[DAO: QmV4Sbj] Adding VP for Wearable Creations, Voting Participation, and In-Game Active Time in DCL

by 0xae8bf49b1f8d56061bc693b7841c785b8e903ec5 (Turtles)

I am not the first to think of this proposal. However, I wanted to be the voice of the community. As we all know the only reasoning you are able to receive any type of voting power is through the purchase of Names, Mana, or Land/Estates. It’s difficult to have decentralized form of governance if the opinions of a few can have decisions over the many. I have seen numerous proposals with 60-100+ yes proposals getting turned down, because 1-2 people vote no with VP that was delegated to them. What we are trying to build shouldn’t just be based of the decisions of the elite few, it should come from the voice of the people.
For example, why should the opinion of someone who was delegated 1 million VP that doesn’t even log into DCL dictate the choices, and the voice of the community of 60+ others that do, or actively try to grow, and make DCL a better Metaverse?
For those reasons, I am proposing that we implement a system to add more VP into the game, and more ways to accrue such points.

  1. Accrual of VP based on time spent in DCL In-game. This can be done by counting activity spent in the Metaverse as a time translation to VP. For example, what if you logged into DCL, and were active either by participating in activities, social experiences, ICE Poker, and others etc. Whether it’s a certain allotted amount of time, or maybe days this seems like a fair exchange of governance say for those involved.

  2. Creation of Wearables. As many of you know, it costs 100 mana to create a wearable submission. This is the same cost as a name, so why shouldn’t you received VP in the same sense? This should equate to 1/4 the cost aka 25 VP per wearable you create. It’s smaller than the names, but you have a chance to make mana off of sales, so this seems like a fair trade.

  3. Participation in Governance Voting. Those who vote, regardless of their VP, should be able to reach a threshold of earning VP, for helping out the governance body. This would encourage a more diverse opinion of many in DCL, and hopefully increase participation on the DAO.

These are 3 such ways we can help to improve our governance system, and the future of Decentraland in general! I look forward to your opinions! Thank you!

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I recommend splitting this into 3 proposals as the asks are very different.

Ive been a proponent of assigning VP to wearable creators for a while. These are folks actively adding content to the world and should over time have their voices heard louder.

Voter Participation can be gamed/farmed so I have huge concerns there and cannot support this.

In game active time is also something that many people farm today by connecting to multiple servers simultaneously. We call it phasing. There is also a lack of public data/metrics around in world users and connection times. Making VP contingent on web2 based measurement systems would be a terrible tragedy and should be avoided at all costs.


I don’t disagree with you in your thoughts. We will look into splitting it up in the near future, but I would like opinions before we do so. The problem is that the game/Devs needs to address the bots, not necessarily the players. Ultimately, if you are in DCL actively, you should have a say somehow, regardless of money, or things in the game. Whether it’s 1 VP for every 24hours of in-game or, whatever it should still add to something. a Person farming VP by doing this would then at most get 100 VP, or so a year? That wouldn’t add up to millions in influence people get by getting massive amounts delegated to them.

You are incorrect about how farming would work, especially when there is so much at stake. If I wanted to farm DCL VP from connections, I’d spin up 1000s of containers and log into DCL headlessly so I dont need to render, which reduces the compute resources. This could be done on cloud and scaled dramatically across different IPs. The farmed VP could then be delegated across multiple accounts or vote on each proposal using a script.

While this may seem crazy, I can assure you this is not a problem to execute for any dev experienced in the DCL’s full stack.

“Showing up” is not equivalent to having a financial stake in the system. Requiring some complex Oracle to decide what is and is not legitimate traffic deserving of VP will just result in the system being gamed and socially engineered. Spending time and resources to open up vulnerabilities is a big NO from me.

Outside of Wearble creations, what else in your opinion should allow VP then? I want to see what other things we can brainstorm, not just what my community has offered.

Farming VP would defiantly not be a good idea. It just opens the door to abuse with use of bots/alt accounts.
People have excessive vp is 1) they are a traded company who then buy up land and accumulate vp. They then have the power to vote on grants for projects for other accounts they are involved in.
2) Users who are given grants may used those funds to also acquire land/name/ which also give them vp power.
3)They were early adopters and acquired when it was cheap, and lots of it.
4)Just made smart decisions and built up their MANA reserves.

VP for creators of wearables… I can see that being possible. 100vp for each item (not each collection) that is held in you wallet. The question is what if the mana fee changes. should it be vp be 1 vp per 1 manan fee. VP should not be attached to the value of the wearable because that changes so fast. Also same as above what if someone is creating wearables using funds from a grant.

More to be discussed.

I have spent like 800 Mana on wearable creations and hundreds of Mana on buying other peoples wearables so I def like the idea of people that do the same as me getting more VP since sucks everytime I pay to create for DCL community I get less VP, it is counter productive. So thank you for this proposal. I am on the fence about the other two 1. and 3. since what others have brought up people can just VP farm with multiple non used accounts and keep them logged in. maybe proof of activity wither it be poap collection or some type of proof they are a real player? hope this helps thanks bro .

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I think it should be 1 vote per person and a certain amount of time active in dcl., i do like the vp for wearables created. I cant vote on this one, as i think it should be broken up into 3. Like i said, i think it should be one vote per person, not how much you own.

Agree with @AaronLeupp completely.

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Adding VP for Wearable Creations, Voting Participation, and In-Game Active Time in DCL

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 4% 30,407 VP (7 votes)
  • No 11% 79,315 VP (4 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 85% 580,465 VP (6 votes)

Anything related to time in DCL will be gamed and farmed. You are incentivizing creating bot accounts that exist solely for collecting votes. This would also require a web2 solution for assigning VP which is a non starter.