Proposal for Creating Wearables and having the DAO Authorize "Collections"

Voting a new Wearable Collection

Proposed schematics for voting: Designer’s Journey

1. A Genesis Success Story

The designer of the Wearable has to start creating the GLTF in Blender or some other CAD software tool. For example, Lizzy has an idea for “Shoes of 3D Walking” that she thinks will be a hit. The design is low-poly aesthetics and much better than the default Decentraland shoes.
After she’s done with the model in Blender, she fills in the information required to create the JSON description; adapting it to the shapes “dcl://base-avatars/BaseMale” and “dcl://aliens/BaseAlienBody”. Only avatars with these base shapes will be able to wear her new exclusive shoes. She starts testing them on the Decentraland client, and notices some weird glitching with a Jump animation.

After a couple of rounds of polishing her shoes, she thinks it’s ready for action. She runs the shoes through a front-end application that verifies the models, the textures used, makes sure that the vertex count is low enough as to not stress the Decentraland citizens’ CPU more than the client already does; and submits a request to create a Series of 100 “Shoes of 3D Walking” in the collection “Deor’s Fancy Shoes From All Virtual Planets”.

Lizzy goes through this second phase of creating her Wearable in a breeze.

Deor, a renowned Curator on Decentraland, thinks the shoes will be perfect for her collection, and accepts the bid to include them. Of course, Lizzy already knows this (and has contacted Deor privately before – just to make sure she won’t be paying for the submission in vain). Lizzy keeps editions #1 ~ #10 for herself and her friends from the art collective she started a couple years ago. Now she goes on to the Market, and puts 30 out of the 90 remaining issuance allocation on the market. They are an immediate success, and she sells out the rest of her collection at a public auction in the Main Plaza Market.

2. The Hurdles of Being a Curator

Deor has always had good taste for virtual wearables. She made a lot of MANA trading many collections; back to the original Masks collection (she only liked the Opera mask) and now is pretty renowned in the Decentraland community. She created her first Collection, named “Pointy Hats”, back in 2020. It is still the oldest enabled private Collection. Back in the day, voting on the DAO was a novelty and not many voted negatively. But it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows: in the Downvote Pandemic, she lost a lot of MANA because of some angry social attacks on her collections. Back in those days, cartels formed to take down almost all the Collections that were enabled, without discerning for good taste. She still regrets how that went through, but since then, the community has become stronger and is now a lot more consolidated.

She’s got a new idea for hats: and her idea for this season is “Shiny Intergalactic Pointy Hats”. Pointy Hats have always been the strongest part of her brand. The current stake for creating a Collection sits at 1000 MANA, a staggering 0,002% of the current MANA supply. She threw one of the largest virtual parties when the DAO vote passing this new fee was approved; a symbolic value that reminded many old timers of the initial LAND auction bottom price for one parcel. Only a couple Collections are created every year now, but she’s one of the strong players and she’s confident on a couple designers that are “in” this year and will work with her.

10 MANA get burned when she creates the vote on the DAO. Bob, the competitor, has agreed to vote yes in exchange for her also voting positive on his next Collection. They made a smart contract for this; of course. They wouldn’t trust each other, and they don’t need to. Business is a little less risky these days; but a lot more politics. But Alice and Carol, the LAND moguls and MANA whales that own most of the two-digits coordinates, have it in for her. Deor has recently moved to Eastern Aetheria along with many of the other artists… now people don’t spend as much MANA as they used to spend around Main Plaza. Eastern Aetheria, on the other side, is receiving a lot more hipster spenders. The vote is tight, and ends up not passing. This is a big deal for Deor. She still wants to get a lot of Wearables into the market, and not having her 10% cut of the Editions she approves will really make a dent in her earnings this year.

Of course, she could still use one of her older Collections to issue the collectibles; but she’s never done that, it’s too beneath her. She’s got a reputation to maintain; besides, NFT owners wouldn’t like it if they can no longer wear their items if those old Collections get de-listed by the DAO for being too old. No, she is not going to do that. She’s going to go for a vote again. 10 MANA buys you about a year’s rent in front of the Main Plaza; but a down season is going to cost her a lot more. Maybe if she can get Alice and Carol to reconsider…

Love the narrative on the piece.
Flow Chart looks good.
Wouldn’t a NFT company like ours be the “Curator”, and then go out to “Designer” Brands to ensure the flow of wearables is controlled based on the proposed guidelines?

I could see how a company like Macy’s could really flood the market if they became a “Curator” since they house so many “Designer” brands.

Happy to discuss and very excited about this.

To summarize, there’s two parts to this?

Designer: Can submit to a Curator/Collection

Curator: Needs to stake MANA, can be voted out and have their NFT’s delisted, gets a % of sales submitted by Designer. Pretty much manages a ‘collection’.


  • How do we allocate unit supply? Anyone can make mythics, epics, legendaries and as many as they want as long as they get approved?

  • I wonder if we can streamline this process for brand owners.
    By having a set of ‘template’ for merch. Like shirts, pants, hats, each where you can simply upload your logo and release. (This is good for influencers, content creators like sugraclub, metafactory, DCG, DCLCore, Aetheria, etc). They can be curators of their own brand and their wearable supply shouldn’t really effect the broader wearable economy.

No need to be part of the DAO process if there’s just logo’s and simple designs. (Similar process to redbubble/teespring creators but for wearables).

For those that want to get more creative and use the SDK etc, they can be part of the flowchart process.

example attached.t1

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Hello Esteban,

Here are my questions regarding the proposal:

  1. How much MANA is the curator staking for each rarity category?
  2. How does this model prevent flooding the market of collectibles in rarity category? In other words, is there a mechanism in-place to prevent uncontrolled wearable printing/inflation?

Thanks for sharing.