Still waiting for approval on my Decentraland Wearables Collection after a week?

Hello everyone,

I sent my collection in for approval, last Sunday, and I am still waiting for it to be approved so I can mint and add to the marketplace. It still tells me it is under review?


Hey! Can you share a forum link?

Hi michi,

Sorry I think perhaps I have missed something. I dont have a forum link. A link of or for what?

I simply sent my wearables for review via builder.

Many thanks


Could you then provide the collection name? After a wearable is published theres automaticaly a forum post created for the currators to let you know if there are any issues with your wearable.


Hi, Sorry to Hijack this but I’ve also been waiting 15 days also:


Hi Yannakis,

Thank you for your help. The collection name is “BRAVE | Just for Kicks”. I did a search using the collection name and found this forum post Collection 'BRAVE | Just for Kicks' created by 0x9676...1dde8 is ready for review!

Sorry for my ignorance, I had no idea it did that (create a forum post). What do I need to do now?


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Hey @District , I’ll have a quick look now!
Sorry fo the delay~