Wearables Creator UI Interface Improvements

Gm all!

I have an idea to improve the Wearables Creator process.

I submitted my wearable to the Builder about 10 days ago. Then, didn’t hear anything and the UI on the builder.dehttps://builder.decentraland.org/ page just says “Under Review”. This is the only status notification on this page. So I waited.

Then I used the chat bot to ask about review times. Was referred to the Discord where I asked the community. Others didn’t seem to know as well. Then was referred to this Forum but I didn’t know it existed. I started to post a question about my wearable but first did a quick search and saw that it was posted for review and I needed to complete a task, but this was 9 days ago.

Idea for Improvement

On the builder.dehttps://builder.decentraland.org/ page there should be content that helps you with next steps. Such as:

Next Steps:

  • Your item is currently under review.
  • If you haven’t signed up for the Decentraland Forum, you can do so by visiting this link
  • The Review Committee will review and post updates about your wearable here and they may have questions or edits for you which will be communicated here.

That update to the Builder page would have help saved me 9 days of waiting and sped up the process for the reviewers to then clean out the backlog.


What task did you need to compete before they reviewed your work?

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