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BRAVE | Just for Kicks

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BRAVE | Black Mucks

BRAVE | Electric Popsicles

BRAVE | Audiophiles

BRAVE | Eternal Outsiders

BRAVE | Grrrs

Hey, I’ll check this out now~

Having a look these shoes are a bit big, was that intentional?
If so no stress, just make sure no clipping on most the pants. Looks like the issue is with the top lace!

Also currently due to mirroring the model the faces are flipped on one shoe all the sets. Let me know when you update and I can re-review~

Thank you!




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Oh my goodness, I didnt even realise this was how approvals worked. Thanks michi. I see the forum post you wanted a link to now. Still waiting for approval on my Decentraland Wearables Collection after a week? - #5 by District

Let me sort out these issues. I wanted the shoes to be larger than normal so as to seem a little but more playful, but also to differentiate them from what is out there. Do I have to reduce the size? I do see the clipping. I have seen other wearable creators make boots, so thought this was ok.

Again, thanks for all the help

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No need to reduce size, just checking haha

Let me know when the faces are fixed and I’ll re-review!

Hey just flipped the norms. Cheers mate!

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These look good to go, I noticed the thumbnails have a solid background. Once they are transparent I can approve. Amazing kicks!

Let me know when the thumbnails are updated~

Ah, so sorry man. I am a bit of noob, with all this. Thanks for the words, I am glad you like them. Had a look at your wares, very sick too!

Backgrounds removed.


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Thank you so much for checking out my stuff, I absolutely love designing for DCL!

Just reviewing this for some reason a few of the thumbnails haven’t been updated, either it’s taking a hot minute to update on my side or maybe save wasn’t selected?

I’ll check again in a bit to see if it’s just a lag or something!

Also it’s stuck while approving so dont update haha
Builder just needs time to think :joy:

Thanks, I will not change anything until I hear from you?

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Just flagged it with the devs, will let you know ASAP!

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Hello! Would you mind re-uploading this product?

Currently it keeps getting stuck here lol

Hey Michi, reuploaded!

Thanks man

Oh that worked, let me know if theres any issues~

Thank you for your patience!


Woot woot!!!

I could do a happy dance! Thanks michi!

No worries at all, thanks for being patient with all the things I had to fix!

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