[DAO:2c786d0] Should the DAO assign VP to Decentraland's Content Creators?

by 0x511a22cdd2c4ee8357bb02df2578037ffe8a4d8d (ginoct)


As Decentraland and the immersive social media trend continue to grow, the importance of content creators cannot be overstated. These individuals are responsible for creating the wearables and in-game items that bring our metaverse to life, let people express themselves via their looks and empower the vision of an open and decentralized creator’s economy. However, their contributions are currently not recognized in the governance of the project


To acknowledge the vital role of content creators in the Decentraland ecosystem, we propose that voting power (VP) be assigned to those who submit and get their collections (Wearables & Emotes) approved by the Wearables Curation Committee. The VP would be awarded as follows:

  • Content creators must pay a submission fee to have their creations published in the marketplace. At the moment the fee is set at USD 150 paid in MANA.
  • Once the collection is approved, the cost in MANA will be awarded to the wallet that submitted the collection.
  • The amount of VP awarded will be determined by the price of the MANA at the moment of the submission (or approval, based on technical feasibility) following the existing 1 MANA = 1 VP rate.
  • If the collections get rejected by the Wearables Curation Committee that VP will be subtracted from the total VP count.


In addition to amplifying the voice of content creators in the governance of the project, this proposal is expected to have the following benefits:

  • Encourage more people to create and submit high-quality content, leading to a more diverse and vibrant metaverse.
  • Create an incentive for content creators to continue contributing to the project.
  • Create a way for content creators to be rewarded for their work.
  • Yes
  • No
  • Invalid question/options

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Bad idea imo…

Will past submissions be honored (Including the ones submitted at 500 MANA flat rate) ?

Will this VP have the ability to be delegated?

There are a few of us who got ledgers and/or got wallets that have submitted wearables compromised, how would this be addressed?


You can delegate VP in snapshot, I see no reason to believe this VP wouldn’t be able to be delegated.

I would think that if this passes, any past submissions should be included.

I think that adding VP incentive for the people actively build in DCL makes sense. I’m not sure this is the best solution, but it is the best solution I’ve seen presented to help give more of a voice in the DAO to the people I see busting their ass building DCL every day.


Reasons don’t matter, it will most likely get passed - who doesn’t love free VP?

Submit wearable → have (some) sales → now you got VP from submission + MANA which holds VP. Rinse and repeat = become whale.

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You have to pay the submission fee in order to get your wearables listed on the Marketplace… if your plan is to become a whale and you have the financial means to do it why not just buy MANA or LAND without having to design wearables/emotes? Your scenario doesn’t make sense at all.

Regarding VP delegation, as with any other VP source, it can be delegated.

Regarding past submissions, you have a point regarding compromised wallets but… isn’t that the same with wallets that hold MANA/LAND and got compromised? What would be the difference here?

Love it, questions answered with questions.

Yes, you get MANA from sales too, that holds VP. If you want to create more wearables and use that MANA from sales then yes VP has to be risked/sacrificed.

I already do this (NAMEs/LAND/MANA for VP), and because that would mean I’d have to be holding these in order to have the VP. Yes it’s a bit extreme from my part to say “become whale”. My point on that is I get VP from submitting + sales, I can use sales to keep submitting and grab more VP. Rinse and Repeat (no I’m not having into account if or how much of those actually sell).

So I’m guessing the answer is VP gets awarded yet lost in any case.

What about delegation of this VP? Possible?

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I’d like content creators to have a stronger voice, so if they put effort into designing wearables and emotes to make DCL an expressive medium, I’d like to not get that VP sacrificed.

If you rinse and repeat, you’d probably end up losing VP (and money). We can do the math and take the last three months of data and see how much VP a content creator who earned and submitted multiple collections would end up having.

Correct, there is no check for compromised wallets


Sounds good, thank you.

Forgot to ask, what about past submissions - will they be honored? or would this start counting once/if it passes ?

I like this idea! But what is the relationship between this proposal and Yemel’s last proposal?

In Yemel’s proposal, we saw

So, should we include other the active members (event organizer, building creator, voter…) in the VP distribution list? And maybe we come up with a more comprehensive plan?

