[DAO: QmcK4Cd] Adding VP for Wearable Creations DCL

by 0xae8bf49b1f8d56061bc693b7841c785b8e903ec5 (Turtles)

“This was idea was featured in an earlier poll of mine, and it caught a lot of traction. I would love to hear the community’s response.”

Hello, I am not the first to think of this proposal. However, I wanted to be the voice of the community. As we all know the only reasoning you are able to receive any type of voting power is through the purchase of Names, Mana, or Land/Estates. It’s difficult to have decentralized form of governance if the opinions of a few can have decisions over the many. I have seen numerous proposals with 60-100+ yes proposals getting turned down, because 1-2 people vote no with VP that was delegated to them. What we are trying to build shouldn’t just be based of the decisions of the elite few, it should come from the voice of the people. For example, why should the opinion of someone who was delegated 1 million VP that doesn’t even log into DCL dictate the choices, and the voice of the community of 60+ others that do, or actively try to grow, and make DCL a better Metaverse? For those reasons, I am proposing that we implement a system for giving creators of wearables VP

Creation of Wearables. As many of you know, it costs 100 mana to create a wearable submission. This is the same cost as a name, so why shouldn’t you received VP in the same sense? This should equate to 1/4 the cost aka 25 VP per wearable you create. It’s smaller than the names, but you have a chance to make mana off of sales, so this seems like a fair trade.

Thank you!

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i would maybe argue that it should be only approved wearable submissions? wdyt?

This issue has already been raised and voted upon multiple times. A final proposal will be coming out this week that focuses on L1 wearables.

I have spent over 1,000+ Mana on wearable approval fees alone. I def down. What about the ones that use to pay 500 mana per a wearable. Would they get more? I had to do that once before they lowered the price. i think all OGs that spent over 500 mana per wearable approval back in the beginning days should get more VP out of respect to there early contributions as well. So def down for a proposal on something like this.


Adding VP for Wearable Creations DCL

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 742 VP (10 votes)
  • No 0% 0 VP (0 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 99% 1,381,989 VP (6 votes)