Disabled Wearable Collection after minting

Hello, I just experienced an unfortunate event of my collection being disabled about 12 hours after approval and copies already minted and sold in the marketplace. Reason being vehicle designs will be on hold till further notice. (I see many ‘vehicle’ designs in the marketplace, I don’t think it is appriopriate to disable all of them)

I understand that standards need to be upheld but abrupt withdrawal of approval for a wearable is a little too high handed. I would have accepted the decision if the collection was not approved in the first place. Those who had bought the wearables before the disabling now would not be able to use them despite paying MANA to the store. If I resubmit a new design, it would also be unfair to them since they did not pay for the modified concept.

I am also preparing more wearables for a commercial event launch, now I am worried if those will also get suddenly killed off after approval.

If a collection gets disabled so easily, it will greatly damage the reputation of DCL’s governance quality in the long run.

Do strongly reconsider when flipping approvals!


Hey, we made sure to disable before any sales were made so you can alter the design to follow the rules and get it on the marketplace again! Just checked history and made sure no sales were made on the collection.

Hi, I had been monitoring the sales, there was at least 1 sale on the Type 2 at 18 MANA. Not sure if it was refunded.

While we are at this, is there any where creators can check for these hidden ‘rules’?

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First page of guidelines. Also after having a discussion with the committee we decided its better to stick to the armature of the human body to not ruin the games mechanics since it doesnt yet support vehicels.

Ok. I am actually aware of this, but there were so many wearables out there with similar make (riding on UFOs, tigers, tiny cockroaches, etc), thus I tried to make something of the same concept.

Thanks for the advice. Do check out the sale pre-disabling (should be 1 sale based on the records), the disappearing collection may cause some undesirable user experience.

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Completely agree and sorry for the inconvenience! Will be really happy to see you make something that can be approved asap and get it back on the market!

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If something like the roach was to be submitted ( full skin ) now, would it not me allowed or is something like the roach still ok?

One sale was by the product owner ~
@Lauretta was going to follow up on the forum with updated feedback!

@Matsumoto roach is ok forever~

I mean like would a new small creature wearable skin the size of the roach ( not a side pet) is be approved now?

Not anymore, the roach was a once off as Skins was a new category and a few things got approved when they shouldn’t have. Skins like this will cause issues with the upcoming games and VR.
When wearing VR you wont have hands or feet or body which means you’ll have trouble grabbing things and engaging with the game which is why the guidelines are getting updated ASAP to help the creators of DCL make wearables without the stress of grey areas.
Thank you so much for your question! I think a few people are asking the same thing~


Best reply, and just what I wanted to hear (VR).