[DAO:c8856c8] Add Core3D to the Linked Wearables Registry

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Should Core3D be added to the Linked Wearables Registry?

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We’ve created two custom hoodies using our 3D design tool that were voted on by the community and will be made IRL. They were based on CC0 art from XCOPY and Chain Runners. Each physical hoodie will have a claimable NFT attached to it that we want to link to digital wearables in Decentraland.

We haven’t announced this yet so there aren’t any NFTs on our OpenSea listing.


We want to demonstrate that designs created on our platform can be represented in Decentraland and also link the physical to the digital. We love the emphasis Decentraland is placing on digital fashion so would love to support this effort with content created by our users.

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Intellectual Property

Both designs were created on our platform using artwork under CC0 licensing

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  • 0xd05838b2494b0678d5fc93a5949d1fa7521bd9a8

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This looks like a great project to be published using the traditional route. Do you have any examples of what these would look like in Decentraland?

Hiya, this is Mike from Core3D. I want to provide some additional context around this proposal, zooming out a little in regards to our goals and how we imagine the linked wearables integration working.

Also want to say thank you up front for your consideration here! Happy to get into more nitty gritty details if needed, and please, please, please send along input or correct any incorrect assumptions I’ve made if you can, all is appreciated.

@Canessa, thanks for the reply / question, I do think we can produce a proof-of-concept using the traditional collection process with a bit of hoop jumping, but I don’t think that process is sustainable for the larger vision. While our initial collection will contain two items, the number of items we’d ultimately like to publish is kind of boundless – this makes traditional collections a bit of a blocker for a few reasons (I’ll outline more below). I’m also including an image with of Decentraland wearables using designs from Core3D at the bottom.

The TL;DR is that we dynamically produce NFTs which are linked to designs on the Core3D platform, and want those NFTs to carry with them direct access to unique Decentraland wearables. With a traditional collection we have to publish, await curation, attempt to claim all of the available stock ourselves via the marketplace, and subsequently transfer some of that stock to the owner of the matching Core3D collectible. The wearable is not implicitly linked to the Core3D collectible, it’s “loose”, so to speak. With Linked Wearables we can provide a more seamless claiming experience, inject more value in the Core3D collectible itself (if the Core3D collectible is transferred or sold, the wearable goes with it), and hopefully funnel users from Core3D into Decentraland that may not otherwise try it out.

More Details

With Core3D, users can produce any number of design variants on a base model (e.g. a hoodie that’s been pre-approved for Decentraland at a technical level). The design process is simple and is meant to eliminate the technical barriers to 3D texturing, and we can / want to support multiple outputs for these:

  • on-demand physical / IRL production
  • a digital wearable / metaverse assets

Our initial campaign (Core3D Capsules, described in the initial proposal) links the wearable directly to the physical item – customers that purchase the physical item via our marketplace get access to a unique collectible. Ideally that unique collectible, once claimed, would provide an immediately available wearable within Decentraland for the owner of the collectible.

Having a Linked Wearable integration will allow us to streamline wearable creation and distribution for any user on the Core3D platform (e.g. we’d love to have Decentraland users designing garments on the Core3D platform which can be published back to Decentraland).

Other Notes

  • A physical purchase is not strictly necessary, but w/ Capsules we wanted to demonstrate the complete, end-to-end value proposition of a user receiving a bespoke IRL garment and a Decentraland wearable via a single purchase.

  • We understand that Linked Wearables still require publish and curation steps, but it would eliminate the hoops around wearables becoming publicly available on the Decentraland marketplace with limited stock, trying to claim all of those ourselves, quirks with rarity, subsequent transfer shenanigans, and so on.

More Resources

  1. Demo of Core3D design process w/ Chain Runners hoodie
  2. Example Collection of XCOPY-inspired garments
  3. Example of a claimed Collectible in our test environment

Thanks again!


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Add Core3D to the Linked Wearables Registry

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 7,591 VP (209 votes)
  • No 99% 1,123,087 VP (135 votes)

Thank you for the consideration all!! I know there’s a lot more we can do to better demonstrate the value we can bring to the DCL community using the traditional approach. Looking forward to reapplying in the future with more things to point to. Thanks!