CYCLOPA's Thoughts

Lately i’ve noticed a few things about the ‘Community Wearables’ forum

The forum is a place where members of the committee can get in contact with the creator of a wearable.
A wearable gets reviewed and approved or the reviewer will ask the creator to make some adjustments to the design.
However, i see more and more creators reaching out on social media asking their followers to “push the wearable through the reviewing process” almost everyday…
IMO, this is not where the forum is meant for and i feel like it’s only making the forum more chaotic.
Smaller artists are waiting for weeks if not months to get their wearable even looked at, because they’re “bumped down” by all the forum posts.
The review process has to be something genuine and not something pushed by a creator’s following.

There’s a few people on the forum posting replies under ‘ready-for-review-wearable’ posts as if they are a member of the committee…
Telling the creators to make adjustments to the design, overrides and/or categories while it’s not needed at all.
I understand the people commenting only have good intentions, but this is very confusing for new creators and not helping them in any way.

My conclusion & solution:

Limit interaction on review posts to only a like/heart, for people other than committee members and the creator of the wearable under review.
I think this will make the forum less chaotic and much easier to navigate.
Plus the committee will have a more clear overview on all the submissions.


@Opa_aq0 These seem to be some pretty rational observations and suggestions…
Although i do love being able to come and show support to friends and such, It would be interesting to hear thoughts on this from a wearable committee member. Maybe there’s some light to shine on the thought. I think anyone in the community, who is aware of something that can make things run a little smoother, would be down to help with that.


Only a like/heart might be a bit extreme, but i guess y’all understand what i’m trying to say.