I believe this proposal is fair…who publish a wearable is investing on the platform and helping Decentraland to grow. Im my opinion we should give some power to the ones that are working hard to make things happens. The wearables market is one of the driving forces behind Decentraland and must be stimulated! I also believe the past submissions should be honored.

Nice proposal @ginoct : Voting No, personally I’m not a fan of the DAO assigning VP to anyone - IMO VP must be purchased or acquired through delegation.


in theory i’m not entirely opposed to this, but in practice this creates a huge amount of VP inflation - would be nice to run some calculations about the amount of VP created by wearable submitted up to this point


I am voting Yes because there is not even enough VP to get anything passed at this point. I have two non grant proposals that require 4m VP each and when even getting everyone to vote Yes on it i not enough. Open to alternative solutions but as of now this is the only one I see so down.

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This has been something we as a community have needed for a while. Why are we just awarding those with parcels that most don’t do anything with? Why are we awarding only those with copious amounts of resources? Why are we not awarding those who invest time AND money into the platform? If someone was going to just use wearables to gain VP they’d be wasting their money because there are far more efficient ways to gain more VP with less money (NAMES). Why would we award people who HOLD L1 wearables but not award the people who create the wearables TO be held? xD

I think anyone can look at the revenue numbers over the last year and see how much revenue has been generated by wearable submissions and wearable secondary sales. There is no debate here on whether or not the wearable creators assist in driving the platform forward in a significant way. Again, why would we NOT invest in them with VP? All it does is level the playing field (finally) of creators’ voices being heard. Which empowers those creators to vote and participate. We have already lost a few great creators due to the imbalance of voices being heard and control being taken over the DAO. Let’s not lose more to other platforms.

Not only creators but builders too. Builders and creators are what make this platform. They’re the ones filling it with content. They’re the ones establishing economies and ecosystems. That doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, dedication, planning, and organizing. Some would argue these are similar skills in which whales used to achieve their “wealth” and are able to buy or get contracts for an insane amount of VP. If they’re being rewarded for those traits why aren’t the builders/creators?

I strongly advocate for this and urge any creator or builder to vote with whatever amount of VP you have. If we don’t speak up for ourselves then we allow others who don’t walk in our shoes to do so. :heart: :pray:


Because making it possible for anyone to obtain VP and making it so anyone could create their own VP are 2 different things. I believe mostly this is wanted due to the whale voting and creators with less VP feeling without a voice, at least a not strong enough one rather than to actually reward/incentivize creators more.


I like this proposal as I haven’t seen any risks or have thought of any that may cause huge issues to DCL. I would love to hear other perspectives, but it seems like we are mostly giving a voice to those who invest their time, energy, and resources into DCL. If there is an unforeseen issue that arises should this be passed and out into effect, we can revisit the topic via a new proposal. If many are agreeing or seeing the same negativity, it should pass without issue.

One other thing I’d like to add that I didn’t in my original reply is that we should consider applying this same thought process / methodology to other content creators in DCL (e.g., builders). Another community member posted another poll or proposal that was created that makes mention of the other DCL roles that could benefit themselves and the community with obtaining VPs for their services/efforts.

i did the math here, i’m not entirely sure it’s correct because of the many different variables involved (mostly the price of mana, but wearables also used to cost more, etc etc)

there are 4259 collections in the dao transparancy sheet - not all of them are approved, but it’s also only from june 2021. let’s just assume all of them were approved and let’s just assume that all of them would give 150 VP.

so 4259 * 150 = 638,850 total VP gained by creating collections.

the same dao transparency sheet says that there is currently 64,387,623 total VP - how much of that is regularly active is another matter and should probably also be investigated in terms of this choice.

so 638000 / 64387623 = 0.0099 or ~1%

that’s in about 1.5 years so let’s say the VP inflation from wearables collections is ~0.66% / year. so the question becomes, is that a level of inflation we are okay with? is there anything causing VP deflation to offset this?

For now, i’m going to vote yes and hope this reaches the next stage where i hope we can have some more discussion about the details.


Thanks for doing the math for all of us @dax ! I’m interested to see more conversations develop around this topic as there are many things to still address. But knowing that this would only cause roughly a 0.66% increase in the VP inflation every year is pretty reasonable I think. For independent artists, this could really benefit their journey and investments in the platform. 150 can add up pretty quickly! :raised_hands: