Wearable Still Under Review

Hello. I submitted a wearable for review around the beginning of April and it’s still under review. I’m sure I missed a step. Would greatly appreciate directions on what I need to do next in the review process. The collection is NAUGO Original Tee BLK, under my name, totallynew1214#8fbd. Thanks kindly.

Looks like it was taken on by @Yannakis and @theankou but maybe the changes weren’t made which can delay approval.

Have a look here and let me know if you need anymore support!

Thank you, @michi! Hey @vaxxbell please do fixes that i listed in thread :slight_smile: and tag @theankou me in thread when you will push fixes , thank you!

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Will do, and thank you!

Will make the changes as instructed, and thank you!

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Hello. Repairs made to NAUGO Tees collection. Do I resubmit the correction through the Decentraland Builder?

you will need to just update current collection, you don’t need to pay any fees or publish new collection again

Hello. If I did it correct, I uploaded the updated the NAUGO Tee collection through the Decentraland builder. Please take a look. Thanks for your help.

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all good, approving collection

Thank you! Have a great one.

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