First wearable under review for weeks

Some weeks ago i minted my first wearable as a test before i invest more time into this.
However it has been under review with no sings of any actions being taken or it being reviewed.
Did i do something wrong ?

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Hey, could you provide the collection name or a link to the collection?

Hi Yannakis,
Sure thing:

You havent published it. This is on the builder, you have to click the publish button on top right

I think i did. It marks “Done”

Oh okay i found it. There are some issues with it check here: Collection 'Fluff & Tuff Warez' created by Cucumber#58ab is ready for review! - #2 by grimey

Thank you so much Yannakis, fixin those issue. Cheers.

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No worries, have a good one!