Fractional MANA Pricing Governance Proposal Discussion

Good morning,
A Pre-proposal Poll regarding allowing fractional MANA sales was recently passed, and as promised, I want to bring the discussion to the community. Several valid points were brought up in the comments section of the original poll, and I would love to hear additional thoughts/concerns/feedback before moving to the next stage and creating the Governance Proposal Draft.

You can view the original poll here: Would you support a proposal to allow fractional MANA sales in the secondary market?

What points do you agree with or disagree with? What items should be added or removed in order to make the proposal better, and something the vast majority of the community can get behind? I believe that as mentioned in the comments, it’s a great idea to somehow include the option to BLOCK bids from being placed on your items if you choose. Also, bouncing off of @Antua and some of the concerns they mentioned, should there be a limitation on the low end, to prevent everything with a large supply from being worthless?

In a previous poll that did not pass, @Manadaiquiri mentioned that if this were to be implemented, perhaps users should have to pay their own gas fees for transactions under 1 MANA.

How do you feel about these suggestions and the overall proposal in general? Please share your thoughts and let’s discuss this further!

Since it is in the contract and some users are already able to do it, I would vote yes.

But those low value items will keep circulating in the market and people will be relisting them for 0.001 MANA everyday.

The only option I see is to burn them. Maybe then brands and creators who create bad wearables will try to create something better seeing their creations getting burned.

Of course no one will burn them willingly, maybe Decentraland should create recycling plant where it is possible to burn wearables in exchange for some rewards (better quality wearables with lower quantity, maybe even small amount of MANA, gifts from partners).

Going forward we would need some preventive measures so that bots can’t acquire insane amounts of free wearables again, for example allow to mint free wearables during events only if user meets some criteria (for example, has bought name, is holding x amount of MANA, account is older than x, has spent x hours playing DCL, if data like that is available)

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Hi citrons,
Thanks for your reply!
I see your point about the items still circulating, but I know myself and several others enjoy hoarding ‘junk’ items. (Who knows, maybe years from now they will be worth a dollar or two! haha!) I think at .001 most items could be absorbed, though the 100k qty items might still be hard to absorb. I REALLY like your idea about a recycling program or exchange of some sort. Perhaps turning in ‘junk’ items could accumulate you an on parcel coin or token, which could then be redeemed for more desirable wearables. I think many creators would support and contribute to such a project.

You’re also correct in the fact that we need preventative measures to keep people from item farming endlessly. The members of the support team I’ve talked to about this all agree, and have said that they are looking into ways to stop this in the future. You have great suggestions there too.

Have you got any feedback on how I can make the proposal better? Thanks again for your time. And sorry for the delay in my response. I wanted to try to give the conversation a chance to start without my influence.