. Either way its screwed up all around. That lead me to not make a proposal at all.


Sure ya did.

but you also said:

Probably a typo, but the point still stands that i could easily multiply my 100 mana worth of VP by making a wearable and minting them all to myself.
As a creator with everything to gain from this proposal, I still think this is a bad idea.
Just look at the sheer volume of wearables that are submitted every day and consider for a moment the incredible influx of voting power that this would produce.
It would lead to the minimum VP to pass needing to be increased, which would ultimately defeat the purpose.

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Thanks for your feedback. Definitely not a typo… I believe if you purchase an item you deserve VP. If you create an item you deserve 100 VP max instead of losing VP… Simple…

so 0 VP for uncommon and 1 VP for common isn’t a typo?



If that’s not a typo, then that still means that I can spend 100 mana minting a common wearable and give myself 100k vp. Just not with uncommon, for some reason?

And if it IS a typo, then I guess I can’t multiply my vp x1k, but I can multiply it by 100.
I really think you need to rethink your math here.

Not a typo lol… I don’t need to rethink anything… I am not sure if you have been reading what im saying or just waiting to reply :rofl: " I believe if you purchase an item you deserve VP. IF YOU CREATE AN ITEM YOU DESERVE 100VP MAX INSTEAD OF LOSING VP… Simple… " My proposal was aimed towards those spending VP to buy their NFTs from Creators not Creators buying from themselves. The same way L1 wearables have passed to hold VP…

L1 wearables holding VP makes sense, because they’re in limited supply, being that all DCL wearables are now minted on L2.
L1 wearables are a part of Decentraland’s origin story . The number of wearables on L2 will continue to increase, probably exponentially, which means they are in absolutely unlimited supply.

The two propositions bear little in common.

This makes 1000% sense, just look at 4 votes with 500k VP…some really greedy rich people are invited and you aint…they dont want us in here…

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The more I read proposals the more I see 4 people trump 20, 50 or 100 majority. I believe players and users should have more of a say since without them, there is no DCL anyway, I think we should give their opinion more weight, regardless of their financial position. Thank you.

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Should wearables carry at least 1 Voting Power?

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Should wearables carry at least 1 Voting Power?

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